Best Topwater Lures of 2020 (Top 10 Noisy Topwater Lures)


Which are the best topwater bass lures? How often do you ask this question? Like many anglers, I always got overwhelmed by the many lures that are readily available for fishing. I think I got seduced by the fancy names, colors, and designs rather than finding out which would make it easy to catch large and big-size bass. As any skilled fisherman would tell you, catching bass is more than just having the skill, experience, and passion. It’s also about having the perfect lure. So, which is the best in the market at the moment?

Discover the best topwater lures that catch you more fish. We've enlisted top 10 suggestions of topwater lures for bass that work in any situations proven to be succesful in freshwater and saltwater.

Arbogast Hula Popper Topwater Fishing Lure

These lures are excellent for surface trolling

Booyah Pad Crasher Topwater Frog

Perfect for throwing in the slop and weeds

RUNCL Topwater Frog Lures

Bass, muskies they inevitably slam these lures hard 

Bonnie Topwater Lures

Control barycenter easily, and help you cast further

Rebel Lures Topwater Lures

Great buzzin lures fools even big bass

Superstrip Crankbaits

Top 5 Best Topwater lures

This lure is versatile in slow and fast moving water

Heddon Zara Spook Lure

The simple design makes it easy to place it on the rod

Storm WildEye 03 Lures

Made from super-soft material that quickly wiggles in water

Dynamic Lures with Multiple BB Chambers

They doesn't hang straight of fall downwards like the other bucktails.

Rapala Rattlin 05 Lures

These baits also come with a weed guard system that allows jigs to swim off the cover

Tips For Choosing The Best Topwater Bass Lures

1. Familiarize Yourself

How many types of lures do you know? Lures come as spinner baits, crank baits, top water, jigs, rubber and plastic lure. The suitability of each is influenced by the season, the size of fish, type of water, and user’s experience. Using the right lure at the wrong location and vice versa will most likely cost you.

2. Understand the Water Temperature

In low temperatures such as in winter, the fish will move slowly to conserve their heat. In such instances, you may find slow bait more effective than a fast one. When fishing in fast moving or summer, I believe you’ll be better off with a fast lure.

3. What time of year is best for topwater bass fishing?

Bass will shift their location depending on the weather and spawning season. They will move deeper (2.4 -4.6m/ 8-15 feet) during the pre and post-pawning period and also during the start of spring and winter. After spawning and at the beginning of summer, the fish will prefer the warmer temperatures and will be found nearer the surface.

4. Focus on the Terrain

The type of terrain will dictate the kind of lure you should go for. It helps to look at the debris and taking note of the vegetation, shallow flats, rocky bottoms, fallen trees, structures, grass, and bushes as this provide food and shelter to the fish.

5. The Depth of water

Experts recommend using a lighter lure in shallow water as it’s easier to pull fast and catch fish. In deeper waters, a heavier type and slowly pulling it will capture the fish. A lipless crankbait is recommended for deep waters while a square bill crankbait is generally used in shallow water, and in wooded and rocky terrains. Finding the depth of water and idenitifying fish blocking terrains is never easy with fish finders.

6. Best Uses of Spinning Reels

Although you can use these reels in the deep water casting, they are very efficient in small lakes and outer shores. Since casting in deep rocky waters may catch heavyweight that the reel may not be able to bear, leading to damage or faults. It is normal that spinning reels, like any other reels in the market, come with some their defects too. However, what's more, prominent about some of these reels is their frailty, which sees some break early into their working, especially with heavyweights. Nevertheless, some are superb and make it very far.

1. Arbogast Hula Popper Topwater Fishing Lure

Arbogast Hula popper topwater lure with its pulsating skirt makes the top of the list when coming to topwater lures for bass. These lures are deadly when popped over submerged timber weeds or grass beds. These lures are excellent for surface trolling and come in various color options. Despite being a classic design, it is modernized with the right colors that attract largemouth bass. The Hula popper noise wakes up any fish within hearing distance 

2. Booyah 2.5" Pad Crasher Topwater Frog 

Booyah pad crusher hollow body frog lures are perfect for throwing in the slop and weeds. The lure's body is structured enough to keep the bait 100% weedless to come over and across sloppy weedbeds, yet soft enough to ensure a solid hookset with a bass strikes. This topwater lure mimics the frog appearance for hungry topwater bass eaters. They feature a super-strong double hook and spinnerbait-style legs.

3. RUNCL Topwater Frog Lures

RUNCL topwater frog lures are vast assortment for any outing. We love the action and movement of legs, high-resolution body detail, and lifelike 3d eyes flawlessly replicate an actual frog or bullfrog. Whether you're fishing for pickerel, bass, and muskies, they inevitably slam these lures hard and work for any situation and be guaranteed to attract a bigger catch. 

The frog lures well made of eco-friendly PVC material with incredible deliciousness, imitates the taste of an actual frog, hinders the fishing hook from getting spitted. The fishing lures hooks embedded into the frogs' belly, helps expose the hooks better when the fish strikes, and no concern whatsoever about hanging up by lily pads or weed beds.

4. Bonnie Topwater Floating Rotating Tail Artificial Hard Bait Fishing Lures

This set of topwater fishing lures set from Bonnie Fishing Lures very well made of dual ABS construction, treble hooks are sharp and boast puncture ability. These artificial fishing lures come with a metal ball inside, control barycenter easily, and help you cast further. With a slight jerking causes fishing lures hind end to spin end creates turbulence in the water similar to buzz baits and creates noise and bustle that fish can not ignore.

They come in a few selected colors and designs for covering various conditions complete with natural color and 3D lifelike eyes; They can attract more fish. Ideal for ocean boat fishing, ocean rock fishing, ocean beach fishing, lake, river, pond, and stream! Recommended for freshwater and saltwater are suitable for a variety of fish, including bass, perch, panfish, perch, and trout.

5. Rebel Lures Bumble Bug Topwater

This topwater lure can catch any fish, whether crappie, bluegill, bass, pickerel, and much other freshwater fish. The lure body is about 2 inches and is an excellent lure for bass. Remember that bass grew up eating bugs on the water, and they still love bugs even when they grew up. This topwater lure from Rebel Lures is entirely different, fools even the big ones. Great lure for calm, reasonably clear waters, and works well in shallow water. These ultimate fishing lures feature a great wobbling action and can be fished as a topwater lure or crankbaits. These lures come in 5 bug models with various color options, so choose the color you wish for your next weekend fishing trip.

6. Supertrip 5-Inch Segmented Crankbait

Top 5 Best Topwater lures

Consisting of 8 sections joined by a stainless steel wire, the Supertrip Crankbait is designed for use in both fresh and salt water. It is made from ABS plastic and is brightly colored to look like a natural fish. It measures 5 inches long and weighs 5 /8 ounces making it a standard bait.In addition to catching bass, the 3D-eyed lure may also be used to fish snakehead, catfish, mandarin and other species.

The jointed segments allow the fish to move just like a real fish and attract likely predators including the bass. The minnow-like design and bright colors enable the bait to stand out from the hooks, and this is less likely to scare away any potential bass. This lure is versatile in slow and fast moving water (salt or fresh) and can be yanked up quickly or slowly depending on the depth of the fishing grounds. The ABS plastic is connected to two stainless steel treble hooks to increase your chances of catching fish.

7. Heddon Zara Spook Topwater Fishing Lure

It's very easy to confuse the Heddon Zara Spook lure with a real baby bass courtesy of its shape. And to make it real as can be, the bait moves in rhythmic motions front to back and also left to right and vice versa. It measures 4 1/2 inches and weighs 3 /4 ounces and is made from soft plastic and coated with a clear varnish to maintain its appeal after many uses.

Mimicking a small bass, this bait does an excellent job of luring small, medium-size and also large bass. It’s rhythmic back and forth and rights from left motion apes a real bass and increases your chances of catching a bass. The simple design makes it easy to place it on the rod and also taking care of. Besides bass, people have had success catching other species such as the spike. Though it resembles a genuine bass, the quality of the bait is not the very best as the eyes are prone to falling off. I found the lure more suitable in saltwater than in freshwater although it is marketed as ideal for both situations.

8. Storm WildEye 03 Lures

Regarded as one of the best topwater lures for bass, the Storm WildEye 03 should make catching bass and other fish species easy. It resembles a baby bass and is made from the very soft material that makes fish motions while in water. The 1 pound and 0.25 oz lure feature VMC needle-point hooks and lead heads.

Made from super-soft material that quickly wiggles in water, this lure is effective in an enticing bass and other fish species. It resembles a small bass, and you can mistake it for the real thing when placed to the real fish. It’s available in light and dark colors. Pre-rigged with VMC hooks that have needle points, the device will hook on to a fish almost immediately and lessen the possibility of the fish escaping. The 3-inch long bait may be a bit harder to see compared to the 5-inches or longer. You need to use the right type to be successful. Darker ones in clear water and lighter ones in more colored water.

9. Dynamic Lures with Multiple BB Chambers

Popularly used for bass and trout fishing, the active lure consists of several chambers that contain BB. This makes it rattle and moves like a real fish. It is a slow sinker and features a slender body with the low profile which makes it an excellent choice when fishing in shallow water. The BB lure is made from ABS coated plastic and is available in many colors.

It’s made from high-quality industry plastic that is coated by ABS for efficiency and durability. Chances of chipping, cracking or fading are minimal. In addition to catching bass, the ultra-sharp lure is also effective for trout, walleye, pike, perch, steel head and crappie. Some people complain of its small profile which may be hard to see in very dark waters. It’s a slow-sinking lure and is best used in shallow waters not exceeding 2 feet.

10. Rapala Rattlin 05 Lures

Following what seems to be the standard in the market, the Rapala Rattlin 05 also resembles a baby bass. It is ideal for long-casting and comes with rattling BBs that mimic fish movements. Coming with two treble hooks and an extra-loud sound, the lure if well used boosts your success rate. Designed for both slow and fast retrieval, the Rapala lure provides swimming action in different environments. It features a unique and balanced design that allows it to drop and maintain its position in the water. The shallow-running and extra-loud lure comes with two hooks at the front and rear.

The specially- tuned chamber that is pre-loaded with rattling BBs creates vibrations in water so as to attract bass. The lip-less and long-casting design enables the crankbait to be used anywhere there is bass. This is boosted by the high-quality black VMC nickel hooks which are extra-sharp and long-lasting. Its lightweight of 0.3 inches makes it more suitable in freshwater than saltwater. It measures 2 inches long (the size of the thumb) meaning you need to be skilled to reel it properly especially in deep waters.

To Sum Up

There goes my top 10 best topwater lures list. It was however not easy to come up with a clear winner as these lures share lots of similarities. While one has an edge when it comes to versatility, another tips it regarding performance. In my opinion, the Bonnie Topwater Fishing Lures Set has a slight edge over the others because of its versatility, full-size hooks, and can be retrieved either fast or slow. Its lipless design and long-casting makes it suitable for different terrains, temperatures and seasons. 

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