Best Telescopic Fishing Rods of 2020 (Top 10 Best Travel-Friendly Collapsible Fishing Rods)


Fishing has always been a refreshing and fulfilling way of having a break from a highly stressful day. Not only is it an incredible way of bonding with our loved ones, but also, it is an exceptional Way of interacting with and appreciating the beauty of nature. All the more, it is an invigorating stress reliever, something to look forward to doing after you go home from Work or school.

Ask any fishing enthusiast, and they would certify you how much fun fishing can be. It's no doubt that a lot of people love fishing. It is a life skill that anyone of any age can enjoy. But then, to further help bring out the underlying fishing skill that lies within you, an excellent fishing rod is a must.

It is essential to have an excellent fishing rod that would cater to all the help you need to boost your fishing experience. The complication, however, lies in picking the best one that would suit your fishing needs. Each fishing rod has its own specializations for specific functions.

Now, this article aims to guide you further in picking which telescopic fishing rod is best for your fishing needs. We would give you a better overview of some of the best telescopic fishing rods, considering each of the equipment's standout features and what makes it different from other fishing rods. I hope this would help.

Matching the right equipment for fishing is very crucial in making an exciting and successful fishing session. A rod and a reel make a fantastic combination for this trip. The type of fish you want, the place of fishing, rod length, power, and desired action are some of the factors you should consider when purchasing the best rod and reel combo for bass fishing. With the many choices in the market, picking the right combo for bass fishing can be tricky and mind-blowing. We have put together the top 10 best telescopic fishing rods for bass fishing to make your buying decision much more accessible and informed.

First, the fishing rod power is a pressure amount that is applied by the angle for bending the rod. More massive action rods impose more requirements related to bending, and lighter ones can be bent easily. Second, the rod's action shows how much convenience and distance from the tip rod will show bending. The levels of action are categorized as a medium, light, and heavy. And lastly, the rod's length. Many experts share the opinion that a rod's length should be proportional to the angler's ability to use it.

Sougayilang combo Telescopic Fishing Rod 

Eagle Claw Pack-It Combo Telescopic Rod 

 PLUSINNO Telescopic Rod with Reel Combo Kit

Daiwa Megaforce Telescopic Collapsible Fishing Rod

Daiwa telescopic rod

Goture Telescopic Spinning Fishing Rod 

Goture Telescopic Fishing Rod

Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Reel Combo Kit

TROUTBOY Telescopic Fishing Pole with Reel Combo Kit 

telescopic casting rod

 KastKing Blackhawk II Travel Telescopic Fishing Rods

 Leo Telescopic Carbon Fiber Fishing Rod and Reel Combos 

Telescopic fishing rod and Reel

 Kalex Telescopic Fishing Rod

 Kalex Telescopic Spinning Rod

1. Sougayilang Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Pole with Spinning Reel for Travel

This telescopic fishing rod is perhaps one of the best choices when it comes to fishing from the boat, reefs, and rocks on trips and vacations. It's actually great for backpacking. Sougayilang telescopic fishing rod features a fishing rod made from carbon fiber, making it sturdier and more durable. Its superior grip is also one of its standout features as it allows you to have the extra support you need when you're catching fishes. Moreover, it is also portable, making it easier for you to take it anywhere on the way and is easy to store. However, the problem with the product is that its reel does not always lock the reverse reeling from cast to cast.

It uses high-grade carbon in its manufacturing, so the product is durable and extremely strong. The line lay oscillation system is simply brilliant. The body is ultra-thin supporting a high-quality streamline design. The Aluminum spool with the higher tensile gear makes fishing an incredibly exciting experience. It is best categorized as Trolling Fishing Rod, Telescope fishing rod or the Boat Fishing Rod.

But all in all, this equipment is really a must-have for a fishing enthusiast. Not only is it sturdy that would help you catch considerably bigger fishes, but also, it is lightweight, causing you less hassle when you use it. The pole's size is good enough, for it gives you the extra reach you need to catch from a farther distance. And so, for those who love fishing, highly suggest that you buy this one.

Sougayilang Telescopic fishing rod highlights

  • This can be termed as the most compatible product for fishermen who use boats and reefs. 
  • It is Lightweight and Portable, easy to set up and store away.
  • This fishing Rod and reel combo is a nice looking telescopic rod with good quality reel combo.
  • This fishing reel can be switched; it comes with a Left / Right Interchangeable Handle and instant lock anti-reverse

2. Eagle Claw PK56TS Pack-It Spin Combo collapsible fishing rod

Eagal Claw Telescopic Fishing Rod The durable construction of glass, which makes this rod perfect for trunk, turboprop, or trail. The design supports many handy features. Handles are comfortable and provide better options related to managing. Much like Sougayilang telescopic fishing rod, this equipment is also a good option for the trail, due to its highly durable construction, sturdy enough for its rated line weight of up to 10 pounds. Its foam handles and durable stainless guides should be commended as well, for it can give you an added comfortability when you use it. If there is one flaw about the product, perhaps it is its reel.  

The fishing rod is absolutely excellent. It is manageable, has a fiberglass construction, and user-friendly. But its reel is not so much of a standout. The drag of the reel does not really click the way a better quality reel does. So if you are considering buying this product, you can spare the reel, find a better one, and then proceed on buying the rod. It's a decent option to pick, though, given how more affordable Eagle Claw telescopic fishing rod is than most fishing rods.

Eagal Claw Telescopic fishing rod highlights

  • The reel is made up of aluminum and is light in weight.
  • It comes pre-loaded with the lines. 
  • The EVA foam handle gets excellent support from fiberglass construction.
  • It comes with an extended lifetime, and my experience shows that if you even make the choice swapping reel in the coming future, the rod alone will also do a great job.

3. PLUSINNO Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod with Reel Combo Kit

It is something that should be present in your fishing bag. The fishing rod pole is carbon telescopic and comes with hooks, reel lines, and all other needed accessories. If you are after a handy, ultralight, quality fishing rod that is great for beginners. PLUSSINO fishing rod combo is one of the perfect choices for you. The full kit, which includes lures, hooks, lines, and other accessories, offers you almost all the accessories you need for your fishing needs. More so, the telescopic fishing rod is compact, durable, and long enough to make things easier for you when you go fishing. Moreover, the design looks appealing, as well. This equipment may be less ideal for catching bigger fishes, but then if you are up for comfortability and easy-to-use, this is definitely the best option for you, a perfect gift for anyone of any age. All in all, this is a great buy..

PLUSINNO Telescopic fishing rod highlights

  • The complete kit will be beneficial for starters because it contains all the much-needed accessories.
  • The fishing rod is durable; it shows elasticity, and the inclusion of high-density carbon combined with fiberglass makes it a decent choice.
  • Found the entire construction not only compact but also light in weight. Fishing poles can be collapsed, so one can find it extremely handy during trips. 
  • The fishing rod comes with a convincing warranty of 12 months.

4. Daiwa Megaforce Tele Spin, Telescopic Allround collapsible fishing rod

Daiwa telescopic rod

Daiwa Megaforce Tele Spin,This is the combo that can be best suited for fishing in saltwater and freshwater. This fishing rod can really help you if you want to catch more fish catches. It has a fully adjustable cast control handle with the sound that would allow you to reel in more of them, since you get the chance to change the length of the rod in less than a second, causing you not to lose your grip. The split-grip can likewise add to your control and fishing comfort.

Furthermore, it is easier for the fishing rod to detect when the fish is on the bite due to its adjustability. It enhanced its sensitivity, which can cause you to have better catches. Its solid carbon fiber construction made it more challenging and sturdier, sturdy enough to handle bigger fishes.

Moreover, it is lighter than many other fishing rods, causing me little to no feelings of fatigue after having gone fishing. It can be quite expensive, though. But all in all, the money you would spend definitely be worth it. Indeed, Daiwa Megaforce carbon telescopic fishing rod is a high caliber product, though quite more expensive. But then, with this equipment, indeed, you would enjoy fishing more.

5. Goture Telescopic Spinning Fishing Rod for Trolling Surf Casting

best telescoping fishing rod for backpacking

Goture Telescopic Spinning Fishing Rod With its high-density carbon fiber construction mixed with fiberglass, which makes the fishing pole harder and long-lasting, this fantastic product of Goture is another good option. Perhaps, what makes this a standout is its sleek, unique fashion style, with gold and blue design, that is just refreshingly pleasing to it. Moreover, the EVA Fore Grip of this equipment allows you to have more relaxed fishing experience.

All the more, just like many other fishing rods offered by Goture, it has a fully adjustable cast control system. But what makes it different is that it has a tremendous S-curve oscillation system, which is excellent for a lovely line winding. Moreover, it has an aluminum spool with high-tensile gear, making it lighter and more flexible.

The fishing rod also has a nice balance to it, and the tip has decent sensitivity. Furthermore, the handle is interchangeable for a left or right-handed person. Most telescopic poles typically lose their strength quickly, but this one seems relatively sturdy. It has durable non-slip grips at the end, making it comfortable to hold. It is excellent for catching smaller fishes. Bigger ones? Not so much. But given its excellent features, it's actually a piece of formidable equipment to own.

6. Sougayilang Portable Spinning Telescopic collapsible fishing rod

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Reel Combo Kit

Users find The Sougayilang graphite carbon fiber portable telescopic rod is an excellent and cheap choice for tight budget constraints. It is lightweight, making it portable and less tiring. It has one-piece graphite and a side plate that makes it feel solid. Its compact handle is exceptionally comfortable, allowing a tight grip. With such a low price, it is impressive how expensive the design features. 

This telescopic fishing rod has a five stainless steel bearing system, making it durable and the best water use choice. The external brakes make it very easy to adjust with thick fluorocarbon lines. It also has a power disk drag system. Users rate it at a medium rod with a fast tip, while others feel it's more like a medium-heavy with an extra fast tip. If you're looking for a budget-based telescopic fishing rod, you can't beat this rod. It has a more excellent value compared to the price

7. TROUTBOY Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Pole with Reel Combo Kit 

The TROUTBOY telescopic fishing pole combo has a 24-ton graphite construction, a 1-piece frame with a graphite side plate that makes it very durable. It handles is compact that enhances a comfortable grip. Users find it durable due to the seven stainless steel with zirconium-coated inserts. It also has five stainless-steel ball bearings and a roller bearing, which enable it to operate smoothly. Its spool is made of aluminum, which makes it light in weight.

This Carob fiber telescopic fishing pole combo also has a Duragearbrass gear that increases the gear life. The power disk drag system allows smooth drag efficiency while the MagTrax brake system provides consistent and reliable pressure. Users find this rod and reel combo excellent in performance. It would also be handy for beginners who want to learn how to fish.

telescopic casting rod

Telescopic fishing rod highlights:

  • High-grade carbon has been used in its making. 
  • The body is durable and robust. 
  • The rod is being offered in 6 sizes, so you have a lot of variety to make the selection. 
  • The combo of reel and rod can appear ideal for fishermen who like to work on rocks, boats, and reefs. 
  • The elasticity is perfect and comes with an increased reflection of durability. It can be collapsed, so suitable for traveling and easy storage.

8. KastKing Blackhawk II Newly Designed Travel Telescopic Fishing Rods

It is one of those products that provide excellent handling thanks to EVA force grip. People say this item is one of the best travel friendly telescopic fishing rod for bass fishing. Users prefer it for sea fishing, boat fishing, and bridge fishing. It has an elastic, high-density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass to allow your fishing pole hard & durable. The stainless steel makes this item anti-seawater corrosive hence suitable for seawater fishing purposes. It also has an EVA fore grip that increases its comfort. KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic fishing rod is light in Weight hence portable, and a closed length design that makes it convenient to carry around. 

The fishing rod combo has an instant anti-reverse high strength power gear, which increases its performance. Its body is made of the deep aluminum spool with a one-line hole and double color. KastKing has a right-left inter-changeable handle, which makes it more flexible. It also has a balanced computer rotor for better performance and a high tensile strength plastic body for more durability. Its features make it more useful for both freshwater and seawater fishing

best telescopic fishing rod 2020

Kastking Blackhawk II fishing rod highlights:

  • The inclusion of carbon and fiberglass make pole extremely durable. 
  • The design is unique and will make your fishing experience merely great. 
  • The cast control can be adjusted entirely, and the S-curve oscillation system is a great treat.

9.  Leo Telescopic Carbon Fiber Fishing Rod and Reel Combos with Full Kit

This light and easily portable telescopic fishing rod and reel combo from LEO is many anglers' favorite on the go fishing combo. It has a travel-ready rod and steel that collapses and performs efficiency. It contains a hard body carrying case with six built-in adjustable storage compartments and a fold-down handle. The shoulder strap is flexible in that it can be removed or used to display the kit on a peg hook. 

Telescopic fishing rod and Reel

I appreciate this feature most considering the fact that you'll love taking the vacation, particularly at the lakeside. People who have used it love it because it is sturdy enough to use it and take it anywhere. The Shakespeare Travel Mate Telescopic fishing rod is among the more durable and more compact rods. The grip is comfortable and gives a perfect, lightweight fit inside your hand. Another thing that users like about this Combo is its style since it is simple yet beautiful.

10. Kalex Telescopic Spinning Fishing Rod

Kalex Telescopic spinning rod offers the best selection of telescopic spinning fishing rods, and we recommend this spinning rod for your family fishing weekend gateway. Kalex is a 12'0" Medium Telescopic Spinning Rod with a Size 10 and 20 vented graphite spools with a line in two medium action fiberglass rod lengths 5'6ft. All-purpose high-quality, excellent performance and exceptional value telescopic spinning rod. It has a graphite reel seat and a stainless steel cushioned hood. 

 Kalex Telescopic Spinning Rod

This fishing rod also has an EVA handle to ensure comfort. It is pre-spooled with monofilament to improve its quality. Users recommend it for anyone that fishes small creeks. This XT2 fishing rod also has 101BB reels that provide strong performance. This telescopic fishing rod compacts down for easy travel and storage and can be useful in catching any fish. It is very affordable and durable. The XT2 fishing rod comes complete with a tip cover and straps to make travel and storage a breeze. The telescopic fishing rod serves well as a beginner's kit for practice.

So which one is the Best Telescopic Fishing Rods for the money?

The Best Fishing Rod is PLUSINNO Fishing Rods Combo with the Reel Line Lure Hook & Accessories complete Kit. The fact that it satisfies all three selection elements as the products depicts great power, providers great action capacity, and length related options are also convincing make PLUSINNO a great choice. When we compare it with Sougayilang Rod & Reel and the Eagle Claw, it becomes apparent that not only regarding rod strength and reel working potential but also about user-friendliness, PLUSINNO is the best performer. Also, it comes with a complete kit and a warranty of 12 months.

The best part of fishing is purchasing the best telescopic fishing rod that suits your need and performs efficiently. With this review, you will find it much easier to purchase the best telescopic spinning fishing rod for bass fishing. You can now enjoy your fishing trip. Always remember that what you will be fishing and where you will be fishing are essential points to take into consideration. I hope this review helps you buy a combo that will make a fun fishing trip.

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