Best Surf Fishing Rods of 2020 (Top 10 Long Distance Surf Casting Rods)


Going out on a fishing trip can prove to be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Fishing is a fun activity that you can do on your own, with your partner, even together as a family. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a casual hobbyist, you will undoubtedly enjoy it. However, fishing can also be frustrating. One thing that can be done to minimize your frustrations is investing in a quality fishing rod.

Most people who are in search of a fishing rod usually make their choice based on the price alone. They likely pick cheap options, especially those who are budget-conscious. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that you always go beyond price. As a matter of fact, a fishing rod ought to be seen as an investment. As a result, you should never hesitate to spend if this will enable you to enjoy better quality.

The Surf fishing rod is one product which delivers distant casting according to the need of its user. There are different factors, which determine the performing potential of such products. Still, only a proper knowledge of the fishing rod's useful features is helpful for fishermen because they utilize it for investing their money in the purchase of an appropriate product.

Are you searching for the best surf fishing rods which are available on the market nowadays? If yes, then you're in the right place. In this article, we'll provide you with a few insights on some of the essential factors you should consider when buying surf fishing rods. We shall also review the famous and then recommend one model that can provide the best value for your money.

Finding the ideal surf fishing rod is essential to aid you to get incredible fishing experiences every day. You should select the perfect fishing rod, more so when you need to enjoy your favorite activities in your daily life. Here's a comprehensive review of the Top 10 Best surf fishing rods.

 Penn Squadron Surf Fishing Rod 

best surf rod for striper fishing

Okuma Tackle Cedros Surf Spinning Rods 

okuma surf rods

Fiblink Surf Fishing Rod

best surf fishing rods under $200

BERRYPRO Surf Spinning Rod

St Croix Triumph Surf Spinning Rod 

best travel surf fishing rod

 Tica Surf Fishing Rod

 Daiwa Beefstick Surf Fishing Rod 

Daiwa Beefstick Surf casting rod

Tsunami Surf Spinning Rod 

Best surf rod for distance

Hurricane Bluefin Spinning Surf Rod

hurricane bluefin spinning surf rod 10-feet

Temple Fork Outfitters Surf Spinning Rod 

Temple Fork Outfitters Signature series

1. Penn Squadron II Surf Spinning Fishing Rod 

Penn Squadron II is an excellent entry-level surf fishing rod. These surf rods are designed for a wide range of species that live in the surf. You can easily cast far enough with heavier lures, and the rods are susceptible to any fish bite or rocks on the bottom of the lake. These surf fishing rods are built with EVA foregrips, stainless sloped guides with zirconium inserts, and a smooth intermediate modulus carbon fiber blank for extreme sensitivity in a lightweight package.

Penn's budget gear quality is quite a bit above some other brand's mid-high end gear. With the braided fishing line, you can through the much heavier line, The braided line rating for 8' rod is 12-20lb, the 10' rod is 15-30lb, and 12' rod is 20-40lbs. If you're going after big game fish such as striped bass and bluefish, we recommend going for Penn fierce 6000 surf fishing rod. This fishing pole is built great and looks pretty. 

Penn Squadron II surf fishing rod highlights

  • Penn Squadron casts far with the braid and has excellent sensitivity. 
  • It is lightweight and easy to cast for a longer duration. 
  • It has a premium cork and TAC grips in the split and full handle.
  • These surf fishing rods are incredibly sensitive and can feel slightest of the bite.

2. Okuma Fishing Tackle Cedros Surf Spinning Rods 

The Okuma Cedros surf CSX rods are one of the best rods we've found for surf fishing. These surf fishing rods are lightweight and yet have plenty of power, and these are perfect for saltwater fishing. Just match up with the light surf spinning reel so you can canst with this rod all day without any fatigue. All the components are made of top-notch quality materials, from the ALPS guides to the Pac Bay reel seat, and the rod looks beautiful.

These durable quality rods from Okuma are made from 30-ton carbon, ultra-sensitive, and responsive blank construction. They also feature ALPS stainless steel double footed guide frames for increased distance and the non-slip rubber shrink tube handle with tapered rear grip. These are sensitive to jigging or just letting lures drifting on the bottom of moving water, cast very long with 2oz lures. With this construction, these rods are fierce when it comes to surf fishing. These rods provide unobstructed fishing with the low-profile butt cap design. 

okuma longitude surf rod

Okuma surf fishing rods highlights

  • It is an excellent surf fishing rod for the money.
  • It is too lightweight, robust, and can cast a mile.
  • These beautiful surf fishing rods are ideal for popping.
  • These rods are sensitive and have a soft tip with good bite detection. 
  • It has a good backbone and looks very nice.

3. Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod 2-Piece/4-Piece Carbon Travel Fishing Rod

The sensitive surf fishing rod from Fiblink offers the performance, action, and toughness you need for boat fishing. These rods are constructed with carbon fiber for extraordinary toughness. The stainless-steel guides mixed with ceramic material make these surf rods smoother, avoid the line sticking in the guides, and minimize the friction for extra smooth and long casts. These surf fishing rod also comes with a nonslip rubber shrink tube handle with a tapered rear grip. Its tip over butt ferrule connection provides maximum strength and durability. 

They also feature wheel seat with stainless steel tapered hood transitions above and below the reel seat protecting cap. These rods are designed with the best in class fish fighting power and versatility for use with a wide variety of shore fishing techniques. Its high-strength reel seat and high-density EVA grips add to your control and fishing comfort. It's a medium-heavy power surf fishing rods with a moderate-fast action, can handle 1-5oz lures with a line rating of 15-30lb.

Fiblink Travel surf rod

Fiblink surf fishing rods highlights

  • Its looks and feels excellent and has excellent casting ability in a light, well-balanced blank.
  • It is a very sturdy rod yet sensitive and responsive enough to feel bites from tiny interference fish
  • You'll get a phenomenal bait chunking rod or heavy lure rod that casts a mile.
  • There's no other surfcasting rod brand of such quality at this price point.
  • It is very sensitive and a lot of backbone

4. BERRYPRO Surf Spinning Graphite Fishing Rod

The BERRYPRO surf spinning fishing rods are fantastic for its casting ability, sensitivity, and performance. This is a lightweight and very well-balanced surf fishing rod. It is well crafted with high-grade materials such as IM7 X Carbon technology blanks that give these surf rods incredible sensitivity and power. The stainless steel fishing guides with ceramic rings make the line glide through the guides more smoothly. 

They also feature a high strength reel seat, high-density firm EVA grips, and an anti-wear rubber butt cap that makes your fishing experience comfortable and more enjoyable. These surf fishing rods are designed to cast lures into the surf, and they're available in a wide range of lengths and actions to help you control and land those stubborn fish. Its anti-slip shrink tube design makes your hand hold the rod much more firmly to save you much more energy. We recommend this excellent quality surf rod to every surf fisherman available at a friendly price. 

BERRYPRO Surf Spinning

BERRYPRO surf fishing rod highlights

  • These rods offer a high level of surf-fishing performance for the angler.
  • The blank is slim but really a "MONSTER" when fighting with the big fish.
  • It has excellent fast action and great power.
  • Lightweight shoes dries easily.
  • Its anti-wear rubber butt cap is much more durable than the normal one and protects the rod effectively.
  • This surf fishing rod is sensitive and robust enough to catch big fish

5. St. Croix Triumph Surf Spinning Rod 

The St. Croix Triumph surf fishing rods are a convenient fishing rod available in nine feet and ten-foot. The cost of this surf rod depends on the length that you select. It features a pole that is made using graphite carbon fiber, which we offer you optimum durability. The rod is also portable and lightweight. This product is suitable for anglers who like throwing their baits while on the shore or reefs and rocks.

Other noticeable features include a Fuji reel seat with a frosted silver hood, lightweight, and had aluminum-oxide surf guides for smooth lines. The two coated finishing for smooth finishing. The custom cork tape handle ensures you maintain a firm grip on the surf rod. The length of the four-piece surf rod spinning rod is 9', comes with a moderate fast action, can handle lure weight of 0.5-2.5 Oz with a line capacity of 8-20 lb. The St. Croix Triumph surf fishing rod is perfect for anglers who admire high-performance without the high cost. 

St Croix Triumph surf Travel Spinning rod

St. Croix Triumph surf fishing rod highlights

  • It is made of lightweight, durable, and sensitive materials. 
  • These surf rods deliver long casting performance.
  • It is designed to be used from the beach of the ocean.
  • This four-piece surf fishing rod comes with a hard tube style case with the zipper.

6. Tica UGSA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod 

The Tica USGA surf spinning rods offer top-notch surfcasting performance at a value that's tough to beat. With unbeatable value, the UGSA rods are constructed from robust TC3 modulus graphite blank construction that lessens the overall load while improving sensitivity.The lightweight and smaller blank diameters help reduce angler fatigue while covering long stretches of the beach. They feature a high-quality FUJI tip-top guide, FUJI reel seat, and specially designed sliding foldable hook keeper. 

The non-slip cork tape handle and the custom warps ensure you are comfortable and give you an enjoyable fishing experience. This product allows both the left-handed and the right-handed fishermen to use it. This product can be used as a medium-heavy power action to meet your requirements. The 9' and 10' medium heavy rods are excellent for surf fishing, and they work well for all types of lures and bytes. With its unparalleled performance and eye-catching design, the UGCA performs just as beautifully as it looks and is a worthy addition to any angler’s arsenal.

Tica UMGA Surf Fishing Rod

The surf fishing rod highlights

  • It has an excellent rod tip for flexibility for the good topwater action for poppers.
  • It features light, sensitive blank with high strength and perfect action.
  • This is ideal for jetty, popping, and is also great for surfcasting.
  • These are constructed from high modulus graphite material.
  • It features a non-slip cork tape handle and a custom diamond wraps above the handle.
  • It is lightweight and sensitive for all-day comfort.

7. Daiwa Beefstick 2 Piece Surf Fishing Rod 

The Daiwa Beefstick two-piece medium heavy rod is the best entry-level surfcasting rod that you can find in the market. They're constructed with super-strong carbon-fiberglass combination blanks that are ready to do battle with anything that swims. These blanks will still provide ample fighting power and perfect action when needed the most. 

It also features a strong stainless-steel hood, stainless steel guides, and full foam grips. This is a very well made and dependable rod that is great for a spin, cast, surf, and boat rods. Its well made with excellent quality hardware and eye-catching cosmetics; these rods look beautiful. It comes with a 1-year warranty from Daiwa. The warranty ensures that you get the best from this rod.

Daiwa beef stick 11ft rod

Daiwa Beefstick Surf fishing rod highlights

  • You can cast really far with this surfcasting rod.
  • It is a powerful yet little heavy rod but will do the job correctly.
  • It is Integrated with a solid fiberglass tip for extra strength.
  • These surf fishing rods offer unmatched strength & durability.
  • They're available in spinning, casting, surf, and boat rod actions.

8. Tsunami Airwave Elite Surf Spinning Rod 

The Tsumani Airware surf fishing rods are more powerful, lightweight, high-performance fishing rods for inshore or surf fishing. The Tsunami Airware series surf rods have been designed for long casting performance with the least amount of physical effort. The two-piece airwave Elite Surf Spinning Rod measures 9'6"; it is a medium action surf rod that can handle lure weights 0.75-3oz with a braid capacity of 15-30lb. In case you are looking out for a durable, good surf fishing rod, you should go for this rod.

This rod has a great fishing reel that ensures that you enjoy its flexibility as well as its elasticity. You'll feel very comfortable with the performance that is offered by its fiber material. The Elite Surf rods have the perfect taper and action that offers surf casters the ability to cast long distances with ease. It also features a super-fast recovery that is sustained by its strength as well as its durability. This spinning rod can be used for a very long period if you properly take care of it. It features an extensive line and large spool that can be very useful for improving its strength.

Tsunami SaltX surf rod

Tsumani Airwave Elite Surf Rods Highlights

  • This series of fishing rods have been designed cast for long hours without fatigue.
  • Their high-density graphite fiber blanks construction offers extra strength yet providing increased sensitivity.
  • The Airwave rod comprises premium Fuji reel seats and Fuji Concept K series braided line ready guides.
  • It features a light and durable diamond textured shrink vinyl grips.They offer super-fast recovery for incredible casting distance.

9. Hurricane Bluefin Spinning Surf Rod 

Bluefin's surf fishing rods are full-featured lightest surf fishing rods ready for the most challenging surfcasting. The Bluefin surf series rods are made using high-density carbon fiber as well as E-Glass composite blanks to ensure its strength and sensitivity. This design makes it light while also providing it with balance. The product also features an exquisite reel made from CNC machined aluminum that is resistant to ensure that the rod is durable.

They also feature anti-slip cork wrapped handles for additional comfort. The surf rods' price is meager compared to other well-known brands, but you'll surely get delighted to see the workmanship. The Bluefin surf spinning rods are incredibly lightweight and yet powerful to handle medium-sized fish. They cast well too. The guides are well-aligned, the cork grip adds to its ability to handle rough climates.

Hurricane Bluefin Casting surf rod

The Bluefin Surf Spinning Rods Highlights

  • These are sensitive enough to feel bites.
  • These are strong enough to pull four-ounce weights in heavy surf.
  • It is incredibly lightweight and powerful.
  • It has excellent action, and they can handle 2oz weights like a charm. 

10.Temple Fork Outfitters Surf Spinning Rod (GIS-SCS-1106-2)

The Temple Fork Outfitters tactical series surf fishing rods offer the best value per price on the market. There are better on the market from this rod, for sure, but far, far more expensive. These elite surf fishing rods perform like rods twice their price, and they're designed to tackle all the extremes of fishing the surf. These surf rods feature a full rubber grip along the butt section and will accommodate both spinning and casting reels. In combination with some long casting reels, the great action allows a very far and sure throw of the lure. It is very light, so the hand tire far slower than with other rods. 

This rod is made using high-density carbon and fiberglass to ensure that it lasts for long. It also has a sleek gold and blue design that is beautiful, sturdy, and also durable. It also features the EVA foam grip handles to give it a much more comfortable casting experience and a completely adjustable cast control. They also feature a tremendous braided graphite reel seats, ensuring a positive grip under the harshest conditions. These rods also feature tangle-free guides with the first guide reversed to eliminate line tangles.

best surf rod for striper fishing

TFO GIS - SCS - Surf fishing rods Highlights

  • The grips are very comfortable and durable.
  • These surf fishing rods can accommodate both spinning and casting reels.
  • It is very light and robust and has the best price/quality ratio.
  • Its tangle-free guides reversed to eliminate line tangles.
  • These two-piece surf rods were specially engineered for maximum distance and performance.

Types of Fishing Rods

Fishing rods are made out of a variety of materials. They're made with graphite, fiberglass, or a new generation composite commonly referred to as carbon fiber. The surf fishing rods are well-designed for use with ocean fish species. They're long, too thick, and have vast and heavy eyes, tips, and handles. The surf spinning rods should be paired with spinning rods, and they are designed for fishing from beaches. Typically, they're 8' to 10' long, the surf spinning rods are known for casting heavier lures very far distance.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Surf fishing Rod

There are four different things that you should put into consideration before you choose the best surf fishing rod.

1.The type of fish that you want to fish for

People usually fish in the oceans, rivers, or lakes that are close to their homes. It's helpful to do your research on your surrounding area to find the fish that live in your waters. It's recommended that you specialize in one fish species first and then expand as you get better and better. It would be best if you learned everything that there's to know about the target fish, like their feeding habits. In turn, this will help you to find and catch a lot of fish.

2.The rod parts that will best suit your needs

Understanding the types of fishing tools will help you to decide what will work best for you. This usually depends on the kind of fishing that you will do. For instance, if you're targeting larger fish, you'll want a baitcasting reel that's made for casting larger bait. A surf fishing rod shall allow you to cast for longer distances, whereas a short rod shall help you pull the fish that love?

3. The type of fishing you’ll partake in

Choosing a good surf fishing rod depends on whether you'll fish at the beach (known as surf fishing), from a pier, boat, or on the ice. Furthermore, fishing in a river or lake requires different tools than fishing in the oceans. This is simply because saltwater fishing tools are made of certain materials that are designed to prevent corrosion. In case you use freshwater fishing rods to catch the saltwater fish, your hooks, line, and reel can be damaged a lot.

4.  Your budget

It's recommended that you consider the amount of time you'll invest in the sport for a beginner. In case you know that you'll be fishing regularly, you should begin with a rod that's a medium-range cost and then work your way towards a more advanced fishing rod. Beginners should always start with medium action rods that are flexible but not very flexible. If you're not sure if you'll be fishing a lot, it's recommended that you buy a less expensive fishing rod for beginner to get acclimated to an idea. The benefit of doing this is that it shall help you learn what you prefer in your fishing rod, including the weight, length, and action.

So Which is the Best Surf Fishing Rod for the Money?

If you're on a budget for wading boots, it is now easy to make decisions. Always remember that you should not try saving Now that you have an idea of the features to look for when purchasing a surf fishing rod, you should be capable of picking one of the best all-around rods that you should use for your fishing activities. The Temple Fork Outfitters surf fishing rod is one great model that's worth considering. 

The TFO surf cast rods are very light, super-powerful, casts a mile, and true to its rating.  They also benefit from the fiberglass construction with the EVA foam grips, and foregrips provide uttermost comfort. Another feature worth mentioning is the simple fact that despite the high-quality construction, the particular rod offers the best value for the price, costing much less than what a similar high-end rod usually cost.

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