Buzzbait Fishing Tips – How to Choose and Fish Using Buzzbaits


The arrival of spring marks the beginning of one of the best ways to catch a bass, the buzz bait. Buzzbaits are the old school lure to catch fish.

But if you put in place some changes and techniques, you can use the buzz bait much more effectively. Here are five Buzzbaits tips listed for you for a Better Catch.

1. Speed is Important

Whenever you use the buzzbaits, you need to make sure that it does not sit still. You have to experiment with the speed of the bait. You should not make a few casts and the put in down for the rest of the day.

Every fish requires a different level of a lure. So you need to analyze what the fish needs and change your speed accordingly. This also allows you to meet different levels of sound and vibration.

Thus, it also affects what the fish sees. When you get a strike, you need cut down the speed of the blades. This would allow you to slow down the movements of the fish.

However, sometimes the fish could require faster speed; in this case, you need to open the blades just a little bit.

Moreover, some professionals think that the more irritating the noise of the bait is, the more easily bait hooks up. Therefore, you can also arrange the noise accordingly.

2. Bass Fishing at Night

It is a known fact that some other lures may help you catch more fish at night. However, the Buzzbaits can offer you bigger bass.

At nighttime, bass will cover a greater distance to come by a buzz bait that they do at night time. Also, when you fish at the evening time, you do not have to use the usual places you fish during daytime.

You just have to look out for big flat areas in the deep water where the fish go up to feed.

It would be a plus for you if you can find places that cast the soft shadow, like the shadow of a bush, because if there is a fish out there, it would be hiding in the shadows.

Plus, if you angle the wire between the blade and the head into a downward stair-step, this will allow you to hook the bait a little deeper in the water. Also, it would be easier for the fish to eat the bait.

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3. Buzzbaits are Not Seasonal

Usually, it is thought that Buzzbaits are used during hot weathers. However, in warm spring or late fall weather, you can still lure a bass because the fish will be traveling to shallow waters to feed.

And when fish move to shallow areas in cold water, it usually means that they are looking for something big to eat.

4. Clear Water is Also Fine

Buzzbaits are usually used when fishing in shallow, stained waters. However, if you arrange the bait accordingly, it could also very well be used in clear waters.

If you scale down the noise of the bait, you can catch many more bass in clear water. It is stated by experience that scaled down Buzzbaits can produce topwater strikes.

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In short, your success in clear waters is going to depend on how you fast you use the buzz bait.

In the clear water, if you do not have enough cover, for example, you need to use a smaller single-blade buzzbaits.

This will allow you to gain a faster speed. Speed is going to distort the true image of the bait.

Therefore, the fish will think that it is tasty bait trying to get away. You could also remove the strands from the skirt; this will allow you to attain a thinner skirt that reduces buoyancy.

The head of the bait would be deeper in the water, and this will increase the chance of a hookup.

5. Direction is Important

You have to learn the characteristic of each buzzbait and arrange them according to your needs.

For instance, some lures track a little to the right, and some tracks a little to the left.

If you want your bait to run into targets like boat docks and bush piles, you should take position accordingly before the cast.

One of the most effective ways to attain a strike and trick the base is to deflect and change the direction of the lure. The baits that run straight still can make a catch.

Buzzbaits Tips from Andrew Young

However, the baits that change directions are much more effective since they look more like a natural prey to the fish.

If you want to arrange your buzzbait so that it would track off-center, you can try bending the wire a little bit between the blade and the line tie.

Most people have trouble casting the baits in the wind. If you also have such a problem, you could get rid of the skirt.

The skirt is the part that catches the wind and does not worry; you can still make a catch without a skirt.

In fact, you can throw the bait to a more considerable distance if you lose the skirt entirely. You can attach a soft plastic instead of the skirt for example.

Some other additions that you make to your buzzbaits will increase the performance of the bait.

For instance, you could use a trailer hook. If you are not fishing in in thick cover, this is something you need to do. In stained water, the fish cannot clearly see what the bait is.

However, in clear water, the fish can see the bait clearly, and therefore they do not make a move for it. You can avoid this by choosing more subtle colors.

Sometimes bass cannot easily get hooked on the bait. You can add a trailer hook to the lure to increase the chance of a hookup.

You could drill holes in your blades which will produce some bubbles in the water, and this will increase the possibility of luring a bass.

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To Summarize

In short, the trick for success is to know and understand the principles of your bait. There are lots of variations and also you could make lots of changes for the baits to serve your purpose.

I hope these buzzbaits tips gave you enough information on when to use a buzzbait.

Have you used buzzbaits for bass fishing? Share your experience with us and thanks for reading.

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