Tips for Catching Big Small Mouth Bass Over 5 Pounds

In this article, we shall categorize a big small mouth bass as anything over five pounds. Big small mouth is harder to catch because they are smarter and rarely do they come around that often. I have spent countless hours pursuing them and in my journey, I have picked up a few tips and tricks to catching them that I would like to share them with you.

Most prominent spots to fish for these creatures are rock shoals and drop off points. You can also opt for deeper water where the concentration of small mouth bass is more.​

# 1 Big small mouth bass in Fresh Moving Water

Big small mouth bass prefers to hunt where they can get easy access to their meals (they are predators that feed mostly on minnows, aquatic and terrestrial insects). For this reason, they tend to hang out in spots where water current will undoubtedly push food in their direction, hence why moving water is the perfect place for them. If you live near big rivers, then you are in luck. Select a location where smaller fishes tend to get filtered through, and water current is high. This can be near shore or offshore.

#2 Have big bait

As fishers say, “the bigger the bait, the bigger the fish.” This is self-explanatory because bigger fishes will go for bigger baits. Not to say that you cannot catch a bigger fish using tiny lures, but it is better to be well prepared. If you are in an area known for its big small mouth supply, then have a few big lures tied on.

You can opt to use 

  • 5’’ Zara Spook,
  • 7’’ lizards
  • 1 oz spinner baits or
  • 6’’ Sebile Magic Swimmers – whichever is easier for you to get your hands on.

Get a bass hook and put your bait on. Let it dangle off your hook; do not keep hooking until it’s a ball around your hook. Using a light line approximately 4 to 6 pounds, cast your big bait at shore’s edge or over the top of a shoal and let it slowly sink. When it drops a couple of feet deep, gently pull the bait towards you until it hits the surface, then allow it to sink again. Remember to pull it out very slowly and gently. You will see that most times, big small mouth will attack your bait as it is sinking.

However, some days you can throw every lure at them and not get a hit. Do not give up continue to step 3​

#3 Fish offshore

Sometimes you can spend hours casting over river mouths, rocky points, or rocky shoals and catch nothing. This is probably because the bass has gone deep. If you are having no luck, then try to look for an offshore spot – sometimes small mouth has seen tons of lures, and they become wary. Not to worry, simply venture offshore and look for any individual changes in the lake’s typography such as humps. Most of these places will have schools of big small mouth.

#4 Windy weather is desirable

Sometimes bass goes down deep when the weather changes. Windy or stormy weather brings a change in atmosphere, which in turn exerts discomfort in fish lurking around in shallow water. Fish tends to move deeper to minimize this discomfort. The Wind is a great trigger to look out for, as it will work to your advantage.

High winds will reveal more bass because they feed in moving water. The Wind is your friend as it gets the water moving and this is the time predators come out to feed. Even if you live near a small lake, when the wind blows hard, gather up your gear and get fishing! You will be surprised how easy it is to get some action in this weather.

If you are not afraid of storm fronts, go fishing as this is a perfect time to catch big fish. Remember that small mouth bass is smart so you need to be reticent and try using some slow baits that will not scare them away.

#5 Early bird catches the worm

The earlier you angle your bait, the more chances you have of catching the biggest fish. During warm seasons, many big small mouths will lurk around shallow water trying to get their morning feed in. Wake up early (preferably before 6.30am) and get to fishing.

The best bass lures include:

If you have been fishing unsuccessfully for hours, it might mean that bass has moved on. Always remember that fishing is a patient game. Our list is inclusive of tips that will help you catch a big fish, no matter the weather. If you have any other tips, please do share below. And let us know if any of our tricks as mentioned above worked for you!

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