Best Underwater Fishing Lights (Top 10 Submersible LED Fishing Lights)


Underwater LED Fishing lights are an innovative way to bring in big catches. Sitting around all day in the sun getting a burn won't be your issue anymore. When the sun goes down, and it cools off, you can sit out and enjoy watching the fish come to you with little effort.

Because of its brightness, the underwater fishing lights attracts curious and hungry fish. The light itself may resemble scales of smaller fish to predators. Biggest advantage of LED fishing lights are Green, Green color attract the bait fish which attracts bigger fish like bass, crappie and walleye etc. I recommend few things to consider before choosing the Best Underwater Fishing Lights.

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Our Recommendation Of Top 10 Best Underwater Fishing Lights 

Discover best underwater fishing lights for night bass fishing, find out what you need to look for fishing led lights, let the green light take care of hard work. The submersible fishing lights can be a great asset if you want to attract fish at night and make lighting for fishing, your dock, and your boat. We've enlisted a list of top 10 best fishing lights that help you catch fish at night. 

SAMDO IP68 Underwater Fishing Light

Bright night fishing Dock Light

SF Underwater Fishing Lights

LinkStyle Submersible Fishing Light

Jiawill Underwater Fishing Light

Goture LED Fishing Light

Ankey Submersible Fishing Light

Fire Water Marine Submersible light

Classic Natural Green Dock Light System

Green Blob Underwater Fishing Light

1. SAMDO IP68 12V LED Underwater Fishing Light

The SAMDO IP68 12v Submersible fishing light provides brightest green led light under water. This is Fully weighted Underwater fish attractant. And it is perfect for boats, using at docks and pier fishing lights. As a bonus, these underwater green led fishing lights can have upto 1000,000 hours of use, or anywhere from 2-4 years atleast. With these green led fishing lights all you need to set up is a collapsible fish keeper on the dock. If you're setting up the lights on the dock and collect as many fish as you want. Firewatermarine can add cable and reconfigure the lights to meet your needs at a reasonable cost.

product highlights

  • Fishing lights made of industrial grade material makes this unit as one of the best submersible fishing light.
  • These LED Fishing lights can be used for saltwater fishing lights, freshwater fishing lights, light cover net, small fishing nets.
  • These are Perfect for catching bass, crappie, shad e.t.c at night.

2. Bright night fishing 15,000 Lumen Submersible Dock Light

Bright Night Fishing underwater fishing light features 15000 brightness with 300 LEDs. It lights up to 30' diameter depending on the depth of water and conditions. Also, the fishing light comes with a 30ft cord and a fully waterproof plug. Best, yet the fishing lights are self sinking, no additional weights need to soak them underwater. It is very well made using high-quality materials. And, the LED lights are entirely sealed with clear plastic tubing to make them ultra durable and watertight.

LED lights lasts upto 50,000 hours and it's incredible design ensures a 360 degre360-degree to all the water around you. This submersible fishing light comes in green color. The green color light attracts baitfish, which attracts the bigger fish like bass, crappie, walleye, trout, and much other fish.

product highlights

  • It gives 15,000 lumens Brightness, made of 300 LEDs and lights up to a 30' diameter.
  • Self-sinking underwater led lights, no weights needed.
  •  Light is used underwater so you can attract all the fish.
  • Great fishing light for docks, boats, kayaks, or bank fishing. 

3. Sun Fishing 12 Volt 108 LEDs Underwater Fishing Lights

This powerful fishing light from Sun Fishing tops our list of underwater fishing lights based on price per watt/lumen. The Superbright LED lights with 2000 lumens, which come with 108 ultra-bright LED lights, instantly attract fishes through the light. The fishing light includes two metal hooks at the head and tail, which is hollow such that way, water can flow across and cool the light. They usually sink up to a considerable amount of depth without having to add any additional weights. Still, if there is any current, it will come to the surface.

product highlights

  • It is made with special waterproof sealants on the outside of the lamp.
  • These fishing lights will not fog up when using underwater.
  • These fishing lights will not fog up when using underwater.
  • Constructed well and produces a green light very bright.

4. LinkStyle 12V 10-14W LED Submersible Fishing Light

The fishing light attractants from LinkStyle made of high-quality aluminum alloy frames and can lasts up to 50,000 hours of continuous use. No added weights required to sink this fishing light. This underwater fishing light equally suitable for fishing in both freshwater and saltwater. This night fishing light performs reasonably well in small fishing nets, sea fishing, cage fishing, and light cover net. And, the underwater LED fishing lamp light comes with a battery clip that is easy to connect to power.

product highlights

  • This fishing light works well both in freshwater and saltwater.
  • It comes in blue, green, and white led colors.
  • Ultra-low battery consumption
  •  It comes with 120 LEDs, which provide 1000 Lumens brightness.

5. Jiawill Underwater Fishing LED Light 297 LEDs 9V-35V

Get ready to catch some big fish with Jiawill Underwater Fishing LED Lights. This fishing attractant can quicky attract larger fish when lightening up in the water. Thes are very easy to use and excellent submersible fishing lights for night fishing. Another great feature about this fishing light is it gives 360 degrees six-sided illumination and 180-degree bottom illumination. Its unique hexagonal design prevents rolling on the deck and protects the lamp body from being impacted. Without any doubt, it is one of the most modern fish attractors you can find in this list.

product highlights

  • They feature 297pcs LED and provides 4000 lumens brightness.
  • These lights come in three colors: Green/Blue/White
  • Unique hexagonal design to prevent rolling on the deck
  •  It has the best heat dissipation to assure long-term steady operation of the light.

6. Goture LED Fishing Light

Very professionally built Goture Underwater fishing lights provide very brightness over 5000 lumens. Its light efficiency attracts a broader range of marine life effectively to make fishing more easily. Its completely waterproof and built with high-quality corrosion-resistant materials to improve its compressive strength in the water, ensuring its excellent long-term performance. Besides, four sides of LED design can promote its penetrative ability effectively. It draws on any DC 12V battery and easy to store without breakage. Besides, it is perfect for boats, kayaks, and fishing docks.

product highlights

  • It uses four sides of LED design, which can promote its penetrative ability effectively.
  • Superior life span about 30,000 hours of continuous use.
  • Entirely waterproof made of IP68 rating standard.
  • It is perfect for boats, kayaks, canoes, and fishing docks.

7. Ankey 12V LED 2500 Lumen Submersible Fishing Light

If you're looking for the best portable submersible fishing light, we have Ankey fishing light. This super bright night fishing light comprising of 72 bright LEDs produces an incredible 2500 lumens of brightness. Its four-sided LEDs array design provides a 360 degree light output. These lights are energy-efficient and very good for night fishing. There is an excellent effect on luring and attracting the fish. Green glow dock light comes with a 24 ft cord, a battery clips, and a cigarette lighter adapter.

product highlights

  • High-quality portable underwater fishing light.
  • Easy to use underwater.
  • Self sinking and no additional weights required.
  • Ideal for small fishing nets, docks, and light cover net.

8. Fire Water Marine 12V MAXX LED Green Underwater Submersible Night

Yet another very well constructed very bright light and energy-efficient fishing light from Fire Water Marine. It consumes 50 watts of power and gives 10, 000 lumens of brightness which is unmatchable. Very well made of 300 no's of very bright LEDs, this fishing light brings the fish very close and perfect for night fishing. The Ultimate underwater fish attractant redesigned with black marine cable, heavier gland, and saltwater resistant sealants. These fully weighted fishing lights come with a 15' power cord, brass battery clamps, and the cigarette lighter plug.

product highlights

  • Recommended for use in freshwater and saltwater.
  • Consumes 50 watts of power and produces 10,000 lumens of brightness.
  • Ideal underwater light for fishing crappie, bass, shad, and even squid.
  • Good night fishing lights for boats, docks, kayaks, and piers.

9. Underwater Fish Light Classic Natural Green Dock Light System

If you are looking for a underwater fishing light that can be permanently installed on a dock to attract fish every night then go for the Classic Natural Green Docking system from Underwater Fishlight. This fishing lights 175-watt bulb light about a 10 ft circle of glow, which is guaranteed to attract fish. The lamp cord is about 50 ft long, and the cord going to the GFCI plug is 10ft long. These fishing dock light systems have photocells that automatically turn the system every night at dusk and off every morning at dawn.

product highlights

  • These fishing lights can lighten up to 10 feet circle depending on the water clarity.
  • Very strong light that really attracts the fish.
  • The photo cell turns it on at dusk and shuts it off at dawn.
  • Comes with a 60-night money-back guarantee along with a three-year manufacturer warranty 

10. Green Blob Outdoors Underwater Fishing Light

The versatile underwater fishing lights from the Green Blob family of fishing lights come with an attractive LED that works perfectly as a great fishing attractant. Its a genuinely high-quality fishing light and include a self-weighing system. These fishing lights don't need any extra cords or extensions. Just drop fishing lights into your favorite fishing hole and get ready for some action. These submersible fishing lights are designed to use in boat or fishing dock, saltwater or freshwater. They come in 15,000-75000 lumens brightness level, so choose the one depending upon water clarity.

product highlights

  • The Fishing lights are fully weighted, so no extra weight is required to sink them.
  • This fishing light comes with a 24-hour timer with dusk to dawn photocells sensor.
  • The Underwater Fish Lights are excellent in both salt and freshwater. 
  • Energy-efficient fish attractants are great for fishing trout, bass, crappie, or catfish.

What to Look For in a Underwater Fishing Lights

Let's see a few critical considerations for choosing the underwater fishing lights.

1. Make Sure the Lights are Green

Brightest Green LED fishing light guarantees the interest of the fish. Greenlight attracts the attention of microscopic animals called zooplankton. These draw the attention for small fish and gather around the light like a feeding ground. The natural draw of the food chain will take its course. And give you all the fish you could ask for, the perfect kind of chain reaction.

2. Construction of Plug

Make sure that the fishing lights has a waterproof plug built into decrease the chances of shorting out. Double check that the battery clips are made of Brass Construction. Aluminium, Steel or Chrome plated lights are all not recommended as they all are prone to corrosion.

3. Lens of Light

Make sure that the fishing lights are sealed with Epoxy Lens. Epoxy lens provide tougher protection and provides maximum beaming angle. Unlike lights made of glass If it breaks, there'll be no glass floating around where people might swim. You'd only need to make sure that algae don't build up too much on lights. Clean them one to two times every few months to keep it from looking dull in the water.

4. Count the Individual Chips

The size of the lights varies, always count the individual LED chips, usually 1 LED Chip ~ 1 watt. So 15w Lights will have 15 individual chips, 30w lights have 30 chips and 50w lights will have 50 individual chips don't get fooled. 

5. Length of the Cable

Depending on the particular light you decide on, the power cord varies in length. Usually, if not all the time, they're very long and can reach up to about fifteen feet. Make sure you choose the fishing lights at least 10 foot cable of 18AWG. So you could relax off the dock if you wished and didn't have to worry about a lack of length. The lights are perfect for the end of docks, on piers or your boat.

6. Waterproof LED Drivers

Ensure that the LED fishing lights has a water proof device drivers, without the them fishing lights may burn out due to the current flux.

7. HID vs LED Submersible Fishing Lights

High-intensity discharge lights take few minutes to power up for use. But, these are famous due to their brightness. Anglers use them when in need of most light source. HID fishing lights are expensive and also a little harder to find in excellent quality. And also they are delicate compared to LED Fishing lights.

8. Scope of Fishing Light

When fishing for bass, it’s recommended that you coast in your boat and let the bait on the end of your line drift behind you, so it seems as though it’s a living fish and swimming naturally. The bass sees the bait in one area, one line of vision of it. A 360-degree scope gives you a guarantee of large crowds of fish. If you tried using a color-tinted flashlight, it would only cast out a 45-90 degree field of the image. Then you’d only catch a quarter of the fish you could see the underwater lights. That’d be about the same as you grab a handful of minnows out of the bucket. While the bucket’s holding the amount you actually need.

9. Ease of Operation

Fishing lights come with safety features and a few warnings. Properly read the all the precautions and ensure your protection. Make sure that the fishing lights come with a reset button. If lights cease to work then read instructions to property reset the fishing lights. If it does stop, and the directions should say the same, unplug the light and contact the manufacturer.

In Summary

Let the green light take care of the hard work while you take care of fun. Above mentioned all underwater night fishing lights come with a manufacturers warranty of up to a 60 days. I hope these recommendations will help you to choose the best underwater boat lights. Share your experience with these lights with us and post if you have any questions. Thanks for reading. 

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