Effective Strategies for new bass angler

One of the most popular type of fish in North America is bass fish. Bash fish are game fish that are usually caught by use of the fish line by the fish anglers. The main reason why bass fish are the most popular type of game fish is that they are easy to catch than the other species of fish.

Another major reason why they are popular is that bass fish are abundant and found almost everywhere in the sea in the North America. As much as this type of fish is in plenty, it doesn’t mean that it will be easier or one to catch, there is need of special tips that will help to get them quickly. In the following discussion, we are going to look like some of the major pieces of advice that one can use to easily and rapidly get hold of bass fish.​


This is one of the easiest and most common technique for catching fish in as much as bass fish is concerned. It majorly entails letting out the fishing line which has a reel attached to it. One is supposed to let out enough line with the reel and most importantly keep reel open or bottom pressed. Then maintaining the thumb at the reel spool you are expected to lower the rod tip into the water while your free hand is grabbing the lure or rather worms or tube jigs.

Furthermore, pull on the line to add some tension to it. At one point smooth motion allows the bait to go while swinging the rod tip up. As the rod tip swings towards your target remove your existing thumb from the reel spool. As soon as the bait lands close the reel because it is an indication that bass has the stroke and there you will have your base. With this technique, one needs some practice on timing.


This technique needs much practice, but once you have thoroughly learned it and understood, it is very swift in getting hold of bass. Start by letting out about ten feet of your line and forgetting to close the reel. Then, get hold of the part of the line between the reel and the first-rod guide and the consequently extend your hand to the side as you try to pull on the line.

Raise the rod and you will see the bait moving toward you. You are then expected to swing the bait towards your desired point while feeding his line via your hand. Tighten up the remaining slack and now get ready to strike. There you will have your bass.

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Top water bait

This is a technique that is majorly meant for catching hungry and active fish. It mainly makes use of the very particular feature or rather methods that the fish angler should take note of. These features include sound of the lure, the exhilaration of the bass fish which is mostly seen by splashing of large mouth water and finally the sight of the approaching water. One should take note of these techniques when catching bass with top water bait.


This form of fishing advice needs so more attention that other forms of techniques. However, it is an excellent method that any angler should take note of. It majorly involves the use of worms when catching the base. As you reel up the worm in trying to work with its magic the involved sinker bounces in its bottom thereby leaving the worm at a distance from the bottom in the water column. At this time is free for taking and you can easily get hold of the base.

Have you enjoyed the perfect tips? I know you have. This is important tips that need to be taken keen of when it comes to catching bass and I am very sure that any fish angler who is going to practice this tips will be jubilant.

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