Best Fishing Line for Spinning Reels

It is no doubt that a good braid defines a fisher’s success. There are a wide variety of angling lines today and choosing a quality braid can be a little overwhelming at first. However, it is important to know that a good fishing line for spinning reels, according to most fishers is one that meets all your angling needs.

Best Fishing Line For spinning Reels:Buyers Guide

1. Monofilament Line

Monofilament fishing braids are made up of single strand nylon lines, making them quality standard lines. Good monofilament lines are easy to tie big knots and offer some decent strength in catching small strikes. They also sink slowly and come in a variety of colors making them easy to match with both fresh and salt water.

However, they weaken over time due to moisture and UV rays, absorbs unwanted water, and stretch quickly making it difficult to detect sensitive fish. Monofilament cords suit anglers with tighter budgets and do not frequently fish in salt waters.

2. Braided Line

Braided fishing lines, also known as microfilament line, make the most expensive lines as they come with large diameters. They are designed from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethene material. They do not stretch much, offer super thick braids and do not deteriorate quickly as they do not absorb water.

Despite their thickness, one can fit additional braids around the spools. They are expensive and can be difficult when it comes to changing out lures.

3. Fluorocarbon Line

Fluorocarbon cords use single strands of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) material. Although it’s also an expensive type of line, a couple of feet of PVDF string will reduce visibility in water hence precisely disguise itself in water.

A fluorocarbon string is perfect in fly rigs as it can float lures and baits and offers some stronger hook sets. But PVDF cords break easily if not tied properly and are expensive compared to another type of lines today.

Best Fishing Line: Quick Comparison​

#1 Berkley Fused Crystal Fireline

Berkley Fused Crystal Fireline is a good trawling cord in today’s market, as it has a zero memory and more abrasion resistant characteristics, making its suitable in titling reels. It has a noticeable ultra-smoothness allowing longer casts, in fact, Berkley can throw 17% further than other trolling strings today.

It is also an ultra-thin making providing an excellent lure action on catch while providing a quicker cut through on water of different densities, making them more efficient in flipping and pitching. Fireline is also great when trawling with bigger crankbaits as thinner strings get maximum depths.


  • Offers stronger hook.
  • Suffix 832 is highly durable.
  • Multiple colors, with all of them, not visible under water.


  • It loses its stretchiness over time making it difficult to detect sensitive fish.

#2 Suffix 832 Advanced Superline Braid -300 yards

Sufix 832 Braid is known to last long, and does not flatten quickly, hence outlasting both mono and fluorocarbon lines. Despite this, loses its roundness over time and can affect your trawling distance, putting some extra wear and tear on your equipment.

The string is made up of 8 different fibers that maintain it roundness and stretches to 300 yards. It is abrasion resistant working well in rocky areas or where there is a thick cover on the water. It’s additional tensile allows fishers to catch big fish out of thick cover.

Suffix 832 cord comes in 3 different colors that are difficult to see underwater.


  • Offers stronger hook.
  • Suffix 832 is highly durable.
  • Multiple colors, with all of them, not visible under water.


  • It loses its stretchiness over time making it difficult to detect sensitive fish.

#3 Berkley XL Mono Service Spools2-Pound

Berkley Braid is a good monofilament cord today. It stretches to a length of 110 yards and thickness of 0.005”. It is light and does not come off its spool while casting, offering a breaking tensile of 2 pounds. It will save you a big mess that comes with trying to fix your string instead of fishing.

Another great feature of Trilene Extra Large is its ultra-smoothness which turns your cord into a proper fishing accessory. It is also resistant to dreaded string knots and offers a high sensitivity to feel bites. Great sensitivity allows fishers to know what type of lure is underwater.


  • Offers 2 pounds of breaking strength, which is pretty descent.
  • It is a great cord when it comes to tying knots.


  • It weakens over time, thanks to high sunlight rays and moistures especially when used in salt waters.

#4 Yo-Zuri Hybrid 600-Yard Line

The Yo-Zuri Hybrid is a strong, abrasion resistant, sensitive and durable string compared to most nylon brands in many markets. It is made up of a mix of mono and fluorocarbon material, making it a hybrid of strong new material.

The cord has properties such as low visibility, low stretch, and high sensitivity thanks to strong molecular bonds nylon and fluorocarbon during extrusion. It allows more abrasion resistance and sensitivity of fluorocarbon while utilizing elastic stretches of nylon.

However, Hybrid 600-yard braid has a tendency to become slinky over time as it absorbs water.


  • Offers an exceptionally low visibility in waters.
  • A mix of mono and fluorocarbon material makes it’s a stronger line.
  • Yo-Zuri Hybrid offers good floating lures and baits.


  • Become slinky over time as it absorbs water over time.

#5 Piscifun Braid 150yards

The ​Piscifun Cord is a great accessory on rotating reels and costs less than USD 30. It has no memory hence experiences no problem of twists and knots. It is an extra tight line, coming with superior abrasion resistance and knot strength, capable of bringing big fish from thick covers in water.

It has a smaller diameter when compared to other brands in modern markets, offering some extra sensitivity that you need when trawling in high seas. It also has an unparalleled smoothness and consistent roundness with four strands holds it tight.


  • Its small profile offers better trolling experience and knot strength.
  • It has a superior abrasion resistance.


  • Its thickness makes it sink fast in water, and it may not be suitable waters with high density.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing a good trawling line for your rotating reel, it is up to you to understand your fishing needs. But, if you are looking for a suitable cord, it is recommended that you buy Sufix 832 String, as it is durable and has no memory.

A monofilament such as the Berkeley Trilene Extra Large is suitable as it is ultra-smooth for long casts. Beginners are advised to start with Yo-Zuri Hybrid braid, which perfectly combines fluorocarbon and monofilament materials to provide fishers with a unique trawling string today.

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