Best Fly Fishing Vest of 2020 (Top 10 Fly Fishing Vest Packs)


A fishing vest refers to a vest that is specifically designed to meet the needs of fishers. It is usually made of waterproof materials designed to help keep the fisherman dry when he is out on the waters.

Many people consider a fishing vest as being the ultimate fly fishing accessory. The best fishing vests will allow you to carry everything needed for a successful fishing experience on the water in a convenient and organized way. 

Fishing vests are usually popular with trout fishers. Nevertheless, they are also suitable for salmon anglers who find that they can fit everything inside the pockets on their fishing vest. A vest is also useful in summer Weather conditions when it's too warm for the jacket.

Discover best fly fishing vests that have enough pockets to store all your fishing accessories, durable, lightweight, and functional angler friendly vests. If you're an avid fly angler, then our top10 review guide helps you find the ultimate fishing vest, making handlings a lot easier. All the fishing vests reviewed here're all-around solid and intended to give what anglers need on the water.

Bassdash Fishing Vest Backpack

Kylebooker fly Fishing Vest Pack

Anglatech Fly Fishing Backpack

Maxcatch Fly Fishing Vest Pack

Flygo Men’s Lightweight Fishing Vest

Lixada Fly Fishing Vest Jacket

Piscifun Fishing Vest Backpack

Simms Freestone Fishing Vest

Amarine Made Fly Fishing Vest Pack

Ovris Pro Fly fishing Vest

1. Bassdash Strap Fishing Vest Adjustable

The fly fishing vest ffrom Bassdash feature has several compartments for storage, thus making it ideal for all anglers. Additionally, it has many lower cargo pockets that you can use to fit either your spool of line or your reel and both front and rear D-rings that you can use to attach any additional gear. It has six Points of modification with padded neoprene adaptable shoulders. 

Also, it features open sides as well as soft tight 3D contoured foam. There is also a Daisy Chain Attachment System on its back to provide you with additional storage. The vest also has two big zippered cargo pockets with stretch mesh and an attached whistle in its left pocket for maximum safety.

Fly Fishing vest highlights

  • The Fishing Vest is made of Lightweight material dries faster and breathes better.
  • The adjustable padded shoulder & straps allow a custom fit.
  • Its mesh back design keeps you stay cool and tip-top.
  • The build quality is excellent, very lightweight, durability is excellent and perfect for fly fishing.
  • Although it was designed for fly fishing, it suits for many outdoor activities.

2. Kylebooker Fly Fishing Vest Pack

If you are looking out for the fly fishing vest which can accommodate all your stuff, there is a very high chance that Kylebooker fly fishing vest pack is all you need. The product gives anglers enough freedom. It features a unique design that makes it probable for fishermen to accumulate all the necessary equipment.

If your escapade includes sightseeing, touring, photography, or fishing, you don't need to have too many pockets. This fly fishing travel vest is set to help you as it has seventeen pockets, a zip front that features a snap closure, interior and back pockets, a belt loop, and d-rings. This vest is made from 55 % cotton, 45% polyester. It's also available in three colors, namely black, khaki, and olive drab.

Fly Fishing vest highlights

  • This fishing vests adjustable straps design fits everyone and has enough
  • It is very convenient to wear and feels less restrictive.
  • Fly fishing vest made of breathable material, lightweight and comfortable.
  • The dual-layered mesh backing helps you stay cool as the temps heat up, and the adjustable straps give more room to layer as we head into fall.
  • Great for trout fishing, fly fishing, bass fishing, and all types of fishing.

3. Anglatech Fly Fishing Backpack Vest Combo Chest Pack 

If you're looking for a quality fly fishing vest with enough pockets to store your lures, pliers, fishing tackle, and all other accessories then we've got this high-quality fly fishing vest from Anglatech. It is perfect fishing vest suits men and women keep your gear within reach and lets you spend more time on the water.

This men's and women's fishing vest is well-designed to meet all the needs of modern anglers. The stronger construction makes sure that the vest will last several seasons of fishing, without torn seams or rips. While the front part of the vest has been constructed from durable synthetic materials, the back has a large mesh panel. The panel ensures continual airflow so that you can always stay comfortable in the hot weather condition.

4. Maxcatch Fly Fishing Vest Pack

This is the best fishing vest for you if you want plenty of storage options. The Maxcatch fly fishing vest features several zip compartments as well as two front shell pockets that have fly patches. This gives you a lot of a wide range of things that you can keep in your vest. Additionally, there is also a rod holder that you can use to put the rod tube to free your hands while you are tying knots or performing some other tasks.

Regardless of the prospective bulkiness of this vest, the vest's construction is designed to make you very comfortable. It has a mesh back which dispels heat and also distributes the weight evenly. This model is also modifiable so that you can come up with a more comfortable fit.

Maxcatch Adjustable Fly Fishing vest

5. Flygo Men’s Casual Lightweight Fishing Vest

This model is one of the most beautiful, lightweight and budget friendly fly fishing vest of 2020. The Flygo lightweight fishing vest has 15 Velcro zipper pockets, which allow you to have all the necessary gear to have a good day of fishing. It features secure pliers compartments on its front and also two real pockets inside the vest to ensure that your gear does not fall off while you are moving around. Furthermore, it features D-rings for carrying hooks and other equipment that are required to be close to your hand and a front rod holder to ensure that your hands are free to tie knots and do other tasks. The fishing vest is very functional and comfortable.

Fly Fishing vest highlights

  • The fishing vest is very well made of high-quality soft and breathable materials.
  • Very lightweight, durable, and offers you a comfortable experience of your fishing and traveling.
  • It has a total of 16 functional pockets to meet your outdoor leisure.
  • If you want a new fishing vest which is lightweight and comes with more pockets for trout fishing and this vest is perfect.

6. Lixada Fly Fishing Vest Breathable Safety Jacket

This fishing jacket from Lixada looks more like an outdoor vest with a total of 18 zippered pockets, multi attachment ladders, D rings, and accessory loops on its front and side reflectors on the back and shoulder. At the same time, these are well made & have lots of compartments. It is also well crafted with a premium ripstop polyester shell soft foam inside for superior buoyancy. It comes with four generous chest pockets, four zipped front pockets, two side mesh pockets, and one generous back pocket in total. And, also mesh on the back and mesh fabric inside deliver high breathability. Its open sides leave you with more room to paddle, cast, or aim on the water.

Fly Fishing vest highlights

  • This flyfishing vest will fit almost any person due to webbed adjustable buckle straps.
  • This fishing vest flotation device is elegant.
  • It fits pretty okay if you tighten all the straps and take out the floatation blocks.
  • There are pockets and more pockets, and it fits well and is true to size.
  • All the pockets and versatility are perfect, and it's an excellent vest for the price

7. Piscifun Fly Fishing Vest Backpack

Piscifun brings us a lightweight and adjustable fly fishing vest made of high-quality materials. It is an affordable vest that combines a fishing vest, a day backpack, and a hydration pack in one package. The vest is excellent quality, more than enough pockets, plenty of D rings and attachments points to attach your fly rod, net, expandable pack for all your daily needs, and a hydration pack. The vests compartments are easy to access and have closures that won't wear out. The fishing vests velcro strap and loop to allow you to use both hands while it secures your rod. Overall, it is an excellent fly fishing vest to have at an affordable price.

Fly Fishing vest highlights

  • This fishing vest adjusts for a person of any size.
  • This is one of the best durable fly fishing vests.
  • It is super light enough for the all-day fishing with carrying everything you need.
  • The hydration packs help you stay hydrated all the time while fishing.
  • The protective waterproof phone case eases fear of damaging your phone.

8. Simms Freestone Fly Fishing Vest, 19 Pocket Sleeveless Vest 

Simms Freestone fly fishing vest takes inspiration from the immense beauty of freestone rivers. This bass fishing vest streamlined design includes 19 pockets for your terminal tackle and fishing gear. This sleeves vest is made for saltwater. Its water-resistant YKK zippers ensure your zippers hold up well for saltwater conditions. The large pocket on the back is excellent for more essential things you want to take with you. The zippered pockets on the fishing vest make it easy to keep track of all your essential gear, allowing it to be easily accessible and quick. It also has convenient features that we've never mentioned before. This fly fishing vests made for comfort in mind. It is soft, comes with a full paddled color so lightweight and breathable.

Fly Fishing vest highlights

  • The quality fly fishing vests are durable, functional, and easy to use for any fishing conditions.
  • The vest has ample storage to store all essential fly fishing gear.
  • It is ultralight and very comfortable to wear all day.
  • A very well thought out vest that is versatile and very well made.
  • If you expect to get many years of service from a vest, we recommend this fly fishing vest.

9. Amarine Made Fly Fishing Vest Pack

Amarine's life jacket looks more like an outdoor vest with a total of 11 zippered pockets and multi attachment ladders. Multi webbed adjustable buckle straps offer a custom fit for almost any person. Its open sides leave you with more room to paddle, cast, or aim on the water. This fishing vest is well designed with many pockets, and ample storage, and the fit is comfortable and nonrestrictive. The zippers have stood up well so far in season one. The material seems durable yet very light. Are you ready to put the vest to use? It is an excellent fly fishing vest that is lightweight, has plenty of little pockets and extra features for gear and fishing supplies. It is very comfy while kayaking, and it has enough room in the arms to give you an excellent cast while fishing.

Fly Fishing vest highlights

  • The fishing vests mesh on the back, and mesh fabric inside deliver high breathability.
  • The zippers are made of good quality and function smoothly and ready to tackle saltwater.
  • This fishing vest is offered in Grey/ Green/ Red/ Blue color options.
  • it has plenty of spacious pockets for carrying all the essential gear.

10. Ovris Pro Fly fishing Vest

The vest from Orvis tops our list of fly fishing vests. An ultralight pro vest made of abrasion-resistant nylon materials ensures the fishing vest is durable and provides you excellent service for years. The design and fit of this fishing vest are perfect, and it is built to conform to the body that holds well to your body with minimal bulk. The quality and attention to detail are outstanding. The two lower main pockets give compression-molded construction that adds rigidity. It comes with 18 enough pockets with plenty of room that offer fishing needs very accessible. Best yet, this lightweight fly fishing vest is ideal for wearing all day long and offers excellent breathability.

Fly Fishing vest highlights

  • It has excellent breathability, holds well to your body.
  • It has heaps of space and makes life a little easier.
  • It is built to last a lifetime.
  • This fly fishing vest has plenty of pockets and enough room to store all fishing tackle.
  • When you wear it, you achieve both comfort and fishing with efficiency.
  • Great vest, plenty of storage space, but you don't feel bogged down while wearing it.

The importance of having the Best Fishing Vest

A Fishing vest is a great piece of gear which most anglers take for granted or they don't even bother thinking about until when they have to fumble for a fishing gear and the delay ends up preventing them from landing that huge fish. Therefore, why is a vest so much important in making sure that you get a great fishing experience?

A good fishing vest will help to keep fishermen more comfortable when they are fishing so that they can optimize their performances. After all, once you're wet, you will start getting chills and the clothes will start to get heavy. This shall eventually cut down on the time that you have to fish because you will soon want to get out of the Wet clothes

The main reason for having a vest is to offer fishermen a place for storing small pieces of gear like insect repellent, bait, and tools like pliers for removing the hooks captured fish. By showing all these items in the pockets means it's easier to hold them whenever you need them. For instance, you will need a pair of polarized sunglasses so as to prevent the glare from the sun; a factor that can affect your casting accuracy.

It's also more convenient for you to keep them inside the vest pockets instead of carrying them in a tackle box, more so when you are standing in the water as you fish. Also, a fishing vest will enable you to keep gadgets like mobile phones/tablets that you might need while fishing.

What to look for when buying best fishing vest

Now that you've understood the importance of having a fishing vest, it's time to take a look at the features that make a good fishing vest. Choosing a good fishing vest might appear to be a simple task to the inexperienced fishermen. In simple words, you should find something that will fit well and has pockets for storing your gadgets.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a brand. The right fishing vest will make your fishing experience to be enjoyable and much more productive. So, which features should you look for when buying a fishing Vest?

1. Fit and Comfort

Obviously, just like any other attire, you always want it to feel comfortable and fit properly. Fishing vests can become heavy and if the vest lacks proper Weight distribution, you will Weigh down and felt tired. As such, you should have a west that fits you comfortably as you go about with your daily activities on Water.

2. Type of Material

Another factor which contributes to the comfort is the type of material that the fishing vest has been crafted from. Being on the water for the whole day means that your vest is likely to be wet. To keep your comfort levels high, you should look for a product that's made from the breathable materials that usually dry quickly to make sure that you don't have to spend your whole day feeling Waterlogged.

3. Number of Pockets

The next element to look for is the pockets. The purpose of having a fishing vest is for holding and storing a variety of items that you want to access all through the day as you fish. As such, it is important for the vest to offer a many different pockets.

In general, the consensus is that a good vest should provide between 10 and 20 different pockets. This number should provide adequate storage without having too many pockets to the extent that you'll spend half of the time searching so as to find anything that you need.

4. Type of Pockets

Aside from taking a look at the number of pockets on your vest, you should also pay attention to the kind of pockets on your fishing vest. A wide range of sizes both small and large, are always helpful as you're likely to have different sized items that require holding. Also, you should look for a fishing vest that offers a few pockets with the zipper closures so as to keep all your belongings from falling as you move in the water.

So Which one is the Best Fly Fishing Vest?

The fishing vest might seem like a boring gear, yet it's a crucial piece of equipment which many anglers, more so beginners, tend to overlook. Most beginners will end uploading on the fancy fly rods, high-class sunglasses and titanium case, forgetting about this important piece of clothing.

If you want one of the best fishing vests, then consider Simms Freestone fly fishing vest. This vest offers a unique alternative to the traditional bags, with a minimalist fit designed for easy movement. The vest includes several zippered compartments that will keep all of your items close at hand.

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