Spinning Reel Maintenance: Few Techniques For Cleaning Reels

Spinning reels are a popular fishing accessory because they are so adaptable to a variety of fishing situations. However, they are also prone to certain kinds of damage, including damage from dirt and mold buildup. Knowing how to clean fishing reels is important because it can help you avoid this kind of damage and add years of life to your spinning reel that would have otherwise required you to buy a new one.

In this guide, we are going to explore the various techniques necessary for cleaning your spinning reel properly. This isn't a very difficult task and should be easy to finish by just about any fisherman. However, our expert help can ensure that you don't make a mistake when cleaning your rod that could cause damage.

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1. Cleaning the Exterior of the Reel

After wiping away the dirt and debris, wipe away the soap with a rag soaked in water. This not only gets rid of the soap but also breaks up extra dirt. Carefully scrub on the areas which have excess dirt or which look like it could stain without special care. Typically this includes areas near the handle and the reel.

Wipe down the surface with a paper towel to dry. Now remove the handle that holds the reel cover on top of the reel. Clean inside the cover with soapy water, rinse with warm water, and then hand-dry. After this is dried, wipe away the lubricants on the spool, including the debris, and add a little grease to the reel. Re-attach the handle to finish up.

2. Handling the Bail

The bail of your reel is the next section you'll clean because it is an important area that often gets a lot of dirt stuck on it. Start by opening up the bail and taking a small paintbrush to carefully wipe away debris and dirt that may be stuck on its surface. You want to avoid using water or soap on the bail as this can cause damage that can be hard to reverse.

After finishing up wiping the bail, take a look at the line roller. Look forbit of pond scum and algae that may have collected here or which may be growing. Use another small brush to break up these buildups and wipe them away with a paper towel. Wipe the surface down in this way to finish up with the line roller.

Now take a second look at the bail and pay special attention to areas which might be hard to see at first. These areas are where secret dirt and mold may start building up. Use a narrow and delicate brush to focus on these areas and break away these buildups. Once you're done, put the top of the bailback on and get ready to move on to the next area to clean.

3. Cleaning the Spool

Next, you'll be cleaning the spool of your reel. Start by carefully removing it from your reel by taking off the retaining knob and sliding it off. This should take no more than a few minutes and shouldn't cause any tangles in your line. If your line starts to tangle, stop, fix the tangle, and try again from the very beginning.

Once you have removed the spool, wipe it down with a rag to breakaway dirt and water debris. You should pay special attention to the inside front of the spool. This is where much of the buildup will be focused, due to the way it wills splashback when you reel in your line.

After finishing up with the spool, place it down on a dry area while you use a small brush on the spool mechanisms. This includes the mechanisms inside the spool and those where it attaches. After finishing up, grease the spool and attach it back to your reel. After finishing up, reel it a few times to test how well it is operating.

4. Finishing Up

You're just about done with you cleaning your reel and can just about celebrate with a beer or two. However, you need to re-attach the reel to the rod and wipe down the surface to break up any dirt or fingerprints that may have gotten on the reel after your initial cleaning. After finishing up with that, add a very thin coating of reed oil to further protect the reel.

Now take your reed oil and lubricate all of the moving parts on the rod, including the handle and all the gears. This will help keep these areas clean and ensure that your reel Works properly in the future. It also helps make your future cleaning earlier.

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These spinning reel cleaning tips are an important Way of preventing damage caused by dirt buildup and mold which can seriously impact the Way your rod operates. We hope that you enjoyed our tips and will comment below if you have any more questions or just want to give us a shout out for all the hard work we do to provide you with awesome information.

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