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How To Locate Pre-Spawn Bass | Bass Fishing

Depending where you’re can be found in the two countries, as early as February all the way through May, as those ocean temps begin to hot up, fish move into a feeding mode. That’s known as the pre-spawn feed. They’ve got to beef up before they go lay those eggs. So today, I’m gonna talk […]

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Buzzbaits Work! | Bass Fishing

Buzzbait fish. Hey people, Travis here again. Today we’re talking buzzbaits. You know what, a lot of people make excuses, specially beginner anglers, of why not to throw them, whether they’re too noisy, very large-scale and bulky. So today, we’re going to use Strike King Sugar Buzz, to actually break down the basics of this […]

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How To Dropshot Fish | Bass Fishing

Today, I want to talk to you about fishing a drop shot rigging. Now, if you’re not sure how to rig a lowering film, it’s pretty straightforward. I have some videos on how to do that. But we just have a drop shot sinker here. It’s confined on loosely. This is a eighth-ounce. And that’s […]

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Topwater Fishing in Spring | Bass Fishing

What’s up chaps? Travis here again with team LTB. This time of its first year, we’re moving to the spawn. These fish are moving up shallow into this dense greenery. So I’m going to break down two of my favorite techniques exerting Live Target’s two different frogs. We’ve got the popper wording frog and then […]

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How To Rig A Worm 3 Ways | Bass Fishing

Versatility is always important to anglers. So today I’m going to breakdown Biwaa’s prism stay bait rigged up three different ways, to evidence you how to fish in the majority of members of the situation you’re going to encounter. Let’s breakdown three different setups starting with rigging. Okay, so the first proficiency is Texas Rig, […]

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How To Remove Crankbait Hooks Without Hooking Yourself | Bass Fishing

One of the questions we get on the forms an frightful plenty is how do I remove the crankbait hooking from a fish without hooking myself? Well I’ve been fishing for a couple dozen years now with crankbaits and I have yet to hook myself. So I’m gonna display you what I do, and perhaps […]

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Texas Rig Tips and Tricks – How To | Bass Fishing

Today I want to talk to you about fishing the Texas rig. Yeah, the universal rigging that most people heave. This is it. This is the Texas rig in its most fundamental model. To be honest with you, we’re talking about . . . the Texas rig is actually that, but most people including references […]

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