Best Spinning Reels of 2020 (Top 10 Spinning Reels Guide)


Finding spinning reels for bass is a challenge because it is smart, strong, and hard to catch. When choosing a reel for bass fishing, you need a variety of flexible options, which is strong enough to handle the fight of a bass, and which works comfortably for your needs. The best reel for bass fishing will often vary, depending on your desires and your fishing style.

Every inshore fisher wants the best spinning reels that are easy to cast to long distances and rake in marvelous fish weight without any hassles. There are numerous reels available in the market, and then there are the superior ones, whose quality stands unmatched. The real merit of spinning reels is their capability to cater to light lines and cast and drag lightweight lures seamlessly. If you require a smooth drag fishing reel, there are several specially made reels that you might consider purchasing.

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you are probably looking for spinning reels. Whether you are casting all the time or on weekends, you cannot go without landing a spot with so many of the best spinning reels. You may be looking for spinning reels that you can use for fun or a heavy-duty machine that you can rake an income with; it has something everyone. Well, here are a few things you should be sure to check out before you continue

Although you can use these reels in the deep-water casting, they are very efficient in small lakes and outer shores. Since casting in deep rocky waters may catch heavyweight that the reel may not be able to bear, leading to damage or faults. It is normal that spinning reels, like any other reels in the market, come with some defects. However, what's more, prominent about some of these reels is their frailty, which sees some break early into their working, especially with heavyweights. Nevertheless, some are superb and make it very far.

In this bass fishing reel guide, we've identified top ten spinning reels for bass fishing, give you detailed reviews on each, and help you decide which is right for your personal fishing needs. Remember, the differences between these reels may be straightforward, but it can often make a big difference in your fishing experience.

Shimano Stradic Ci4+  Spinning Reel

Good for Long range Casting

Abu Garcia Revo SX  Spinning Reel

Long-casting Capabilities of this inshore reel are impressive

Pflueger President  Spinning Reel

Sturdy and reliable to catch game fish

Mitchell 300Pro Spinning Reel

It can last a long time despite wear and tear

Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel

The multi drag system makes it easy to set drag

Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reel

SHIMANO ULTEGRA Freshwater Spinning Reel

Abu Garcia Revo S  Spinning Reel

Abu Garcia Orra S Spinning Reel

SHIMANO Spirex 2500FG Spinning Reel

Buyers guide of top 10 spinning reels for Bass 

Discover the top 10 most popular best spinning reels that are lightweight, best on the market, and under budget. Spinning reels are easy to cast long distances and rake in marvelous fish weight without much hassles for bass. Check out our top picks of spinning reels for bass that works for freshwater, saltwater, and best yet they're lightweight.

1. Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning fishing reel

The legendary line of Pflueger reels are designed for the discriminating angler. Spinning reels designed to be able to cast very light baits. They may be used for almost any fishing technique. Still, they often go to reel for finesse applications like drop shotting.

The Pflueger Supreme is a budget-friendly high-performance reel manufactured Pflueger. Of course, these reels are made of top quality materials. Its body, rotor, and side plate are all magnesium making it very light and balanced. The handle well crafted with sturdy and light carbon fiber. Pflueger reels also has EVA foam knobs for comfort. I have read from several online reviews from the Pflueger has high ratings and is favored by many users because it gives quality performance for years.

Reel Specs

  • Ball Bearings: 9
  • Roller Bearings: 1
  • Maximum Drag (lb): 10
  • Retrieve Per Crank Range (in): 31.8
  • Gear Ratio : 6.2:1
  • Line Capacity (lb / Yds): 4/110, 6/90

Spinning Reels Highlights

  • Spinning reel features an ultralightweight magnesium body and rotor
  • They offer Excellent rigidity without hindering your rod with excess weight.
  • Equipment which is extremely reliable for all mannerisms of angling.
  • This reel is also spectacularly comfortable when dragging fish.

video Source : Amazon

2. Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 4000 XG FB Spinning Fishing Reel With Front Drag

Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 2500 spinning reels provides you with instant hook-setting power that increases the efficiency during the retrieve. The powerful reel has an actual maintenance port for quick and easy fixes. The Shimano Stradic spinning has a high online review rating by fishermen.

This is a waterproof five ball bearing reel with an aluminum handle that is easy to turn when dragging in. It has a graphite rotor, side-plate, and paladin gears for durability. The Stradic is adequately recognizable due to its almost all-white finish. The reel also has Aero Wrap II oscillation that reduces line friction for longer range casts. However, many others check out on this list, so don't fall in love just yet.

Reel Specs

  • KeyFeature: Magnumlite Rotor
  • Ball Bearings: 6
  • Roller Bearings: 1
  • Maximum Drag (lb): 20
  • Retrieve Per Crank Range (in): 35
  • Gear Ratio : 6.0:1
  • Weight (oz): 5.6
  • Braid Capacity (lb / Yds): 10/95, 15/85, 20/65
  • Mono Line Capacity (lb / Yds): 2/270; 4/140; 6/110

Spinning Reels Highlights

  • Shimano's propulsion line management system offers excellent smoothness and casting capabilities.
  • The Shinamo Stradic has Mono Line Capacity of 6/230 8/170 10/140
  • That enables long range casting and the easy nature to quick fix is an added superiority.
  • Solid ultralight spinning rees casting and retrieve rate is incredible.

3. Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel

Abu Garcia is one of the most trusted fishing reels providers on the market and offers one of the best bass reels. This particular model holds up to 160-yards of 12-pound line. This makes it an excellent choice for deep-sea fishing, where depth is so crucial for success. It also includes a computer-optimized gear design that creates an efficient and reliable gear system. Other benefits of this reel include a graphite rotor, a high-powered gearbox design, Rocket line management. The Rocket spool lip design, an anti-reverse switch, and a Flat EVA knob last longer than other models.

The Abu Garcia Revo Sx spinning reel is almost similar to the Pflueger Supreme XT in appearance. The most notable differences are its materials and weight. It has an aluminum gear set and a carbon molded frame, side-plate, and magnesium handle similar to the Supreme XT. Made by Pure fisherman and is reputable since it has an ultra-smooth Carbon Matrix drag system. Online spinning reel reviews recommend the Abu Garcia Revo SX reels for all applications like drop shots and shaky heads to wacky-rigs and flukes. Another great feature is that it holds more and more massive lines. 

Reel Specs

  • Ball Bearings: 8
  • Roller Bearings: 1
  • Maximum Drag (lb): 10
  • Retrieve Per Crank Range (in): 30
  • Gear Ratio : 6.2:1
  • Weight (oz): 7.2
  • Braid Capacity (lb / Yds): 6/150
  • Mono Line Capacity (lb / Yds): 6/110

Spinning Reels Highlights

  • A super strong spinning reel that is very effective in dragging in heavy fish
  • Extra powerful handle compared to the available products in the market
  • AMGearing System provides precision gears for exceptional smoothness and durability
  • The casting range is top-notch for a spinning reel and very accurate for a spinning setup because the line comes off so smooth.

video Source : Abu Garcia

4. SHIMANO ULTEGRA Freshwater Spinning Fishing Reel

This might be a worthy investment for the anglers who like freshwater action and some inshore saltwater reeling. The Shimano Ultegra developed with super features like are bearings, propulsion, fluid rive II and s-concept. This reel comes with an Ultra-Thin M compact body designed for a smaller profile, reduced weight, and improved ergonomics. Other reels are incredibly costly, but the Shimano is cost-friendly, lighter than other reels, and a firm body.

Spinning reels reviews rate the Shimano Symetre at a massive five star and over, thus cementing it as reliable equipment to the everyday angler. The line management is solid on this reel, and after a day of casting with another reel, they might suddenly end in an explosion. With the Symetra, it is different from many trips before any line twist, and when it does occur, it does not prevent casting as other cheap reels do.

Reel Specs

  • Ball Bearings: 4
  • Roller Bearings: 1
  • Maximum Drag (lb): 24
  • Retrieve Per Crank Range (in): 41
  • Gear Ratio : 6.2:1
  • Weight (oz): 10.1
  • Braid Capacity (lb / Yds) : 20/220,30/200,40/160 
  • Mono Line Capacity (lb / Yds): 10/240,12/195,14/120 

Spinning Reels Highlights

  • It comes with a durable handle, comfortable knob, body, and foot very strong.
  • This reel is amazingly smooth and compact.
  • Very dependable, sturdy, and a nice looking reel.
  • Spinning reel responds spontaneously and positively in a wide variety of fishing situations.
  • Excellent braid capacity and strong drag.

video Source :  Shimano Tribal EU

5. Abu Garcia Revo S Spinning Reel

Here's another spinning reel manufactured by Abu Garica and many online spinning reels reviews ranks it among the top ten. However, it is considered inferior to the Garcia SX model, mostly because of its lighter body and rotor, weighing at on7.2 ounces, made up of polymeric. The body houses a single brass gear that provides excellent cranking power.

This reel boasts of the highly regarded Carbon Matrix robust drag system that allows for long-range casting while sustaining very stable and smooth spinning. Its quality drag, reliable components, lightweight and beautiful nature are a favorite to many anglers; then again, it is somewhat cost-effective for those with light pockets.

Reel Specs

  • Ball Bearings: 7
  • Roller Bearings: 1
  • Maximum Drag (lb): 10
  • Retrieve Per Crank Range (in): 30
  • Gear Ratio : 6.2:1
  • Weight (oz): 7.2
  • Braid Capacity (lb / Yds): 6/150
  • Mono Line Capacity (lb / Yds): 6/110

Spinning Reels Highlights

  • This reel is superior in that it prevents reverse objectively.
  • The singer gear gives the user a more tangible contact and great control too.
  • It is not pricey and friendly to maintain
  • Up to 8 ball bearings for smooth spinning.
  • Abu Garcia's quality fits perfectly for every angler's needs; these reels are perfect for bass fishing.

6. Abu Garcia Orra S Spinning Reel

You can get yourself the Abu Garcia Orra Spinning reels and see it in action. With its sleek design and a seamless combination of design and X-craft efficient gearbox, this reel never disappoints. You can count on its corrosion-resistant stainless steel shaft, which offers reliable durability. Its six HPCR bearings for smooth operation. Moreover, the new rocket line system gives you better control while casting, no matter what type of line you are using.

Reel Specs

  • Ball Bearings: 7
  • Roller Bearings: 1
  • Maximum Drag (lb): 12
  • Retrieve Per Crank Range (in): 30.5
  • Gear Ratio : 5.8:1
  • Weight (oz): 8.3
  • Braid Capacity (lb / Yds): 8/158
  • Mono Line Capacity (lb / Yds): 6/170/6, 8/120, 10/100

Spinning Reels Highlights

  • This reel's drag system gives you the experience you want with silky smooth but powerful drag
  • Its spool is ideal for long-distance casting, with the balancing being one of a kind.
  • Its combination of ease and power gets the job done.
  • Up to 8 ball bearings for smooth spinning.

video Source : Abu Garcia  

7. Pflueger President Spinning Reel

This fishing reel assures smooth operation with six corrosion-resistant steel ball bearings plus an instant anti-reverse bearing that gives enhanced crank control. The Pflueger President spinning reels well crafted with lightweight graphite, and durable rigid frame that endures for years. 

The graphite frame provides extreme responsiveness without settling rigidity. It creates a highly durable reel that doesn't flex or give out under intense pressure. The spinning reels slow oscillation gearing enhances line lay and minimizes line twist, improving each cast's quality. A braid-ready aluminum spool and a soft-touch rubber knob round out this sound spinning fishing reel.

This reel offers a great deal with its anti-reverse one-way clutch bearing. This gives you a service beyond the obvious, not to mention its double anodized aluminum spool with a stable lightweight and braid ready. 

Reel Specs

  • Ball Bearings: 6
  • Roller Bearings: 1
  • Maximum Drag (lb): 6
  • Retrieve Per Crank Range (in): 20.7
  • Gear Ratio : 5.2:1
  • Braid Capacity (lb / Yds): 8/100, 6/125, 4/180
  • Mono Line Capacity (lb / Yds): 6/80, 4/100, 2/200

Spinning Reels Highlights

  • This reel is ultra light with the new type coming with a better lighter foot.
  • The drag system is running very smooth yet very sturdy.
  • Additionally, you are in for a rock solid reel, even when dealing with heavy bass.

8. Mitchell 300Pro Spinning Fishing Reel 

Get the superior performance you need out of your spinning reels with Mitchell 300 Pro Series Spinning Reels. These are well crafted with an advanced polymeric body and an aluminum spool and handle for enhanced durability. The Innovative Bail Halo provides excellent strength. The smooth hybrid carbon fiber drag lets you fish like a pro angler. The Aluminum spool and handle with an EVA knob give you more comfort on your next fishing trip.

This reel comes with an anti-reverse smooth operation, which offers a better service than its simple design with a strong body. That's not all yet, with the multi-disc drag system and high-performance gear system, you are always on the upside of excellent fishing fun.

Reel Specs

  • Ball Bearings: 10
  • Roller Bearings: 1
  • Maximum Drag (lb): 14
  • Retrieve Per Crank Range (in): 30.5
  • Gear Ratio : 5.8:1
  • Weight (oz): 8.9
  • Braid Capacity (lb / Yds): 6/275,8/190,10/160
  • Mono Line Capacity (lb / Yds): 6/185,8/130,10/110

Spinning Reels Highlights

  • This reel's drag system offers an ideal and reliable heavyweight bass lifting.
  • Its spool is well balanced, tight and efficient, with a distant-casting assurance.
  • Well, its material is also heavy duty and scratch resistant, giving you quality from inside out.
  • Great all around reel for saltwater inshore fishing

9. SHIMANO Spirex 2500FG Spinning Reel

This gorgeous reel is capable of a variety of line capacities makes it appropriate for a wide range of fishing types, from casual at-the-river fishing or even deep-sea fishing. It has a maximum drag of six pounds, though it probably limits its use when fishing for heavy-duty and hard-fighting fish.

The gear ratio is 6.2:1, making it a useful choice for anglers who want a reel that they can use in multiple fishing experiences. It weighs less than a pound (just under 10 ounces), making it a light addition to any rod. It comes with various impressive amenities, including a propulsion line management system, quick fill one-handed casting, various speed oscillation, power roll, and five shielded stainless steel ball bearings.

This reel goes for only $xx, but it is one of the reels you should check out. Its quick fill feature offers you effortless casts, with the bearings offering unparalleled silky-smooth retrieval. With a rear drag system and a propulsion line management, shielded stainless steel bearings, and lightweight graphite frame, You have the ideal combination of featherweight and power in one machine. With other positives, like easy one-handed casting, a fighting-drag system, and construction out of cold-forged aluminum, this reel is one of the best bass fishing reels.

Reel Specs

  • Ball Bearings: 5
  • Roller Bearings: 1
  • Maximum Drag (lb): 9
  • Retrieve Per Crank Range (in): 32
  • Gear Ratio : 5.7:1
  • Weight (oz): 10.6
  • Braid Capacity (lb / Yds): 10/170,15/145,30/95 
  • Mono Line Capacity (lb / Yds) : 6/200,8/140,10/120

Spinning Reels Highlights

  • Its Outstanding features offer a lasting Service
  • With the dragging you a great tuning experience, Very easy and fast.
  • Its operations are also smooth and balanced.
  • The side tab casting offers fast and easy casting, not to mention the casting trigger.
  • Which makes sure you get the most rapid casts ever.
  • Ideal for use in Saltwater

10. okuma ceymar lightweight spinning reel

You can get this reel under $50, and free shipping. Well, this is a combination of efficiency and style. Why not try this reels hybrid graphite and aluminum lip spool and see how it goes. On the other hand, the hybrid body and rotor body gives you a Crossover construction. Its spool offers an assurance of stability and smoothness, with a drag system giving you all you need for productive fishing.

This reel has ABS composite spool with a smooth multi-disc drag, which is well lubricated to ensure that it operates smoothly. It is constructed with metal, which makes it a durable item and heavy enough for excellent performance in both freshwater and saltwater. The handle has a small screw that can be tightened each time to avoid losing control. This reels multi-disc drag system makes it a perfect choice for new anglers.

Reel Specs

  • Ball Bearings: 7
  • Roller Bearings: 1
  • Maximum Drag (lb): 13
  • Retrieve Per Crank Range (in): 25
  • Gear Ratio : 5.0:1
  • Weight (oz): 8.2
  • Line Capacity (lb / Yds) : 4/300 6/185 8/145

Spinning Reels Highlights

  • The drag is strong and sufficient to keep your reeling comfortable.
  • Comes with a smooth and reliable retrieve.
  • You can also be sure of the drag's fast response to engage instantly and give you an excellent service.
  • The side tab casting offers fast and easy casting, not to mention the casting trigger.
  • Which makes sure you get the most rapid casts ever.
  • Ideal for use in Saltwater

video Source :   Okuma Fishing global

Tips for Choosing the Best Spinning Reels

There are numerous technical specifications to look out for when choosing a suitable spinning reel. They are however not too hard to comprehend once you take careful considerations about them.

Some specifications may be more vital to others especially with peoples diverging opinion concerning quality and value. The following are some pointers to carefully asses when making decisions on purchasing a spinning fish reel available in the markets today.

1. Total Weight and Frame Material

Many popular reel frames are cast of magnesium, carbon, plastic, or aluminum. Aluminum and plastic are the most popular however, whilst magnesium and carbon are common on pricier reels due to their low weights and excellent solidness. If you an angling enthusiast, we recommend you to go for the aluminum or carbon framed spinning reels first. This is regarding their toughness, affordability, and lightweight. Plastic reels are do not have the longevity you might require in terms time length. If you prefer using ultralight fishing reels then click here to read more about ultralight fishing reels.

2. Drag System

A quality drag system is an important feature to consider in a spinning reel, especially for the large sizes aimed at catching big fish. A smooth drag-in system lets you reel big fish on smaller lines. You require the drag to work smoothly on the hook set and when fish dive and without any jerking that might suddenly break off your line. The quality of the drag is directly dependent of the reel’s pricing.

3. Bearings OF reels

The bearings enable smooth movement of the handle and spool. A quality spinning reel requires 4 or 5 bearings, any more just adds cost onto a reel. A good spinning reel needs bearings on the main handle shaft, the main gear, the anti-reverse, and a roller bearing for the line. If you get reels with 8 and more bearings, they are just a fad and are replacing the bushings inside with bearings thus not necessary. 

So What is the best spinning reel for the money?

The Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 2500 is the clear winner among all the best spinning reels we have pointed out. Its magnesium rigid body frame and smooth graphite components make it a light weight yet great choice for the fanatic angler. What’s more is its five bearing system that assures of smooth and rapid drag-in. It is available in different capacities from 1000 up to 8000 and is a remarkable selection for bass fishing and saltwater fishing.

As compared to the Abu Garcia Revo S 20 or the junior Shimano Symetre the Shimano Stradic is more solid and smooth in operation even when working in strenuous conditions such as feisty or enormous fish. Other than that this spinning reel has a great online spinning reel reviews rank rate with many fishermen and amateur users hailing the Stradic as popular favorite. Its solid gearing, rigid frame, and handle, combined with the smooth drag performance are also some of the high ends features that guarantee that the Stradic will not disappoint.

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of what makes the great spinning reels for bass fishing. You've likely already made a purchasing decision and are ready to get started catching your own fish. We hope that you have enjoyed this article and look forward to your next bass fishing experience.

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