Best and worst conditions for Bass Fishing

As a bass fish angler, you might experience a good or a bad day at work depending on the quantity of bass that would have caught within that day. A good and bad day about bashing fishing greatly depends on the weather conditions that exist in that day.

A good and favorable weather conditions lead to efficient and high chances of catching bass fish while on the other hand, inclement weather may result in finding a few or even none of the bass fish. In the following discussion, we are going to look at the worst and best conditions for fishing bass.

Good Weather Conditions for Bass Fishing


The Wind is weather condition that can be both a fisherman’s friend and enemy depending on the way which the angler is fishing. Most bass fishermen have been discovered to have luck when it is the wind and they have found a good place to fish. During the wind condition, most basses are aggressive because they enjoy the water when it is rippled.

At this time, it is to get hold of a vast number of bass fish leading to success in fishing. The best fishing choices for fishing bass on a windy day include: crank baits, swim baits, spinner baits, worms, and flukes.

Ahead of the front

One of the best proven time for catching bass fish is before a cold front moves in. During this time, there is usually warm winds which move in water resulting to the rising of the water. This warm water increases the water temperature making most of the bass fish to be aggressive.

This a favorable conditions for bass and they provide a favorable wind and cloud cover which is important in fishing since the fish can’t see you because of their aggressiveness. At this moment, an angler can get a good catch in as much as bass fish is concerned.

Drizzle or light rain

From the general wisdom, it is said that light rain is excellent for fishing if and only if you have enough rain gears, and it is not too cold. During this conditions, the light rain tends to disturb the surface of the oxygenated water and most importantly reduces the chances of bass fish seeing you. At this time bass is likely to be roaming around, and it can quickly hit the lure.

Lower tides

The lower tide is good for fishing bass because they give the fish a less area to spread hence quickly can get into the net or hit the lure.

Incliment Conditions for Bass Fishing

High rains and muddy water

During heavy rains which lead to dirty and high water, catching bass is usually problematic. During this time bass fish usually get tough and in most cases it is not easy to catch them. At this period also the bass usually take some feeding holidays for around two to three days due to the influx of the nutrients in the water, therefore, making it hard for the anglers to at least get something.

High tides

This is usually a situation that is caused by strong easterly winds. This condition typically causes the water to rise above the ordinary. The bad thing with high tides about catching bass is that it gives the bass fish more area to spread it out. Therefore, it is not easy to hit the lure or to get into the net.

Behind fronts (high pressure)

This is one of the worst conditions to catch bass. This is because the conditions make bass clamp its jaws tightly therefore if in any case you are using baits or the lure there are high chances that you might get nothing that day. At this time, the water is usually much denser that air, therefore, bass moves some inches below or above the water. This often makes the situation hard for the anglers to know exactly where the fish is.​

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