Top 10 Best Fishing Sunglasses – How To Choose the Polarized Glasses for Fishing


Fishing sunglasses are the ideal option to view to floats and fishing rod tips in bright sunlight. They remove surface glare out of scope and improves visibility in sunny daylight conditions.

The best fishing sunglasses can help you have a clear vision so you can see the fish you're chasing, which is why having a right pair of fishing sunglasses is a bare necessity.

Before choosing your hard-earned money on fishing sunglasses, you'd better do vast research on the best here are. When buying for the fishing sunglasses, go for the highest quality within your budget.

Secondly, you need to consider the sunglasses are UV Protected or not. On this note, it's recommended to go for a brand that has been there and which seems to have a future. And also, the brand you are going to should assure you of a few years warranty and continued support.

Thirdly, consider whether the fishing sunglasses come with a polarized lens or not. Do you need the fishing glasses for low light conditions, blazing sunlight, for blue light reduction or other purposes?

While specific glasses support only one function, there are other glasses which can carry out several tasks. Besides, a fishing sun-glass which has UV Protection, polarized and anti glare is highly recommended.

Lastly and most importantly, consider the reviews of other people view on specific sunglasses. From past buyer experiences, you'll be able to make a more informed decision.

You'll also less likely fall into the sun-glass that'll frustrate you. Below, find the list of highly rated and most reviewed best fishing sunglasses for this year and I hope our thorough reviews are helpful in making the next pair of fishing sunglasses you buy the right one.

Let's go and check out the factors you need to consider when choosing the Best fishing sunglasses.

1. The appearance

This single factor depends on the personal preference. Some prefer some color maybe because it will best suit the face. Choose your favorite color and design to ensure that you achieve your satisfaction.

2. The Price

Before going to buy anything, you always have a plan for the amount you are intended to spend. Fishing sunglasses have different prices ranging from affordable to the expensive ones.

Expensive sunglasses do not mean that they are perfect; the best fishing sunglasses for you is the one that suits perfectly for you.

So depending on the nature of your taste choose the sunglasses that you think will best satisfy you without having to go over your budget.

3. Variable light transmission

You need to understand the importance of Visual light transmission (VLT) when choosing the sunglasses. VLT means the amount of light that reaches your eyes through sunglasses.​

You need to understand that the sunglasses that you are picking will protect your eyes from UV radiation or not.

The amount of light passes through any medium is measured in percentages. And the percentage represents the amount of sunlight present. 0–19% VLT sunglasses are Ideal for bright, sunny conditions. 

20–40% VLT glasses are suitable for all-purpose use. 40+% VLT fishing glasses are best for overcast, and low-light conditions and finally 80–90+% VLT lenses are virtually clear lenses for very dim and night conditions.

4. Sunglass Lens Colors

Fishing sunglasses color also determines how much visible light reaches your eyes, how well you see the contrasts and how well you see the colors.

Lighter color sunglasses excel in viewing moderate and low light conditions, and they are ideal for depth perception, improves the visibility of objects and make your surroundings appear brighter.

Darker color sunglasses, on the other hand, are excellent for everyday use and most outdoor activities such as fishing.

Darkish shades are intended to cut through the light and keeps the reflection from water away without straining your eyes.

Some darker colors such as brown may have some distortion when wearing it so choose the colors you are comfortable with.

5. Sunglass Lens

Polarized sunglasses are coated with a thin film to reduce glare. By having this thin film on polarized glasses, you'll be able to see things clearly and helps to reduce harmful UV radiation.

Photochromic lenses which are adaptive optical lenses that darken exposure to specific types of light on sufficient intensity.

They seamlessly adapt to the changing light, from indoors to bright outdoors, and for every shade in between. They darken automatically when exposed to the bright sunlight.

Its good idea to consider photochromic lenses for outdoor activities. Remember that the primary purpose of wearing sunglasses is to protect your eyes from debris, damages or disease.

Our Reviews of Top Rated Fishing Sunglasses in 2019


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Top Fishing Sunglasses of 2019


Oakley Sunglasses

Costa Del Sunglass

Fiore Bifocal Sunglass

KastKing Sunglasses

Duduma Sunglasses


They provide clear vision, especially beyond the water surface

They are 20% thinner and 22% lighter than most of the polarized glass lenses.

Features TR90 sports frame which is unbreakable and lasts long

The glass frame construction designed for endurance and long life.

Amazing polarized lens filter out 99% of the reflected glare.

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10. BLUPOND Anti-glare HD Vision Yellow Tint Polycarbonate Lens

The yellow-tinted night vision poly carbonate glasses sharpen images when you put on them.  If you are into the night bass fishing, then grab them without a second thought as they work splendidly at night.

These BLUPOND night vision glasses have some fantastic features that are just perfect. Firstly, it provides eye protection at night while maintaining sufficient light transmission. Thanks to the special yellow coating which allows full visibility at night.

Besides yellow sight transformation balances glares and lights by transforming them into colors. It has knight visor glasses filters out blue light from your surroundings no matter the source.

These glasses are UV Protected too, they can be worn during the day, and they take glare away and sharpens the view.

9. KastKing Coso Sport Sunglasses Polarized Lenses

The series of KastKing coco sports sunglasses are known for being stylish, impact resistant and unbreakable for TR90 frame.​

The glass frame construction designed for endurance and long life. Thanks to the bendable and unbreakable frames which gives excellent eye protection for outdoor fishing.

There's no need to spend hundreds of dollars on designer eye wear. The Kastking sports glasses come with interchangeable poly carbonate lenses to wear on various occasions.

Go for the polarized glare stopper lens when the sun is high on the sky, wear the blue wind buffer lens when windy, go for the yellow tinted lens after the dark when night bass fishing, wear the transparent fog fighter lens when everything is foggy out there. Beside wear multi-color lens for high fashion.

8. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Elite Daduma attractive eyewear comes in a lightweight design with versatile style and provides excellent ventilation for wearing long hours. They made up of solid DU645 frames will return to its original shape even after being bent. Amazing polarized lens filter out 99% of the reflected glare without the haze and optical distortion.

If you are looking for a durable and 100% UV protection glass, then I would strongly recommend these as they are well designed, and you can wear them almost everywhere.

For fishing, these active sunglasses offer reliable eye protection from harmful UV rays, wind, dust and insects. Cleaning the glasses is also a breeze.

7. TOREGE Men's Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses

Torege sports sunglasses come with soft rubber nosepad, which lets your nose comfortable while wearing them on fishing.

If you want super light glasses that block 100% of the solar ultraviolet rays, then Torege sports sunglasses are the best choice for you.

These sunglasses feature a rimless jacket frame design for the clear lower visual field, the top quality frame which is flexible, shock resistant, hypoallergenic with the better control and grip. It is a great sports accessory for fishing.

6. Fiore Oceanside Polarized Nearly Invisible Line Bifocal Sunglass

If you are looking for a bifocal lens which is comfortable, blocks out 100% UV rays, a polarized sunglasses, and look style yet won't break the bank then Fiore Oceanside Sunglasses is the best choice for you.

With these sunglasses, you won't get a lot of color distortion, and the polarization almost eliminates the eye strain.

Firore Oceanside polarized glasses features TR90 sports frame which is unbreakable and lasts long. If you live in a hot blazing sunny place, then this bifocal lens help you preserve your eye health by reducing your eye stress and fatigue.  This fishing sunglass also comes with a nice hard zipper case for secure storage.

5. Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses

This is one of the best fishing sunglasses available on the market today. If you want professional results when venturing out into the deep, then Costa Fantail polarized sunglasses are the perfect choice for you.

They are made up of polycarbonate, a top-quality material which provides higher clarity and vision, dust and scratch resistant, and you can wear these glasses all day without any strain or a headache.

These fishing lenses are blue when you look through them. Blue mirror polarized glasses are best for bright and blazing sunlight on the open water and offshore.

These sunglasses feature bio-based nylon frame construction for being sturdy and durable and provide a soft grip for control and comfort.

4. Smith Redmond Polarized Sunglasses

This original, US made Smiths sunglasses are one of the best fishing sunglasses for its anti-reflective polarized techlite lenses which shields your eyes from harsh UV rays very effectively.  Polarized Redmond Sunglasses reduces glare and sharpens your vision like never before.

Smith’s even constructed these glasses with evolve frames making them eco-friendly, ultralight and durable. They also come with nose and temple pads to ensure a comfortable fit and hold on your face. They provide clear vision, especially beyond the water surface.

3. Maui Jim Mens Peahi Sunglasses

Muimi Jim is one of the best fishing sunglasses specially designed for bass anglers. These sunglasses are available in many colors shades and styles. They offer incredible visual clarity, lightweight and scratch-proof.

These super thin glasses come with the polarized lenses which are not too dark which is perfect for any bass angler when fishing in sunny or overcast weather.

They provide all-day comfort, and their PolarizedPlus2 technology eliminates glare and blocks out UV rays reaching your eyes without sacrificing color and clarity.

2. Oakley Fuel Cell Polarized Wrap Sunglasses

Oakley is confident that you'll instantly fall in love with these sunglasses.

Its patented XYZ optics offer maximum clarity at all angles of vision. Their prizm h20 lenses optimize and sharpen visual acuity when fishing.

With their minimized glare technology, you are sure to have the best-polarized lenses on the industry with 99% of the polarization efficiency.

It features premium Plutonite lens material and hence one of the most durable fishing sunglasses around that filters out  100% of UV blue light up to 400nm. You can wear them for all day long on the beach or boat while fishing.

1. Costa Bloke Fishing Sunglasses

With an unmatched visual clarity of lenses, we are yet to find another fishing sunglasses like this. They are the best glasses for fishing. Costa Bloke Sunglasses are 20% thinner and 22% lighter than most of the polarized glass lenses. They are ideal for seeing fish take the lure, allowing you to set the hook at the right time.

Go for the glasses with blue mirror tint as they are ideal for days on the water where glare is an issue. These are incredibly durable and convenient.

They come with Hydrolite nose pads and temple tips to fit nicely on the head.

This highly rated fishing sunglasses are available in an array of colors. You can choose 580G glass lenses which provide top clarity, and 580P polycarbonate lenses are durable and lightweight.

in Summary

To conclude, we hope you have a better picture of the best fishing sunglasses available today.

Or, even better we hope you have picked the right fishing sunglass for yourself or your beloved family already. We believe that no fishing sunglass can disappoint if you choose it from this list.

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