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Types of Swimbaits and How to Use Them For Bass Fishing

Types of Swimbaits

Ever wondered how you would cast and catch a multitude of the big bass? If that is your concern, then you are definitely in the right place, and we are in play. Let’s face it, ask any fisherman what the most effective lure of all time is. He is going to tell you about swimbaits´╗┐ […]

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Tips for Choosing The Best Buzzbaits For Bass Fishing

Types of Buzzbaits

The arrival of spring marks the beginning of one of the best ways to catch a bass, the buzz bait. Buzzbaits are the old school lure to catch fish.But if you put in place some changes and techniques, you can use the buzz bait much more effectively. Here are five Buzzbaits tips listed for you […]

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Best Crappie Lures For Catching Most Exciting Crappies

Types of Crappie baits

Crappies are among the most exciting fish to catch and one of the preeminent tasty fish.They prefer warm water and are so dominant during the spring and summer seasons.They swim in high shoals and found in almost all kinds of covers in most parts of the the US and Canada.There are two types of Crappie. […]

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Bass Fishing at Night: 11 Tips to Catch More Bass Fish at Night

Bass Fishing at Night tips

Bass Fishing at night is the best type of fishing and most preferable during the summer nights. This is because first, at night, the temperatures are much cooler than during the day.Second, the lake, ocean or the fishing area is not crowded at night as compared to daytime.Third, there is a higher chance of regular bass […]

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