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What’s up chaps? Travis here again with team LTB. This time of its first year, we’re moving to the spawn. These fish are moving up shallow into this dense greenery. So I’m going to break down two of my favorite techniques exerting Live Target’s two different frogs. We’ve got the popper wording frog and then we’ve got their traditional weedless wording frog and what we’re going to do is, I’m going to indicate you how to use these two different baits in the majority of members of the different situations you’re going to see this time of its first year. So let’s start with rigging and get on with it. First, let’s start with the line. I always use braided direction because it swims and also because there’s no extend, so I can really have a lot of self-control over this enticement. So I use 50, 60 pound yarn, then I spool that up on a baitcasting spool. Actually doesn’t matter the paraphernalium fraction because you’re net top ocean. Then I pair that up with CastAway’s six foot five medium rod. I’ve got a nice soft tip, so I can really direct that enticement, but also I want this shorter rod, so I can actually merely stir shudders straight down.

If I had too long of a rod, it would actually be hitting the ocean and I’d have to go to the side, but when you’re blinking it down like this, you can really get the action you want, because the idea is you get that enticement making a lot of racket moving back and forth and genuinely drawing those fish out from include and substance to come out that open ocean and hit this bait.

Now the put in for this more traditional weedless frog is just going to be a heavier setup. So, I go to 60 to 80 pound yarn, so I can genuinely horse these fish out of this thicker structure, and it really doesn’t matter the paraphernalium fraction on the spool. And then I spool that up on CastAway’s seven foot two mag medium ponderous rod. I require a rigid rod to actually be allowed to snap these fish out, because if I hook up in here, I’ve got the tulles, grass, different forms of substance and I’ve really got to be able to get that fasten set in there, so then I can really refer the pressure and get that fish out. There “theres going”, yes. There “theres going”. Only blitzed it! Holy cow. They just watch this bait kind of come over those tulles, or a cluster of laid down tulles because this bait’s weedless, maybe we’ll merely crawl it over and slowly work it along, but once it paused, it was sitting there, righteous moo-cow this thing merely smoked it.

When we’re talking about retrieval, we’ve got to understand where we want to propel each of these baits. Alright chaps, so this is a great instance of where I can use the two different baits. So these little pockets where I’ve got these tulles and substance pushed in, perfect for that weedless frog. I can give it right into that dense substance and I can slowly crawl it over. You’d be amazed of fishing operations that’ll obscure underneath that substance and as you’re slowly succeeding it over, it looks like a little critter, a little frog scurrying along, and once you hit the ocean right there, kaboom. Now for the more popper wording frog, I’m going to be using this in open ocean. As “youre seeing”, we have these disclosed soprano secure, so we have a high percentage fasten mounted on this, but we don’t want to use this in the grass, we want to use this in open water.

So if we’ve got grass that are a couple feet below the surface or we’ve got horizontal organizations and stuff because these fish are really going to be relating around that horizontal structure, we can use that popper enticement to tread it, and it’s really going to be kicking up ocean and making a lot of rucku, which is going to draw those fishes’ attention in and they’re going to come up and mallet this enticement. So genuinely, we have two different baits to treat the different situations we’re going to run into. The weedless one to actually throw in that ponderous, ponderous include, but then when we’re working the hem of these tulle arguments or the edge of the weed arguments when we’ve got a little bit more open ocean that we’re trying to pluck fishing operations out, then we go to the popper wording frog. But in either scenario, we have obviously the life-like detailed descriptions of Live Target, which is crucial when you’re really trying to slow these baits down, and it’s going to stir the divergence of that fish genuinely actually committing to it or maybe merely coming up and nosing at it.

Alright chaps, when we’re talking about spot “youve been” got to understand what’s on these fishes’ judgment right now. The water’s heating up and these fish are “ve been thinking about” moving up to spawn. So they’re really going to start moving shallow and scouting out different countries. Bass don’t feel comfy in merely clear open ocean, they want to be around structure and stuff so that they are able to obscure under it. Whether it’s tulles, grass, any kind of include that they can go tuck underneath, they will feel more comfy and that’s where the bigger ones are really going to relate to. Alright chaps, here’s a quick tip. During the spawn, fish want hard fannies. So if you’ve got a nice little slam hip-hop bank like this, this is perfect for them to stir their bottoms. And now we’ve got the greenery all up against that, that’s where they’re going to be relating in this area since they are want that greenery to obstruct around and genuinely be able to move up shallow and feel comfortable.

When you understand what these fish are make, they’re moving up shallow, they need the greenery and substance to actually obscure in and feel comfy up shallow, “youve been” understand the importance of some of these top ocean frogs. So the Live Target weedless enticement, or weedless frog and the top ocean popper are just perfect baits to actually be able to feel out and research these shallow water areas efficiently this occasion of its first year and find some of those large-scale aged females up there looking to feed and spawn. Once again chaps, I’m Travis with Lucky Tackle Box.

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