Best Ice Fishing Suits of 2020 (Top 10 Insulated Bibs and Jackets)


Fishing is a very common sport that can take place all times of the year. During the colder months of the year though ice fishing becomes a very popular event. If you're into ice fishing, having some nice and comfortable ice fishing suits should be at the top of your must-have items. Ice angler knows how cold a frigid lake can be, so it’s essential to gear it up to focus on fishing. Ice fishing suits keep you warm, dry when you hunt fishes in a cold climate and keep you sufficiently shielded from strong winds when not fishing.

We want to ensure that the ice fishing suits fit comfortably and should have all the bells and whistles to exhibit stellar performance and enjoy your time on the ice. Let's take a look at the top 10 best ice fishing suites that ensure your ice fishing is productive and fun. If you're having trouble selecting the ice fishing suit below, the article could help you pick the best one. Check out some critical ice fishing apparel you should wear to stay warm on your next ice fishing trip and select the one which suits your interests.

Colder months getting nearby, so get your best ice fishing suits ready for ice fishing. When choosing ice fishing apparel, the main idea is to get something that keeps you warm, comfortable, and safe from injuries.We’ve enlisted the top 10 ice fishing suits of the highest quality, offer proper insulation from cold winter wind, floatation assistance, and comfort.

WindRider Ice Fishing Suit Insulated Bibs and Jacket

windrider ice fishing suit

Clam Men’s Ice Armor Edge Bib

clam floating ice fishing suit

Frabill Bib I3 Ice Fishing Suits

frabill floating ice suit

Simms Challenger Insulated Ice Fishing Bib

ice fishing bibs

StrikerICE Predator Ice Fishing Bib

Eskimo Men’s Keeper Ice Fishing Bib

Insulated ice fishing bibs

Carhartt Men’s Yukon Arctic Quilt Lined Biberalls

best ice fishing snow pants

RefrigiWear Men’s PolarForce Insulated Bib

ice fishing float suit

FROGG TOGGS Pilot II Bib with Insulated Liner

best ice fishing snow pants

 Arctic Quest Men's Insulated Ice Fishing Bibs

arctix insulated bib

1. WindRider Ice Fishing Suit Insulated Bibs and Jacket

If you're looking for a new ice fishing suit, the WindRider Ice Fishing Suit's quality and comfort won't disappoint you. It has a ton of pockets that are accessible with your gloves on. The jacket and bibs have double-sized zippered secure pockets to store your phone, wallet, keys, and other essential items. 

These ice fishing suits offer 3M thermal insulation, ensuring you stay warm and toasty even in the extreme cold front. They even have insulation in the removable hood. They also include larger pockets on the thighs on the bibs, which allow you to relieve yourself without taking your bibs completely.

The reinforcement also makes them tear and wear-resistant, a feature which makes them extremely durable. The extra padding and reinforcement in the knees keep you dry and warm when kneeling at the fishing hole. Ideally speaking, you need to bundle up when ice fishing. The essential part of ice fishing safety is staying warm to prevent frostbite. Their adjustable bibs, more oversized coat, and large legroom make them ideal and convenient for people of all sizes.

windrider ice fishing suit

WindRider Ice Fishing Suit Highlights

  • The ice fishing coat and bibs keep you dry and warm all day.
  • The knees had reinforced padding, which gives excellent support when having to kneel at the fishing hole. 
  • The ice fishing suits best feature is the lined pockets so you can go without gloves when fishing. 
  • The quality and comfort of these fishing suits are unmatchable.
  • Its inner chest pockets are accessible without fully opening up your jacket. 

2.Clam Men’s Ice Ascent Armor Edge Bib

The IceArmor Ascent Edge Bib by Clam is fantastic as they encompass all those desired features by ice anglers. It is completely insulated; it is perfect for making use while going for ice fishing. It is made from 100% durable materials such as 300D waterproof, a windproof and breathable shell that features a two-way front zip closure with a magnetic storm flap made for easy on/off heavy layers. It also features two-way leg zippers with a waterproof cell phone pockets and a rapid drainage system. These ice fishing bibs also boast 1000D ballistic nylon knees that reinforce and strengthen the ankles that offer good durability when kneeling on the ice.

These ice fishing bibs offer a removable 150 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation liner, ensuring that you stay warm and toasty in frigid weather. And yes, Their flat motion technology utilized segmented, baffled design of the floatation material ensures that you move around freely and flexibly while retaining exceptional warmth and breathability, thus making your journey elegant. It is also equipped with an internal bouncy assist lining though it is not USCG approved yet offers added lift in a water emergency that helps when you need it. You'll surely appreciate Armor Edge bib's performance for ice fishing since it is completely insulated, and there are no chances of getting chills inside the bib.

clam floating ice fishing suit

Clam Men's Ice Armor Edge Bib Highlights

  • This extreme Ice Bib is waterproof, breathable, windproof, and comes with floatation assistance.
  • They come with boot gaiters that are fitted with a gripper to ensure a perfect, weather-protected fit.
  • They are loaded with zippers. These zippered pockets are ideal for the storage of your items.
  • They offer maximum flexibility and mobility, thus making you move around freely.
  • Their floatation assist technology adds buoyancy, although it is not USCG approved.

3. Frabill Bib I3 Ice Fishing Suits

If you'd like to spend a lot of time on your knees while fishing from kneeling position, without getting your knees soaked and frozen, Frabill I3 bibs ice fishing suits are the ones you need to go for. Their truly waterproof padding helps to keep your knees from aching from the cold. With large easy to store access pockets, ice pick safety tool holders, D rings for attachments, and large knee and seat padding, these are the must-have ice fishing bibs for anyone ice anglers. And they have everything you need for ice fishing. Grabbing these pants will keep you from anything that winter throws your way.

The ice fishing bibs are 100% seam-sealed with waterproof, windproof, breathable 3M Thinsulate insulation. These ice fishing bibs are constructed with a 300 denier nylon Taslan shell and 500 denier nylon reinforced keens and pant cuffs. These bibs not only assure that you stay warm but offer exceptional comfort. These are not floatation pants, but they have vented cuffs at your boot bottom to let water out when you need to climb out of ice.

These bibs are also long, and they have Velcro straps that will keep the pants up, and Velcro covers all zippers. These ice fishing bibs keep everything close to your body and tucked together, keeping a slim profile for fishing, thus making you more mobile on the ice when ice fishing or snowmobiling. They are large enough to wear anything you'd like to under them and can fit extra clothing abundantly.  

frabill floating ice suit

Frabill I3 Bib Highlights

  • These ice fishing bibs are designed to accommodate ice anglers.
  • It comes with handwarmer pockets with tricot lining.
  • These ice fishing bibs have multiple cargo pockets and zippered vents for temperature regulation.
  • Its multiple zipper pockets allow you to carry your gear.
  • These are quite versatile, very warm, waterproof, and windproof.
  • They come with extra padding at the knees and rear.

4. Simms Challenger Insulated Ice Fishing Bib

Another fantastic piece of ice fishing product is the one from Simms Challenger Insulated Ice Fishing Bib. These bibs are extremely warm and functional for cold-weather fishing. They are made from the high-quality Toray fabric technology, specially developed for harsh winters. Using two-layer micro-porous waterproof fabric, a single membrane layer, and tricot backers offer enhanced sturdiness. These bibs feature 100% fully taped seams that are completely waterproof, and they ensure that there is no water leakage when you are fishing and snowmobiling or walking in the snow.

These insulated bib overalls are designed to ensure that every man stays warm and dry during outdoor activity on frigid weather. Their unique fabric offers not only maximum insulation but also guarantees proper breathability on the coldest days. They are lightweight for convenience, unlike the bulk you see in traditional bibs. The Challenger bibs come with two pockets on the front side and one leg pocket. It also features a front zipper storm flap, handwarmer pockets, and removable reinforced knee pads. The straps can be adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit, no matter how many layers you're wearing. One knock-off is that this challenger insulated bib does not have any specific buoyancy provisions; they do not float.

ice fishing bibs

Simms Challenger Ice Fishing Suit Highlights

  • These are the lightweight, warm, and best-insulated ice fishing bibs.
  • They come with removable reinforced knee pads.
  • They come with fully tapered seams for 100% waterproof performance.
  • The adjustable hem and suspenders ensure wearing it a breeze.
  • Their level of breathability is excellent.

5. StrikerICE Predator Ice Fishing Bib

The StrikerICE predator ice fishing bib is simply the most versatile heavy-duty men's overalls in its class. With the stellar combination of 320D Tussor material for shell and a breathable 5000 grams Hydrapore waterproof material, and 100g Thermadax insulation for lining, it combines excellent warmth with breathable, waterproof, and windproof protection. Imported, these are the must-have for any outdoor activities like ice fishing, snowmobiling who wants a comfortable outing.

Thermadex insulation built inside the bib will keep you warm, dry and protected even in the heavy showers or freezing temperatures. Their Surefloat technology inside the bib gives you up to two hours of buoyancy in case of accidental submersion. Anyone with a vivid understanding of the most extreme weather conditions should be looking for these ice fishing bibs.

This bib is loaded with extra heavy knee and seat padding, and reflective elements for additional safety, adjustable inseam, and magnetic flap closures. With all the features you are looking for in ice fishing bibs, this is a must-have high-quality bib suit excellently for the novice or veteran outdoorsman. They're perfect for those who roam the open ice and pair up with the predator jacket, so you have a complete ice fishing solution for all extremes. 

striker ice hardwater jacket

StrikerICE Predator Bib Highlights

  • These are excellent quality ice fishing suits that keep you super warm.
  • They come with plenty of pockets.
  • They also come with extra heavy-duty knee padding that helps you when you kneel a lot while ice fishing.
  • Its adjustable inseam is our favorite feature.
  • Its breathable Hydrapore shell keeps you less sweaty and gives more comfort.

6. Eskimo Men’s Keeper Ice Fishing Bib

The Eskimo Men's Keeper Bib is more than just a cold-weather ice fishing suit. The Keeper Bib provides comforts and features of high-end fishing apparel. It utilizes cutting edge engineering with perforated Uplyft breathable floatation assist material. The Keeper series combines buoyancy safety with the maximum mobility and flexibility that ice fishermen need. They are made with a durable 600 denier outer shell. The Keeper bib is windproof, waterproof, and breathable. Equipped with 80 grams of Thinsulate insulation liner will keep you warm and tidy in the cold and wind.

It also features fully tapered seams for complete waterproof protection from snow, ice, and wind. For safety, its fast-draining internal construction adds buoyancy for floatation. It expels water quickly, ensuring that your bibs won't take too much water and weigh you down in case of accidental submersion. Also, it includes all YKK zippers, full leg zippers with storm flaps and two sliders for easy on/off as well and venting at the hip. They're fit for mobility with adjustable shoulder straps, stretch torso side panels with waistband, and diamond-shaped crotch gusset. The countered and extra padded knees also give maximum comfort. They also have reflective accents to further increase extra visibility during early and knight hours. With all the desired features, why not try this ice fishing suit.

Eskimo ice fishing clothing

Eskimo Men's Keeper Ice Fishing Bib highlights

  • These are excellent quality ice fishing bibs with an excellent fit.
  • These are heavy-duty bibs that come with an adjustable inseam with storm gaiters.
  • They come with a lot of easily accessible pockets, which is helpful for ice fishing.
  • They come with rapid draining construction, which adds buoyancy technology.
  • They also come with a reflective coating that is helpful when there is less lighting.

7. Carhartt Men’s Yukon Arctic Quilt Lined Biberalls

Another ice fishing bib to ponder upon is a quality product from Carhartt's. These men's biberall comes with a water-repellent design, and it is made for the extreme coldest conditions. This Arctic Quilt version is made of 1000 denier Cordura nylon material that keeps you safe from moisture and wind to provide maximum warmth. It's lined in arctic-weight 100 percent quilted nylon polyester lining is made to withstand frigid weather. It can withstand harsh cold weather conditions, so if you spend more time without a shed ice fishing, this biberall is excellent.

These insulated overalls are very thick and built really tough yet very comfortable to wear. They fit true to size even when layered up. They also feature metal zippers, and the zipper front and leg zippers up to the hip make them really easy to put on. They come with knee pads with cleanup bottoms, making them convenient to kneel for hours if you're required to work in. They also boast double zippered chest pockets to keep all your belongings safe. The Carhartt ultra-durable ice fishing suit performs in cold weather, rain, snow, or anything the elements through your way.

best ice fishing snow pants

Carhartt Men's Arctic Quilt Lined Biberalls Highlights

  • These are made of heavy-duty materials that provide excellent insulation.
  • The zip to the waist makes them easy to put on and off.
  • These bibs are ideal for stationary chores such as ice fishing.
  • IThey come with plenty of room if you want to layer up.
  • They come with many pockets with sturdy zippers that are easy to use even with the gloves on.

8. RefrigiWear Men’s PolarForce Insulated Bib Overalls

This is another ice fishing bib from RefrigiWear PolarForce Insulated Bib Overalls, which the users love a lot for its excellent mobility. It is designed to keep you productive. These are very warm and comfortable to wear and move around. They're made of polyester microfiber shell combined with a heat-reflective silver lining, and breathable, water-resistant membrane offers you the best protection from water, wind, and elements. Their 500 grams of insulation gives ultimate warmth, protecting you even from the most extreme frigid conditions.

They are very flexible and don't snag on any under clothing while moving around. Its flexible ridges on the knees and side waist enhance movement, making you more mobile on the wind, ice, and snow. They're built to perform and very good for everyday use, and they also boast reinforcement patches that cover the entire bottom of the leg. It also comes with multiple zippered pockets that offer ample storage for your personal items.

insulated fishing bibs

RefrigiWear Men’s Insulated Bibs Highlights

  • These bibs are ideal for ice fishing where temperatures are subpar zero degrees.
  • They provide excellent mobility and they are ideal for outdoor works on winters.
  • Its multiple zippered pockets provide ample storage for carrying your stuff.
  • It can withstand harsh and cold weather conditions and is built to perform.

9. FROGG TOGGS Pilot II Bib with Co-Pilot Insulated Liner

These pants are not only waterproof but also windproof. They keep you well-protected from water and are also sufficiently shielded against strong winds. They are made with Frogg Toggs breathable fabric material, making them compatible with ice fishing. They are lightweight and provide adequate breathability and sound insulation in the cold winters.

ice fishing float bibs

The Pilot II bib features two zippered chest storage pockets and expandable cargo pockets that gives enough storage for your belongings. They also come with multiple D ring attachments for your fishing pliers and lip grippers.

They stretch to offer easy movements to ensure that you move around quickly. Their adjustable suspenders with locking buckles ensure a secure and perfect fit. They also come with a zip to knee side zips for easy on and off.

10. Arctic Quest Men's Insulated Ice Fishing Bibs

The last one, from our bucket list of ice fishing bibs, is the one from Arctic Quest Men’s Insulated snow bib pants. They are made from the water-resistant fabric; these are among the most comfortable snow pants on the market. They offer high-density thin insulation for extreme activity and warmth. You’ll be indeed pleased with the warmth it keeps on the ice, and they help you make the fish bite. They boast boot gaiters with reinforced scuff and hem guards for protection from water and wind.

The pants come with the zippered hand pockets and D ring attachments for keeping your pliers and other fishing tools handy.  They also feature reinforced knee stitching, and articulated knees make them incredibly comfortable. If you’re planning on layering up, order one size up for ideal fit. The elastic adjustable shoulder straps and its unique design makes them easily adjustable for everyone. If you’re a fan of ice fishing and under a tight budget, we recommend these reasonably priced insulated snow bib pants.  

arctix insulated bib

Arctic Quest Men’s Insulated Snow Bibs Highlights

  • Their seams are sealed to keep you warm and dry.
  • They come with boot gaiters for easy on and off over.
  • The waist fits right, and the chest was roomy.
  • They come with articulated knees for additional comfort.
  • They come with zippered hand warmer pockets and plenty of pockets for storage.

So which one is the best ice fishing suit?

Purchasing the best ice fishing suits should be more comfortable using the above guide. When looking for ice fishing suits, you have to go for the best. A few key factors to remember are insulation, corrosion-resistant, easily accessible zippers, 100% seam construction, waterproof, and windproof. They should be easy to put on and off and consider budget estimates of ice fishing suites to choose your fishing styles. Keep in mind ice fishing is an activity that requires us to be patient. That means you should purchase an ice fishing suit that's heavy-duty and provides excellent insulation. The WindRider Ice Fishing Suits not only fit comfortably but also exhibit stellar performance.

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