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Versatility is always important to anglers. So today I’m going to breakdown Biwaa’s prism stay bait rigged up three different ways, to evidence you how to fish in the majority of members of the situation you’re going to encounter. Let’s breakdown three different setups starting with rigging. Okay, so the first proficiency is Texas Rig, weedless. Start with a 3/0 worm rob. You rig this up weedless and you’re set to proceed. The second setup is likewise Texas Rig but to contribute a missile heavines. I like a 3/16 and a 1/4 oz missile heavines. The third setup is Wacky Rigged with a nail heavines. I start off with an O echo slithered half way up the worm. Then I rig a 1/0 drop-shot rob, always facing towards the posterior. Then lastly I contribute a 1/8 oz tack heavines in the head of the bait. Okay now let’s breakdown retrieval. First let’s start with the weightless Texas worm. This can be used in a number of different roads. First it can be pitched toward horizontal extend or organize and give exactly descend, naturally down like wounded bait fish.

Or it can be used like a soft schmuck bait. You throw that bait out and “youve been” twitch it on slack pipeline and you can get that erratic motion which is great in deriving reaction strikes. Second is contributing a missile heavines to your Texas Rig. This is great for fishing around a bit bit more organize like grass, tulles or stone pilings. What you can do with that pole tip-off up, is you can gradually crawl this bait along over and through all kinds of organize where these bass are disguising. Lastly is the Wacky Rig tack setup. This is perfect for simulating wounded bait fish on the bottom, or even little bait fish feeding on the bottom. What you can do is with that pole tip-off up and that semi-slack pipeline, you exactly start shaking it. And you want to have just enough tightness of the line that the bait isn’t flopping over, that it’s staying upright and it’s just gradually hopping on the bottom, that posterior exactly jiggling along there.

And it can drive these bass crazy. He’s bending the pole. Nice sensitivity. Now the whole idea of having these three different setups is to fish them in a wide variety of places. When you’re out of the irrigate you’re encountering docks, colour, grass threads, rock piles. You want to be able to present those bait in a proper way, so these fish are seem for to feed on. So first with that weightless setup, that’s great for pitching around horizontal organize or when you’re using it as a soft impetu bait you can shed over grass apartments and circumstances like that.

Where you’re really exactly jerking that bait, giving it have little intermissions, jerking that bait and you’re getting that erratic motion. You’re really tempting those fish, you’re tracking those fish. Second when you’re lending a missile heavines to it you’re going to maintain contact with the bottom. It’s great for really coming over different kind of clean pilings and circumstances, even grass. As that bait is coming over, it will put back up into little cracks and material. And because it’s weedless you’re not croaking to hangup but you’re going to be able to get down to where these fish are hunkered down and waiting to waylay something. Then lastly, Wacky Rig with a nail heavines. This is one of my personal favourites, because I enjoy how slow you can work this, but how much subtle little act you can get out of it that these bass gets really turned on to. So this is great for little shade threads or rock piles, anytime that you have fairly negligible vegetation on the bottom.

Because you do have that exposed rob so you’re going to snag up every once in a while. But if you have just a bit of grass down there and every once in a while you hangup, give it a bit popping that will usually smash it free, that grass and that could be the perfect trigger for some of these bass. What it all comes down to is putting the right bait in front of where the fish are.

By applying Biwaa’s prism stick ridged several different ways, you know you have a good finesse worm and you have wide variety of areas you can throw that bait until you find where those fish are. Once again guys I’m Travis with Lucky Tackle Box. If you enjoy this video throw us a thumb up, explain in the section below and subscribe to our channel. Check out the description chest for any relates to any of the paraphernalium and attack.

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