Underwater HD Clear footage of Bass eating Lures

Incredible and superbly shot HD Video of Bass eating lures, shot with GO PRO HERO 3 ultra-precise motion Black edition, Its a heck of a nice Video Catch. This is why I love to fish and  I hope to catch one even remotely close to this fish someday. 

If you carefully look into this Amazing video, you can definitely learn one thing you can't pull a lure away from a fish who really wants to eat it, not matter how fast you reel.

Time for a Different Bait​

Sometimes a changeover can be good. That is what I do most of the time when the big bass doesn't want to eat my swimmer. You shouldn’t get tired changing the swimmer – you just have to assume a comfortable position and turn the application. Keep rotating the swimbaits while aiming for the bigger fish. 

Pretty neatly shot video must see                                                                                                 Credit: LakeforkGuy


Jeffery D. Brown

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