Top 10 Best Saltwater Spinning Reels of 2019 For Both Fresh and Saltwater


With almost 25 million enthusiastic anglers participating in the sport every year in the US alone, Fishing is one of the World's most popular pastimes.

While a laid-back afternoon spent catching freshwater fish by the riverside might be enough for most beginners, if you're serious about fishing it's only going to be a matter of time before you just have to try your hand at reeling in some of those awesome saltwater species.

And when that time comes, you're going to need to get yourself the best saltwater spinning reels you can afford.

Whether you've got your sights set on a little coastal red fish, trout, bass or even if you're planning on heading offshore to see if you can land a big old' tuna, having the right spinning wheel is going to make all the difference.

Because while entry level freshwater fishing isn't necessarily going to call for much more than the kind of lightweight tackle you can pick up at your local sports store for not much more than a few dollars, even at the beginner stage saltwater fishing calls for some fairly heavy duty equipment.

With that in mind, here are some of the most important factors you're going to need to bear in mind when deciding which is the best saltwater spinning reels for you, plus a round-up of our favorites of the reels which have been introduced for the 2018 season.

Saltwater reels come in different types. Various things distinguish These reels. These include the spool type, drag system, size of the reel, the material used to construct them among other components.

After using your saltwater reel, you should properly clean it, wipe it with a dry paper towel or cotton cloth, loosen it to relieve the strain then lubricate it to avoid rusting.

1. Durability

If you're used to freshwater fishing, the extra exposure to the elements your saltwater spinning reel is going to need to be able to withstand might surprise you. By its very nature,

Saltwater itself is corrosive, and a comparative lack of shade - especially if you're fishing from a boat - means that sun exposure is going to be an issue too.

You can resist this to an amount by remembering to rinse you're tackling in freshwater after each expedition, and by using a synthetic lubricant such as WD40, but the best preventative measure you can take is to select your equipment carefully at the outset.

So stick to reels Constructed using corrosion-resistant materials such as graphite, titanium or stainless steel.

2. Line Weight

This one's obvious when you think about it - bigger fish equals more weight. So look for a reel with a sizable line weight capacity or at least one who is going to match the most massive fish you're expecting to catch.

And be sure to choose the line which will match your reel and the weight of the species you're fishing for.

We find braided line usually works best, but take the time to consider what's going to be most suitable for your fishing style and your equipment, and never miss an opportunity to ask an experienced saltwater fisherman for their take on the issue too.

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3. Reel Speed

With the sheer size and weight of some of the saltwater fish out there, things can get fast and furious sooner than you expect.

So if you're going to have even a shot at bringing in some exceptional saltwater fish, you're going to need to be able to move as quickly as they can.

In our experience, you're only as fast as your reel, so if you're hoping to stretch yourself a little bit, look out for one with a higher gear ratio.

On the other hand, those looking to ease themselves into saltwater fishing a little more slowly might be able to make to do with a lower gear ratio for the time being.

As a rule of thumb, however, it makes sense in the long run to purchase the best saltwater spinning reels your budget will allow.

Different reels have varying attributes, and only you can judge which the right one for you is. Hopefully, the reviews below will help you to identify some strong contenders.

Benefits of Saltwater Fishing Reels

Spinning reels are beneficial because they cast more accurately and catch bigger and stronger fish. The reel’s design enables it to lessen the effects of the salty corrosive water. They work best in bays and ocean than other reels and they are easy to use.

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Our Reviews of Top Rated Saltwater Spinning Reels


Our #1 Pick

2nd Best

3rd best

4th Choice

5th Best

Best Saltwater Spinning Reels

Best Saltwater Spinning Reels


himano Baitrunner

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

Penn Conflict Spinning Reel

KastKing Sunglasses

Penn Clash Spinning Reel


Lightweight and highly resistant to corrosion.

Suitable For Both Freshwater And Saltwater Use.

Suitable For Both Freshwater And Saltwater Use.

It can last a long time despite wear and tear

Great lightweight reel who likes fast action

Get Started 

Here are The Top 10 best saltwater spinning reels Recommendations 

When purchasing a saltwater reel, there are several factors that you should consider.

These include the type of fish you aim to catch, your fishing method and fishing experience, the fishing location and the taste and preferences of the angler.

Other factors that you can determine are the size of the reel, type of spool material, the gear ratio, the sturdy frame, and the drag adjustment.

1. Penn Clash Spinning Reel

The Clash from Penn is a great lightweight reel for those who like a fast action.

It can be used with both artificial and live bait, so it's versatile in that respect, and the aluminum body is going to help keep corrosive saltwater at bay.

Best Saltwater Spinning Reels

We're not totally sold on the computer controlled operation as it could be liable to malfunction, although it certainly keeps things smooth.

On the downside, you'll be limited to shallow saltwater fishing with this one, and the purchase price could stretch the budget somewhat.

2. Penn Conflict Spinning Reel CFT2500

Another great reel from Penn conflict, the Conflict is more affordable than its big brother but still features durable materials for good corrosion resistance.

It certainly looks the part, but beware of too much saltwater contact as it isn't fully waterproof, and while those sealed bearings will provide some extra protection they're going to limit free spinning a little too much for some.

Also, the line weight capacity is on the low side, so you'll be limited to smaller saltwater fish.

3. Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Spinning Reel

With its moderate purchase price, the Garcia Revo from Abu will be a good compromise for a lot of people.

The finely tuned gearing delivers smooth operation, and the long-casting capabilities of this inshore reel are impressive.

If you're planning on doing your fishing a little closer you're probably going to want to look elsewhere, and if you do decide you can work around that you'll need to remember to clean and lubricate this one regularly.

4. Penn Battle II Spinning Reel Review

A real bargain from Penn, the Battle II has a low purchase price and is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater use. Sealed stainless steel ball bearings provide good resistance to saltwater intrusion,

So you can expect this reel to last for a good few years if properly cared for, although as you progress you might start to find it a little on the heavy side. You'll need to upgrade if you want to try your hand at some more advanced saltwater fishing, but this is a solid starter option nonetheless.

5. Shimano Baitrunner OC Saltwater Spinning Reel

Shimano has really pulled out all the stops with the Baitrunner OC. The purchase price is highly competitive compared with other reels with similar functionality, and the graphite construction is lightweight and highly resistant to corrosion.

Technologically advanced features such as auto-return and Varispeed Oscillation enhance the operation and performance, without requiring any additional maintenance. We liked the Baitrunner OC so much we're a little short of disadvantages to telling you about, although there have been some reports of unreliable servicing.

6.Yoshikawa Baitfeeder Spinning Reel

Whether you are a starter or a pro-fisherman, this is a fantastic choice for you. Users say they caught big fishes with this amazing reel.

This reel is constructed with Titan graphite side plate, an aluminum spool, a stainless steel shaft -brass covered gear which all makes the materials corrosive resistant. The bait running system enables free running mode even without opening the bail.

Another great feature is a 10+1 ball bearing with a multi-disk drag system with well-lubricated drag washers to prevent water from entering and also avoid corrosion.

What We liked

What We don't

  • It is an excellent reel with reliable internal made features
  • It has a high lining capacity and accurate drag adjustment
  • The drag seal is waterproof hence anti-corrosive
  • The aluminum handles allow a long-lasting performance during fishing
  • It is a little heavy

7. Dr.Fish Spinning Reel 

If you are a fan of large game fishing, then this is the choice for you. It is bigger and stronger with a high power anti-corrosive graphite body and a 9+1 ball bearing giving it consistent fighting hence enabling smooth operation

The bail wire is made of high carbon steel makes it durable and elastic. Another great feature is the foldable handle design which makes it easy to store and exchange between hands.

Additionally, the aluminum spool makes it strong and gives the reel a super high capacity.

What We liked

What We don't

  • It is sturdy and reliable to catch game fish
  • It is dust resistant
  • It is easy to store it because it is foldable
  • It has a broad range of drag adjustment
  • It is a bit heavy

8. Penn Spinfisher vs Spinning Reel

Users believe this saltwater reel to be one of the best-known masterpiece spinning reels. It is a very useful choice for a person who takes fishing in sea and ocean as a hobby because of it a worthy investment. Its waterproof ability allows you to enjoy your fishing session in any water without troubling your mind water getting into the drag system or gearbox.

It has five shielded stainless steel bearings to ensure that the reel operates smoothly in all water conditions. It also has six seals in the drag system and the gearbox with 3 HT-100 drag washers that are well greased to prevent water from entering the system as well as avoid corrosion by the salt water.

Additionally, it has a full metal body construction and side plates to enable you to catch big fish without damaging the reel. Its spool is made of aluminum with line capacity rings to allow you to have many adjust options effectively.

What We liked

What We don't

  • It is entirely resistant to salty water
  • It is an all-time best drag system
  • Its gives you adjustment options enabling you to cast longer
  • It is durable because it can last a long time despite wear and tear
  • It does not perform well compared to other reels in its category

9. Supertrip Saltwater Spinning Reel

Users love it because it allows them to catch big fish steadily without efforts due to the high-speed spinning reel. This reel is useful because of its longevity, streamlined design, and excellent performance.

This reel has a rigid flute disc that allows it to operate efficiently and capture fish effortlessly. It is constructed with full metal with tight internal parts to increase its durability, lightweight and resistant to corrosion.

Another excellent feature is the brass gear which increases its strength to twice the industry standards. Its spool is long and made of solid aluminum making it durable.

The handle is all-metal and irreversible giving you greater control and can also be used by both right and left-handed anglers.

What We liked

What We don't

  • Easy to operate at high speed and get big fish quickly
  • Its smooth and light line makes it a perfect fishing instrument
  • The metal support makes it steady and keep balance
  • It can be used by both right and left handed anglers
  • It is affordable
  • You cannot use it in deep sea fishing
  • It is smaller in size

10. Daiwa Opus Saltwater Spinning Reel

If you are looking for a spinning reel that you can use in both freshwater and saltwater, then this is the perfect deal for you. The reel is durable and can perform smoothly and efficiently in both water situations.

This reel has ABS composite spool with a smooth multi-disc drag which is well lubricated to ensure that it operates smoothly. It is constructed with metal which makes it a durable item and heavy enough for good performance in both fresh and saltwater. The handle has a small screw that can be tightened each time to avoid losing control. This reel’s multi-disc drag system makes it a perfect choice for new anglers.

What We liked

What We don't

  • It is very affordable
  • The multi drag system makes it easy to set drag
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Lightweight graphite frames for easy use.
  • Up to nine ball bearings for smooth spinning.
  • If not careful it with grip adjustment you can lose control
  • It is very heavy
  • The ball arm is a little tight

in Summary

So there you have it. Our overall favorite which we judge to be the best saltwater spinning reels of 2017-2018 is the Shimano Baitrunner OC, simply because it offers the versatility anglers need to go after virtually the whole gamut of saltwater fish and is constructed using materials you can expect to last.

For us, it's going to deliver the longevity, functionality, and reliability dedicated saltwater fishermen need to take this exhilarating sport to the highest level.

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