The Simple night bass fishing tips That actually works

Want to know the best type of fishing? Consider night bass fishing. Why is it preferable during the summer nights?

This is because; one, at night, the temperatures are much cooler than during the day, secondly, the lake, ocean or the fishing area is not crowded at night as compared to daytime, thirdly, there is a fairly higher chance of regular bass fishing during the hot seasons and above basses tend to feed more during the bright moon, hence a regular and dependent catch.

How do you go about this night bass fishing? Here are some tips to guide you.

Color considerations

Keep your colors as simple as possible. Darker colors are more convenient for the bass to see than the lighter colors. This because there is more contrast against the sky at night thus making it easy for the bass to focus on the bait and move towards it to attack.

Reduce clutter

Keep the deck afore as clear as possible to avoid confusion. This will ensure an orderly manner of your objects in the deck because they are few. Avoid carrying so many rods, life jackets and baits. It reduces confusion when fumbling to get objects or tools that you require. You also avoid stepping on them.

Handy storage

Ensure to carry an assortment can for your hooks, worm rattles, and sinkers among others. Bringing this substitutes with you will make sure that you have enough for the fishing so that when you move from one fishing area to another, there is enough to go about the fishing process.

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Keep your fishing equipment attached to your belt or neck to avoid clumsy movements when struggling to get them. Tools such as flashlights, knifes can be best carried around since they are handy, unlike the big tools which cannot be carried around. This is more likely to save your time since you avoid the act of starting to go on and about struggling to get them on the deck.


Make sure your light source is working properly because you will need to watch your line for a hooked bass. Remember the basses look up towards the light where the prey is easily visible and approachable. Besides, ensure to light up so that other approaching fisherman with their boats will see you avoid unnecessary accidents.


Basses have a sense that perceives sounds and vibrations. Tying rattles at the end of the bait will produce sound vibrations that will attract the basses towards it; they swim towards the direction of the sound with the guidance of their sensation using their ears and lateral lines.

Observe silence

Move your boat slowly and softly to the catch area. Avoid banging and dropping items in the boat when in the fishing banks to prevent unnecessary noises that scare away the basses in the water. Conduct everything softly and quietly to ensure that you don’t harm or scare the basses.

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Insect repellents

Marshy areas are prone to mosquitoes. When moving towards those regions you may attract mosquitoes. Spraying yourself with the mosquito repellant substance is one of the ways to take caution. However, some basses are also repellant to insect repellants. Ensure that when you spray yourself with these substances, you don’t touch the end of the bait with your hands or come into contact with your body. You should also avoid scented substances.

You may not succeed in the catching at first sight but later on, you will. For success without failure is not the success, ‘he who laughs last, laughs the best’. Just follow the tips keenly.

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