""Types of Fishing Reels Know About Types of Bass Fishing Reels

Types of Fishing Reels Know About Types of Bass Fishing Reels

Whether fishing is only a hobby or passion, a good fishing reel is a must. An active fishing reel will not only allow you to fish in deep waters, but it will also enable you to entice your prey more effectively and catch larger fishes. I have been fishing for over ten years now, and I have slowly moved from one fishing reel to another, allowing me the time to gauge the benefits of different types of fishing reels.

There are many various types of fishing reels available in the market right now from beginners to experts, and there is a fishing reel for everyone. In this article, I will discuss in detail the various kinds of fishing reels. I will not only go over their features, but I will also be elaborating on their advantages and disadvantages of each of these fishing reels.

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Types of Fishing Reels

Here's hoping that by the time you finish this article, you will be in a better position to buy a fishing reel.

#1 Spincast Reel is quite easy to use

This is probably the first reel you used. The spin cast reel is a beginner's fishing reel which is quite easy to use and handle all you need to do is press a button and push some force through your wrist, and the reel will automatically go after your lures. A spincast reel is similar to a casting reel in that it comes with a fixed spool. However, this a beginner's reel that does not offer a great casting distance. You must also keep in mind that this fishing reel is also not entirely accurate.


  • It is easy to use and easy to handle.
  • You won't have to worry about a backlash.
  • It is quite affordable and makes an excellent fishing reel for beginners.


  • The spincast reel comes with a shallow spool and thus, offers a relatively lighter test line.
  • This fishing reel does not provide high dragging capacities.
  • This fishing reel lacks considerably in accuracy.
  • Last, it's not very durable.

#2 Baitcasting Reel is for experts

If you have been doing fishing all your life and are quite well-versed with every other type of the fishery reel, the baitcasting reel is for you. The best part about this fishing reel is that it offers high strength and accuracy - you will be able to go after bigger catches with this fishing reel in your hand. However, handling the baitcasting reel is a bit tricky.

While using this reel, your thumb will be the largest organ of your body. To avoid any backlash, you will have to learn to control spool revolution speed using your thumb. The baitcasting reel comes with two different knobs. While the spool tension knob will make casting easier by allowing you to fix the spool, the braking system knob will allow you to cast lures without worrying about a backlash.

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  • The Baitcasting reel is quite strong and thus, can be used to catch bigger fishes.
  • They offer great accuracy.
  • They are quite durable and will last a lifetime if handled with care.


  • They are difficult to cast and there is always the fear of a backlash.
  • They work efficiently only when used with strong lures.
  • They are slightly expensive too.

#3 Trolling Reels are for bigger catches

Trolling reels or conventional reels are quite similar to baitcasting reels as far as design is concerned. However, the trolling reel is not designed for casting. The trolling reel does not come equipped with a cast button. Instead, these reels have a lever which can be used to release the line. These reels can also be doubled up as magnetic gears.

With these fishing reels, you will be able to cast up to 400 yards and even more. The trolling reels work best when used to catch bigger preys that demand more strength and power. While buying a trolling reel, remember to choose a reel that has aluminum construction and that comes equipped with the Level Wind feature.

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  • The trolling reel is powerful enough to be used for heavier fishes.
  • This fishing reel is quite sturdy and will last a lifetime.


  • The trolling reel may be used for fishing. However, this type of fishing reels is made more specifically for trolling.
  • They are slightly difficult to use.

#4 Spinning Reels are the most popular

Also referred to as the Opened Face Reel, the spinning reel is one of the most popular choices among seasoned fishers. However, this reel requires some expertise and knowledge and is thus, not suitable to be used by beginners.

The best part about the spinning reel is that it offers more line and an extended casting distance. Since these reels come with a fixed spool, users do not have to worry about a backlash. While choosing a spinning reel, you must remember to choose a reel that is both light and durable at the same time.

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  • They work efficiently with light lures as well as light lines.
  • They are more efficient than baitcasting reels when you are casting into the wind.
  • While using this, one can move the reel's handle both clockwise as well as anti-clockwise.


  • They work well only with light lines. They fail miserably when used with heavier lines.
  • Likewise, the spinning reels work best only with light lures.
  • Though one does not have to worry about a backlash when using these, there is always some probability of experiencing a line twist.

#5 Fly Reels will allow you enjoy fly fishing

The kind of fly reel you buy will depend largely on the type of water in which you are going fishing. Since freshwater fly reels are usually used to catch small fishes, they are made from relatively less durable material and hence, are less expensive. On the contrary, saltwater fly reels are made from stronger materials and hence, are slightly more costly.

While using a modern fly reel, a user will have to learn to use both the hands - while one hand will be occupied in casting the rod, the other will be used to strip line off the reel. While most people prefer to buy a manual fly reel, there are some who choose to go with the automatic options.


  • The fly reel can be used to cast over long distances.
  • Since fly reels use light lures and flies, they can be used to catch a prey without scaring them.


  • Using fly reel requires more expertise and experience. On the contrary, using a simpler reel like the spinning or baitcasting reel is much easier.
  • Fly reels do not work well if you are fishing in deep waters.

In Summary

There are several different types of fish reels available in the market right now. The fish reel you choose will depend largely on your level of expertise as well as the kind of water you will be fishing in. There will be many other factors at play here. However, the options mentioned above are quite popular with fishing enthusiasts world over. Here's hoping you liked my review of these five different types of fishing reels as much as I enjoyed writing them for you.

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