Best Underwater Fishing Lights: LED Lights for Night Bass Fishing

I grew up in a family of fishers. It was what we did every summer, mostly because the days were longer and none of us could see in the dark. It would be fun at first but after a few days fishing in the sunlight would get boring, or we'd all get sunburned. That's when my grandfather purchased underwater fishing lights.

Before buying an underwater fishing light, I highly recommend thinking about a few things. First, are you fishing in salt or fresh water? I know it doesn't seem that big deal, but what if you wanted to get an LED light; they're known to last for at least two years in salt water and not so much time in fresh water.

However, the freshwater lights have a tougher protection around the bulb so that if it breaks, there's no glass floating around where people might swim. You should also think about which light you want individually.

Regular HID-high intensity discharge- lights can draw up to 2.5 amps, while LEDs are known for writing up higher. Most importantly, for your benefit, ask yourself if it would be a sound investment; how often would you use the underwater lights, or where would you use them? If you aren't satisfied with the answers to those questions, then buying them might also dissatisfy you.

Best Underwater Fishing Lights

Underwater fishing lights are an innovative way to bring in big catches without the hassle of waiting around forever for them to show up. Sitting around all day in the sun getting a burn won't be your issue anymore. When the sun goes down, and it cools off, you can sit out and enjoy watching the fish come to you with little effort required.

underwater fishing light

Because of its brightness, the underwater light naturally attracts curious and hungry fish; the light itself may resemble scales of smaller fish to predators. The underwater lights all come with a warranty of up to a few years and contact information for any further questions or issues.

Because of its brightness, the underwater light naturally attracts curious and hungry fish; the light itself may resemble scales of smaller fish to predators. The underwater lights all come with a warranty of up to a few years and contact information for any further questions or issues.

LED Fishing Lights Comes with Built in Waterproof Plug

In addition to being portable, it has a waterproof plug built in to decrease the chances of shorting out. The biggest aspect of the underwater lights is that they're green, which guarantee the interest of the fish. The light attracts the attention of microscopic animals called zooplankton, the plankton then draws the attention for small fish and gather around the light like a feeding ground.

With the waves and tides depending on fresh or salt water consistency-the movement creates the illusion that there are various fish around the light, in turn, drawing the attention of bigger fish. The natural draw of the food chain will take its course and give you all the fish you could ask for; the perfect kind of chain reaction.

With this light, all you need to set up is a collapsible fish keeper on the dock if you're setting up the lights on the dock and collect as many fish as you want. As a bonus, most underwater lights can have up to 50,000 hours of use, or anywhere from 2-4 years, at least, if turned off when not in use.

Clean Lights Once in Every Few Months

You'd only need to make sure that algae don't build up too much and clean it one to two times every few months to keep it from looking dull in the water. The lights are weighted as well, so you don't have to worry about them bobbing too much in the water. However, it's not too heavy so you can still pull it out of the water quickly and keep an eye on it as you fish. Along with weights, you may also have the option to get the lights with flotation devices, depending on the company and what they offer at the checkout.

Best Underwater Fishing Lights Bass

Best Underwater Fishing Lights from Green Lantern

Size of Lights Vary

The size of the lights varies, but most are relatively compact-able. If you wanted to fish somewhere else, it's a smooth transition from one place to another. And setting them up is painless; all you need is a power drill, and the instructions are easy to follow. When the fishing season's over, and you no longer need them for a while, they're a piece of cake to store for the winter and will be ready to use like brand new a few months later.

Comes with Lengthy Cord

Depending on the particular light you decide on, the power cord varies in length. Usually, if not all the time, they're very long and can reach up to about fifteen feet. So you could relax off the dock if you wished and didn't have to be worried about a lack of length. The lights are perfect for the end of docks, on piers or your boat. You could even get single ones that just float and only need to be hooked up to a power source; it's perfect for going out in the deep waters away from noisy beaches and docks.

360 Degree Scope

A 360-degree scope gives you a guarantee of large crowds of fish. When fishing for bass, it’s recommended that you coast in your boat and let the bait on the end of your line drift behind you, so it seems as though it’s a living fish and swimming naturally. The bass sees the bait in one area, just one line of vision of it.

If you tried using a color tinted flashlight, it would only cast out a 45-90 degree field of image, you’d only catch a quarter of the fish you could see the underwater lights; that’d be about the same as you grabbing a handful of minnows out of the bucket while the bucket’s holding the amount you actually need.

Safer to Use

Each light comes with safety features and a few warnings to ensure your protection and that all precautions are understood. Most, if not all lights come with a ‘reset button’. How to use, or when to use the button will be given to you in the instructions that go with the light, but usually, they recommend not pushing the button if the product ceases to work. If it does stop, and the directions should say the same, just unplug the light and contact the company.

HID vs LED Submersible Lights 

A feature to maybe pay more attention to is the difference between the HID lights and the LEDs. The HID lights typically take a few minutes, around five, to power up for use.

They are also a little harder to find in excellent quality, and a lot of fishers can end up disappointed with how the lights they purchased turn out; a significant number of companies like to use pictures of HID lights to sell their other lights, like LEDs or even fluorescent's, and are capable of getting away with such a thing because of the name of the lights.

HID lights are famous because of how bright they are; engineers use them when in need of maximum light sources. After my grandfather had purchased his underwater light, we didn't have to worry about cramming in as many fishing trips in a day as possible. Fishing at night became a fun and new tradition for us, and it was a lot easier when we had younger children with us.

We didn’t have to worry about anybody getting a hook in their finger, or tangling their lines as we drifted on the waves. We simply used a net and caught as many fish as we wanted, and let the light take care of the hard work while we took care of having fun.

Compared to Other Underwater Fishing Lights

Lightingsky Submersible Fishing LightComes with Brightest Lights and they Works Great4.5
Goture 12V 1LEDs Submersible Fishing LightAnother Bright Fishing Light worth Trying4.8
Amarine 12v 900 Lumens LED Light for Night FishingGreat for Squid Fishing in Night4.4

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