Best Inflatable Pontoon Boat Reviews (Top 10 Fishing Boats of 2020)


If you are thinking about taking up fly fishing, you should consider purchasing a Fly Fishing Pontoon Boats. This type of vessel is favorable because of its good maneuverability, user-friendliness and even its relatively low price of purchase. Fly Fishing Pontoon Boats are built as vessels with two large air bladders. The center is reserved as space for the angler to seat while on the water. Unlike other vessel options, this inflatable pontoon boat is built primarily for fly fishing, making it the ultimate choice for this recreational activity.

Discover the best  pontoon boats for fishing or rafting. We've enlisted the top 10 fishing boat models for the people who love to go boating in rivers and lakes for fishing. Pontoon fishing boats listed in this review roundup are trendy and well known for excellent maneuverability, fantastic quality, high performance, and relatively affordable prices.

Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat

9' high-capacity pontoon boat with maximum load capactiy of 400lbs

Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat

8' high-capacity pontoon boat with maximum load capactiy of 350lbs

Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat

9' high-capacity pontoon boat with maximum load capactiy of 400lbs

Colorado XTS Pontoon Boat

9' high-capacity pontoon boat with maximum load capactiy of 400lbs

AQUOS Inflatable Pontoon Boat

8.8' high-capacity pontoon boat with maximum load capactiy of 551lbs

Outlaw Escape Pontoon float Tube 

 Wights 22lb and maximum load capactiy of of 600lbs

Strealth Pro Pontoon Boat

8' high-capacity pontoon boat with maximum load capactiy of 375lbs

Fish Cat Streamer XL Pontoon Boat

8' long pontoon boat with maximum load capactiy of 300lbs

OSG Commander Frameless Boat

10' longest pontoon boat in the list with maximum load capactiy of 500lbs

Sea Eagle PF7K Inflatable Fishing Boat

7çompact fishing boat with maximum load capcity of 300lbs

1. Classic Accessories Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat

When shopping for a fly fishing pontoon boat, you should look for a good balance between price, performance and general convenience. The Colorado XT inflatable pontoon boat is a relatively inexpensive boat which comes in a sage-grey color combination. It is a framed pontoon so that you can expect great stability and maneuverability.

In simple terms, it is an ideal choice whether you are a novice in fly fishing or an expert. If you have concerns about managing a complex anchor system, you will find that the cleat and pulley design is fairly easy to handle. Other beneficial features included in the Colorado XT are adjustable rod holder, custom storage and comfortable seating.

2. Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat

One of the primary concerns with regard to pontoon boats is the apparent lack of storage space. This issue can cause extensive problem, especially when the potential water excursions are going to be long. The Colorodo Accessories Roanoke pontoon boat has eliminated these issues by presenting expedient solutions. There is storage space in the armrests and the rear platform as well as an apron mesh under the seat. This boat is also exceptional in terms of performance. It is a lightweight fishing pontoon boat which rides high on the water and responds well to control, facilitating great maneuverability.

3. Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat

If you are looking for a spacious fly fishing pontoon boat, you should consider the Colorado pontoon boat from Classic Accessories. This boat is nine feet long, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of space unlike most alternatives in the market. The space has been properly utilized in accommodating a padded seat for optimal comfort when fishing. There is also extensive space for storing your items, including multiple pockets and cup holders with insulation. Additionally, there is plenty of room for your oars and rod holders. In fact, both of these can be mounted in three positions to match your preferences.

4. Classic Accessories Colorado XTS Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat

The Colorado XTS pontoon boat is the perfect balance between personal comfort and technical performance. Therefore, this inflatable boat is a great choice for you if you like exploring different types of water bodies. The product is designed to cruise easily on water and this is augmented by the lightweight nature of the boat. Also, the inflatable boat is fitted with a transport wheel. This is a critical feature in the movement, so you will be able to haul the boat to your preferred spots easily. Additionally, you will find two mounting sports for a boat motor, although there is no motor included.

5. AQUOS Heavy-Duty 2020 New 8.8 ft Inflatable Pontoon Boat with Grab Bar

The AQUOS PF 270 Fishing inflatable pontoon boat only weighs 55 lbs making it easy to carry anywhere. It is lightweight and very portable packs into its packings bag so you can store it in any corner of the trunk. Its also heavy-duty pontoon boat features four individual chambers to provide the highest level of safety and performance. Best yet, it provides better balance and more excellent stability on water and also comes at an affordable price. 

This stylish pontoon boat tubes well crafted with military marine grade PVC. And, its bottom rubber strike made to be abrasion resistant to protect from choppy rocky conditions. The 120mm thicker aluminum fishing platform provides ample space, and the footsteps on the board provide stability and balance needed for fishing. Another great feature of this fishme pontoon boat is a far more straightforward installation. The entire process takes three steps and takes about 5-10 minutes to either fold and unfolds the inflatable boat.

Product Highlights

  • The maximum weight capacity of this 8.8ft boat is about 551Lbs.
  • The 5.9 ft paddle design allows you to paddle along both from the sitting and the standing positions.
  • It comes with a 360-degree swivel seat that offers plenty of back support and cushion.
  • It includes a set of folding seat, grab bar, bow mount trolling motor

6. Pontoon Float Tube - Outlaw Escape 

Outlaw Escape is the ultimate watercraft for anglers that want an ultralight, portable, and high performance floating fishing boat. Weighing only 22lb with a fully integrated HD oar system, it can comfortably accommodate up to 600lb capacity. The outlaw escape fishing pontoon comes with a revolutionary new grid floor system. That provides stability and balance, facilitates fish landings, and allows you to stand and sight fish with confidence.

The solidly built boat features bladderless technology, IQ side pockets that double as coolers and footrest bar. Other accessory includes built-in rod holders, integrated motor mount system. This is simply a decent length, and size fishing boat will be able to accommodate fishing needs.

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7. Outcast Sproting Gear Strealth Pro Pontoon Boat

The pontoon fishing boat from Outcast Sproting Gear Stealth Pro is big enough and stable enough to withstand large waves safely, as well as the nasty outdoor conditions. With few additions, this boat can be easily turned into a great all-round fisherman-friendly angling platform. And it also carries a load of gear and offers a comfortable ride while doing so. It sets up in a jiffy, no frame to assemble, inflate, and go.

It weighs only 35lbs so you can throw it in the back of your pick-up truck or blow and go at the put-in. It is constructed with two airtight urethane bladders and white water quality valves and heavy-duty PVC shell to provide rigidity and stability. Fishing is more convenient and enjoyable with this 8-inch boat, and its load capacity is about 450 lbs.

Product Highlights

  • This Float Tube comes with $75 Troutfitter Gift Card
  • This pontoon boat is great for small lakes or pond fishing
  • The oarlock system is excellent.
  • The oarlock system is excellent.
  • It has plenty of room for fishing gear and even a cooler.

8.Outcast Fish Cat Streamer XL-IR Pontoon Boat

The FISH CAT Streamer XL from Outcast is the perfect alternative to the Outcast Stealth Pro, as mentioned earlier. The boat's performance features are the same in both fishing pontoon boats; they are both super reliable, super stable, and durable. This means that you have proper storage, enhanced maneuverability, and an easy to use anchoring system.

These are very robust and resistant to corrosion, ensuring prolonged durability. The boat's small size makes it very responsive when using oars or fins. These compact pontoons are lightweight frames and provide ultimate portability and can easily accomudate upto 300lbs. If you want a long-lasting, pontoon boat for fishing, land on this grand fishing boat, you won't be disappointed.

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9. Outcast OSG Commander Frameless Boat 

The longest OSG Commander Raft from Outcast is ready to tackle big water and big fish and has good buoyancy in water. It’s also effortless to install, rigidly made. Also, the boat is lightweight and packable. Although lightweight, the boat can accommodate weights up to 500 lbs. It's a perfect choice for fishers heading out on both still and moving waters where size and stability are essential.

The welded seam construction makes this floatable boat durable that will hold up for years. The kayak style padded seats and adjustable footrests offer excellent support and convenience while you fish. Whereas the cargo straps and ample of storage space gives you enough room offers high storage capacity.

10. Sea Eagle PF7K PackFish Inflatable Deluxe Fishing Boat

This inflatable boat from Sea Eagle is different from other pontoon boats because it doesn't come with a metal frame. The PF7K inflatable boat is well crafted made with quality materials. It tracks well rides high in the water and is overall very comfortable and stable in the water. Its hull weighs only 21lbs in weight, extremely portable, and very easy to pack and unpack. The brilliant hull design allows the boat to have a maximum loading capacity of 300lbs.

It also comes with many other features that include two 36" fish rules, two built-in rod holders for ease of use and trolling, and Molded oarlocks keep your oars in place while you fish. Solidly built plastic oar holders keep the oars tight and allow you to row for miles with ease. The tracking bars work well to keep you steady in the wind when fighting those really big fish. Overall it is an excellent boat made of sturdy material and is perfect for fishing on rivers and lakes.

How to Choose the Best Pontoon Boats?

There are numerous brands and types of fly fishing pontoon boats in the market that you can choose for your use. However, these products are not homogeneous in quality, performance and even durability. Therefore, before making a purchase, you must think about multiple critical factors. Some of these are obvious such as the cost, colors, manufacturer and consumer reviews. Here is a brief outline of the less apparent aspects which are critical when choosing the perfect fishing pontoon boat.

1. Frame-less Vs Frame Boats

Pontoon boats are built either with a metal frame between the air bladders or without this feature. As implied, the framed pontoon boat is built using a steady structural frame. This supports a plastic or padded seat which is normally similar to those in larger boats.  This design option offers stability, improved maneuverability and extensive comfort when fishing. On the other hand, the frame-less pontoon boat does not require complicated assembly and disassembly when necessary. The user only needs to inflate the boat for use and deflate the pontoon when preparing for storage and transportation.

2. One-Person vs Two Person Boats

A standard pontoon boat is designed to handle a single individual when on the water. This type of one-person fishing pontoon is light and highly portable, and this makes it expedient for exploring different areas. However, there are also two-person boats that you can choose if you plan to include other people on your excursions. These are bulky and heavy and consequently, hard to transport. Therefore, if you choose this type, ensure that you have a trailer to haul the fishign boat to your destination.

3. Unique Design Of Boats

You should also look for boats with special design features which match your requirements in comparison to the standard pontoons. The pack-able pontoon boat is a good choice for anyone who likes to travel around and explore various water bodies.  Unlike normal pontoon boats, this type is designed as a highly compact inflatable pontoon boats specifically to facilitate transportation.

There is also a pontoon boat float tube combo vessel that you can purchase. Generally, it is similar to a normal pontoon boat, but it is built to be operated like a float tube.This means you will kick the water instead of paddling. The design is favorable because the structure is lighter than normal, and there are no waders needed for operation.

So Which one is the best inflatable pontoon boat?

There goes our list of the top 10 best inflatable pontoon boat models of 2020. They all are made from high-quality materials to withstand harshest waters as well as nasty outdoor conditions. Above mentioned fishing pontoons are all single-person inflatable boats. They can all handle weight up to 250 lbs of weight with ease and are easy to use and maintain. You can be confident that they will meet your expectations.  The Colarado XTS Inflatable Pontoon Boat is our choice of inflatable pontoon boat considering its loading capacity, stability and balance it provides for fishing.

When shopping for fly fishing pontoon boats, you should always evaluate the features of each option. Not all pontoon boats will be right for your needs regardless of their ratings or costs, so compare the potential use with the presented performance of the vessel. Finally, ensure that you understand the manufacturer’s warranty agreement on the fishign pontoon as well as the return policy to avoid unexpected costs.

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