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Buzzbait fish. Hey people, Travis here again. Today we’re talking buzzbaits. You know what, a lot of people make excuses, specially beginner anglers, of why not to throw them, whether they’re too noisy, very large-scale and bulky. So today, we’re going to use Strike King Sugar Buzz, to actually break down the basics of this bait, and hopefully give you the confidence got to go and try it at your neighbourhood pond. Okay people, I’m breaking down the Sugar Buzz. You’re going to notice this bait is different, right? It’s got a free shaking hook. Now with traditional buzzbaits, it’s a straight shank the whole way to the hook. And most occasions people threw a trailer bait on there to add a little more act, and then threw a trailer hook to increase their hook-up ratio.

This buzzbait is great right out of the box without those happenings, although you can add them if you like, but the first reason is as you’re retrieving this bait through the water column, it actually thumps up and down. This skirt has tons of act because it’s free shaking. Second, when fish going to see burn, we are really suck in a lot of water. As they’re going, everything around is getting pulled towards them. With this free-swinging hook, when the oceans get moved and pulled towards the mouth, this bait is actually getting pulled towards the boat so it can get plucked away. But that hook got to go get pulled towards where the oceans are being pulled, and when that fish chomps down, you’re going to get a lot better hook-up ratio, which signifies a lot more fish in the boat. Next is the setup I use. When I spool up with the line, I like Seaguar’s 12 to 20 pound mono or fluorocarbon or I’ll go to a 20 to 40 pound braid.

I spool that up on Daiwa Tatula’s 7. reel. I like a high speed reel so I are actually be in control of the rapidity I’m retrieving this situation at. Lastly, I pair that up with Castaway’s 6′ 10 medium act spinnerbait baton. When to choose their own baton selection, ultimately it’s up to you. I visualize the most important thing when hurling this bait is where and how you’re hurling it. So if you want to use a medium heavy spinning baton or even you are familiar with, a heavy act bait casting rod, it’s really up to the preference and what experiences best to you. There “theres going”. Wow, this one’s a good fish very. Come over here. Gaze at the hook move. That hook was able to get a perfect hook right in the upper part of the jaw right there. Next, let’s move on to retrieval. So when hurling a buzzbait, rule number one. This is a top water bait.

It’s fished most effectively when on top of the water. So, if you only cast out, give a moderate retrieve, you are going to keep these blades revolving, kicking up water and you’re going to have success. But if you want to take a buzzbait to the next grade, there are some slight little readjustments you are able to shape, that they are able make this bait a lot more effective. The first thing being adjusting the rapidity of the retrieve. Sometimes these fish require it fast, sometimes they crave it slacken, sometimes they crave it in between.

There’s times when they crave real hard reels, where you’re making up a lot of noise, kicking up a lot of water, then you slacken it down. That’s when they crush it. Retain in thought this is going to change from lake the reservoir, but also even day-to-day on the same body of water. It depends what kind of mood fishing operations are in, what the weather’s doing and all the variables. So ever be adjusting those retrieves, figuring out what those fish crave. Okay, so let’s go over some quick adjustments right now. If you crush these limbs together a little more, this blade got to go made that honcho of the bait right here, and it’s going to make a lot of noise. Big din is gonna really generate some ten-strikes from some large-scale bass.

But if you’re fishing clear water or these fish are real finicky and you don’t want to make as much noise, if you only pluck these limbs apart a bit, you’re actually…this blade’s not going to made the honcho and you’re going to get more of a subtle noise only spewing up that water. That are also welcome to be extremely effective. What I like to do is, there’s a nice little sugared smudge that you can find as you adjust these a bit. That when you reel fastest and most hard-handed, this bait’s going to come together a bit and it’s going to clank off that honcho, constructing noise when you want it, but then when you slacken it down, it shortens the noise because these limbs spread out a bit and you’re going to finish a little quieter and that’s when you’re going to get some of these strikes.

All right , now we’re on orientation. When we’re talking about where to throw this situation, shallow water is the ideal places. Now when fish move up shallow, they experience vulnerable, they’re just sitting in open water, without anything to hide around. So they’re going to look for structure like tulles, brush slews, logs to actually fold up under to appear more comfortable. And that’s also where they’re going to attack target a lot more. So this bait needs to be thrown around any of that kind of handle or even through. This buzzbait, as you rebound it through toolies or over logs, it looks very vulnerable when it bounces and ricochets off something. And that’s a lot of occasions when you’re going to provoke those ten-strikes. So the second thing with orientation is, you are actually embrace a lot of water with it. I shift my trawling engine up to 5, 6, 7 power and I actually embrace a big because I can cast this thing a long ways and retrieve these votes in quickly and I can find out if there’s any active fish in the area.

All right people, when’s the right time to throw a buzzbait? I’ll start as early as late February, early March. But current realities is the consistent buzzbait turns on when those little fries, babe bass start proving up in the shallows. That signifies the eggs have hatched and there’s all these little tiny babe fry swimming around in the shallows, and that buzzbait burn will start getting real consistent. And that will last-place the whole way through late descent, when those bait fish are schooled up in the shallows as well. But I know you guys are fishing a lot from coast and nonsense, and you’re going, “Well, my neighbourhood pond, I don’t know if the gulf pond, smaller pond is going to have any big fish that are going to made that.” That’s nonsense. Next hour you guys walk up to that little pond, you’re trying to figure out what the hell is shed, tie-up on the Sugar Buzz, throw a couple throws around, within four throws, you are going to be able to figure out if there’s buzzbait fish or not, because you’re going to be able to induce two throws down the whole duration of that little pond, a couple across it.

And I promise you, if you do that every time you walk up to these little ponds you fish and nonsense, you’re going to have a lot more cool Instagram photos to prove your friends and label your boy Travis in. If you haven’t learned by now, I am ecstatic about hurling buzzbaits. But hopefully I’ve gave that to you guys and give you guys a little confidence to proceed out and throw it for yourself. And I promise you with the Strike King Sugar Buzz, the free wield hook, this bait is a perfect basic starting point for buzzbaits and it’s going to be a bait that’s going to be a new tool in your arsenal. Formerly again people, I’m Travis with Lucky Tackle Box.

If you enjoy the video, throw us one of those thumbs up and make sure you get the subscription carton below. Also for any details on the undertake or gear we used in this video, check the description carton for some connections. Okay, so there’s actually a few welfares immediately related to the Sugar Buzz bait itself. We’ve got the fish ready to eat back there. You’ll notice this is a free shaking hook. This has two major advantages. First…I visualize I’m being attacked by some fish.

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