Spinning Fishing Rods : Guide to Choose Easy to Cast Rods

A spin rod is a light and flexible fishing rod that uses a spinning reel. Spin rod or the open face reels offer something to everyone; be it beginners or veterans. They are ideal for beginners as they are easy to cast. However, there are some bigger models allow excellent angling that veterans will love.

In the past, the spin rods were very light and targeted beginners as they are easy to cast. However, currently, there are big game fish spin rods in the market. The current models are ideal for heavy swim baits fishing, thanks to the low gear ratios.

Spin Rod Buying Guide

Spinning reels are the favored fishing method for many anglers. The spin rods are easy to cast, have easily replaceable spools and have no backlashes. It is important to note that while the spinning rods have numerous benefits, the buyer should match the right rod and reel for best performance.

While purchasing the spinning rods, there are several aspects you should consider:

1. Handle

The handle of the spinning rods comes in two common forms; the EVA foam and cork. Most traditionalists will prefer the cork handle. However, some quality rods handles are made from both materials. EVA form is probably the best choice as it is stain resistant.

2. Reel seat

You will understand the importance of a comfortable reel seat once you deal with a loose one. The reel and the rod attach to the reel seat. The ideal reel seat should accommodate all major reel brands, fit snugly when tight, and have Cushioned hoods.

3. Line guides

The line guides for spinning rods are aligned in a gradual and descending sizes at the rod blanks' bottom. The diameter is large near the reel and gradually decreases towards the tip. The number of line guides is determined by the flexibility and the length of the rod blank.

Guides vary in Cost and hardness depending on the material used such as ceramics, metal, and plastic. Ceramic guides are the top quality as they are stain resistant, but many anglers prefer the nickel-titanium guides. The rods guides affect the casting distance; therefore, you should buy quality guides.

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4. Action

The performance of the rod during casting and reeling is categorized as fast, medium, moderate or slow. Fast action rods tend to bend in the top third of the entire length rod while the slow action rods bend the entire length, down to the handle. The weight and size of the lures being fished determine the rod's action.

5. Power

The power of the rod is relative. It is classified as ultra light, medium heavy, light and heavy. Small fish require less low power while stiffer power at the end of the spectrum suits large fish.

6. Blank materials

Fiberglass and graphite or a combination of both makes quality spinning rods. Fiberglass is less sensitive, durable and heavier than graphite. Graphite is elastic and shows some resistance to bending. Combining the two elements creates a powerful, sensitive and lightweight rod.

Recommended Spinning Rods

There are lightweight, medium weight and heavyweight spinning rods for the beginners and veterans anglers alike. They are available at online stores such as Amazon.

The build quality, durability, skill level, specialized features and intended use are some of the factors that determine the best spinning rods in the market. For instance, the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Line is cheap, has amazing features and offers amazing performance. It is ideal for beginners as it easy to cast.

The Ugly Stik Bigwater spin rod is heavyweight. It is sensitive, robust, and flexible. It is one of the best rods that anglers would die to own.

The spin rods are effective for casting small lures and live fishing.

Their ability to keep the bail open makes fishing adventurous. The pan fishermen and walleye anglers prefer this fishing technique, especially when dealing with light line.

The fish species being targeted determines the rod and reel selection. The spinning roll is designed to hold the reel to the rod. Other factors to consider are the materials of the handle and blanks, rod action, power and the line guides.

Additionally, the market has various models of the spinning rods for anglers with varying skills levels. There are lightweight, medium Weight and Heavyweight spin reels and rods at affordable prices up for grabs.

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