Best Fishing Jackets of 2020 (Top 10 Waterproof Jackets For Fishermen)


Take a look into the Best Fishing Jackets that will make your fishing trip memorable whether you are a regular angler or a fishing fanatic looking forward to having some great sea fun, you need the best fishing jacket to reduce inconveniences. Apart from keeping you warm in cold water, a fishing jacket allows you to carry a variety of the fishing tools for easy access. The question is, which fishing jacket is best for you? Here are some few tips.

Discover the best fishing jackets that allow you to have more fun fishing. These fishing Jackets carry all fishing tools for easy access. We've tested many options before enlisting our favorite ones. These outdoor fishing jackets are stylish and keep you dry and warm, breathable, and should cover harsh conditions.

Simms Challenger Waterproof Fishing Jacket

Fans Breathable Wading Waterproof Fishing Jacket

Filthy Anglers Fishing Packable Windbreaker

Frogg Toggs BlackTiph Fishing Jacket

COMPASS Guide Wading Jacket

Orvis Encounter Fishing Jacket

Striker Ice Predator Jacket 

Stormr Men’s Typhoon Neoprene Jacket

Clam Extreme Advantage Fishing Jacket

Frogg Toggs Cascades Jacket

1. Simms Challenger Waterproof Fishing Jacket

Sims Chellanger waterproof fishing jacket made of Toray fabric technology tops our list of the fishing jackets. It's developed specifically for fishing jackets and waders. This waterproof angler jacket features a 100% taped seams to ensure that you are fully covered and protected from moisture when you're fishing in the rain or substantial winds. The waterproof breathable jacket wicks away moisture on contact and keeps you warm, dry fabric, and focussed through it all sessions.

The inner section fitted with a micro-porous waterproof coating that utilizes 2-layer coated fabric that offers unparalleled comfort. And, a single membrane layer, and a tricot backer to provide improved durability. The waterproof nylon zippers ensure that your zippers will not corrode over time.

The sims challenger jacket boasts dual drawcord adjustable bottom, adjustable storm hood in the collar to offer ultimate comfort and adjustments. Also, it includes the zipper chest pockets for quick access to fishing essentials, interior sunglasses chamois for keeping shades smudge-free, and a lot of zippers for convenient storage. The jacket comes with center- front zipper storm flaps to provide adequate dryness.

Fishing jackets highlights

  • The fully breathable fishing jacket keeps you warm, dry and focussed throughout fishing sessions.
  • The waterproof jacket features Toray fabric technology, specially designed for fishing jackets and waders.
  • Completely waterproof angler jacket ideal fish all fishing conditions.
  • Fully adjustable and comfortable fishing jacket

2. 8 Fans Breathable Wading Waterproof Fishing Jacket

This 100% breathable and waterproof jacket from 8 Fans fishing angler jacket suits for both men and women. It's made using high-quality 2-ply breathable with fully tapered and sealed for complete waterproof protection. This fishing jacket design has a thermal protection effect.

It is also fully breathable to ensure that you stay warm and comfortable at the same time. The fully adjustable stowaway hood and neoprene cuffs offer extra comfort and ensure that you don't get wet in the rain. The fishing jacket provided plenty of storage and equipped with seven dual zippered pockets that provide ample storage space for all your belongings.

Fishing Jackets Highlights

  • It offers a good effect of thermal protection and stronger breathability.
  • Greatly designed anglers jacket is a perfect choice for outdoors. 
  • It comes in a perfect size that suits both men and women.
  • It comes with a free mobile phone case.

3. Filthy Anglers Fishing Packable Windbreaker

Ultralightweight windbreaker fishing jacket from Filthy Anglers is perfect for any outdoor occasion. Made using ultralight material without lining is perfect for layering during all weather conditions. Best yet, this fishing jacket is thin and packs into its pocket for secure storage when not in use. The fishing jackets have an elastic drawstring around the waist and hood to keep you warm and dry. 

It comes with a zippered pocket where you can store your stuff like phones without worrying about them getting soaked. This windbreaker works well and lightweight enough to block wind and sun, but keep reminding that it's not thoroughly waterproof because the seams are not sealed. However, it has a water-resistant coating to help keep you dry on the water.

Fishing Jackets Highlights

  • This jacket can be packet into its pocket, making it practical to carry around.
  • Very comfortable windbreaker, which is thin and lightweight as well as warm.
  • A long sleeve hooded windbreaker is ideal for fishing, camping, hiking, or any occasion.
  • These run large, order one size smaller.

4. Frogg Toggs BlackTiph Fishing Jacket

Frogg Toggs Black Tiph rain jacket is one of the most stylish fishing jackets on this list. Suppose you're looking for a fishing rain jacket that does what it is supposed to. In that case, this is the one you need to check out, with a price range that is slightly lower than the Simms Challenger fishing jacket. It is crafted using a durable material that will survive through years of rough fishing. It is lightweight, comfortable, and won't restrict your movements allowing you to fish comfortably.

I also find its breathable design quite impressive for a wading jacket. Its design allows the cool air to pass through while at the same time preventing the moisture and sweat from being trapped. It is 100% percent Polypropylene and the best part, lightweight and perfect for fishing on a rainy day.

The hood from this rain jacket is large enough to fit over the hat and ensure that water and wind have no entry point into your body. We live the velcro to sinch it up around the wrists and hips. It just had everything you'd need a high-quality windbreaker with extra pockets and did not feel like a raincoat plus, and it allows you to layer up if it gets cold. What's more, it comes with two zippered front pockets and two lower below handwarmer pockets with a hookup and flip closures to provide ample storage.

Fishing Jackets Highlights

  • Very high-quality heavy-duty rain jacket, sizing, and feel of this jacket are just perfect.
  • Hooded rain jacket covers you from the head down.
  • Provides maximum shielding against rain and strong winds.
  • 2 zipper pockets front chest pockets, and two lower below handwarmer pockets offer extra storage space. 

5. COMPASS Guide Wading Jacket

The Compass 360 Point Guide wading jacket is a super-strong waterproof jacket made with breathable fabrics. It has water-resistant zippers throughout the jacket. It comprises a fully adjustable stowaway hood, zippered hand warming waist pockets, and fleece-lined high water pockets, and a porous membrane with a high-density polyester shell coated with Nanotox DWR breathable technology.

It works great as a top layer when it's cold and breathable in warmer temperatures and allows for more protection against heavy rain. The amounts of adjustments you can make with the internal and external wrist cuffs and the bottom of the jacket are unmatchable.

Fishing Jackets Highlights

  • Comes with net D ring attachment point and daisy chain attachment on the front. 
  • Comes with tapered and sealed seems inside the jacket
  • Fits well, no problems moving around and casting.

6. Orvis Encounter Fishing Jacket

Orvis jackets have a reputation for being top quality. This men's waterproof jacket from Orvis made using a breathable nylon shell that protects from wind and water. This makes fishing jacket indispensable lightweight outerwear. It's a completely waterproof, windproof jacket and designed to be lightweight breathable to keep you warm and tidy.

Its YKK zip closures, adjustable cuffs, and drawcord waist lock out wind and drive rain entirely far from your body. This is a go-to fishing jacket for anyone who loves to wear very light and isn't bothered to fishing in the rainy season. The adjustable cuffs and a drawcord waist and fully adjustable hood add to the excellent design, making it a performance jacket.

Fishing Jackets Highlights

  • It comes with YKK zippered pockets.
  • It's a machine washable, so you don't have to worry about maintenance.
  • It's a fully waterproof, windproof, & breathable jacket.
  • Easily packs into a pocket for easy transport.

7. Striker Ice Predator Jacket Large

If you're looking for a high-quality ice fishing jacket that will serve you for some time, you will like Stormr Strykerice Predator Jacket. Stormr Strykerice makes the best choice for experienced anglers, offshore fishers, and Mariners. The combination of performance and functionality it offers is unmatchable.

The predator jacket features corrosion-resistant, waterproof, windproof shell, breathable material. Thermal insulation and durability it provides, making it a perfect choice for ice fishing conditions. Lastly, the material stretches adequately, allowing free movements when fishing. This suit has everything you need for long days on the ice. 

Fishing Jackets Highlights

  • Incredibly impressive ice fishing jacket from Striker.
  • It offers unmatched comfort and perfect for ice fishing.
  • It comes with any pockets and keeps you very warm with the option to open side ventilation.
  • This jacket locks out the wind great.
  • It's an excellent choice for fishing in winter.

8. Stormr Men’s Typhoon Neoprene Waterproof Jacket

This Neoprene waterproof men's jacket from Stormr built to keep you adequate comfort and cutting edge performance on any outdoor adventures. The interior lining has moisture-wicking fleece designed to offer unmatched comfort and unrivaled breathability. And, it offers you all-around protection in both windy and rainy weather conditions. 

It features a seal around your waist, neck, and face lining for maximum comfort. In a nutshell, it's a high-end windproof material that will serve you well in harsh weather conditions. And the best part, several small and large pockets offering you adequate storage space. The jacket also features ad raw cord and a thermal taped seams. Other admirable features include two side warming pocket for adequate comfort.

Fishing Jackets Highlights

  • Stretches easily to maximize arm movements.
  • The large net makes catching fish a breeze
  • Made of Duratex material that is resistant to abrasion.
  • It gives enough resistance against rain and winds.
  • It is suited for a variety of activities that includes fishing, cycling, camping, hiking, and more.

9. Clam Extreme Advantage Fishing Jacket

This is another hard water fishing jacket from Clam Corporation, a leader in the ice fishing industry. In a nutshell, the Clam Extreme Advantage fishing jacket is durable and can withstand any element and has all the warmth and breathability features you need.

If you're the ice angler and looking for a jacket with every tool made for ice angling, we've the clam extreme advantage for you. This exteme advantage jacket designed to easily carry ice fishing gear and accessorires such as line cutters, hook removers, fish towels, cell phones and more right on their ice suit. Other performance details include a 2-way magnetic storm flap, fully adjustable hood, adjustable sleeve cuffs, and two retractable D-rings for miscellaneous accessories on the chest.

Fishing Jackets Highlights

  • The ice fishing jacket is made of a soft-touch fabric.
  • The coat allows you to fish outside comfortably.It's machine washable.
  • Comes with a waterproof pouch to protect your cellphone and other electronic devices.

10. Frogg Toggs Cascades Sportsman’s Jacket

If you hate restrictions, you will undoubtedly like Frogg Toggs Cascades. It has up to 25 pockets both inside and out, offering maximum storage space for fishing gears and other accessories. It features a ToadSkinz waterproof material with an astounding sportsman design. The material used to make this material is a %100 percent windproof and offers free movement for maximum comfort.

Other likable features include heavy-duty zippers having a storm flap, a foldable hood that you can adjust to fit, and the best part, elastic wrist cuffs. If you are looking for the best fishing jacket that will offer you a comfortable fishing experience, then you have to try this one. However, according to several users, its waterproof material isn't sufficient enough

Fishing Jackets Highlights

  • It comes with 25 pockets allowing you to store everything from fishing gears to food.
  • Well organized, you can keep ready gear on the top rack.
  • Hoods that fold easily and are fully adjustable for maximum protection.
  • It offers adequate breathing space, waterproof, and windproof.
  • High-end waterproof material for comfortable fishing

Tips for Choosing the Best Foul Weather Jackets for Fishing

1. Waterproof material

When looking for a fishing jacket, you need to consider the degree of water resistance. Of course, every manufacturer claims that his or her jacket brands have the best waterproof materials to keep you dry and comfortable. The truth is, you can't trust any word until you try them out yourself. Find out if the jacket will allow you to breathe naturally and how long the material will last in harsh weather and give it a test in shower to ascertain if it's restraining water coming inside.

2. Inner lining Fabric material

It is essential to find a fishing jacket that will protect you from everything you will be exposed to while fishing. When you look for the best fishing jacket, you will come across the ones with an inner lining that is removable and those that don't. In most cases, these may come in handy, especially when you can't predict the weather.

3. Construction

Ensure that the jacket you choose doesn’t have seams that are single-sewn or threads that are loose. The best fishing jacket should have double stitching around cuffs, zippers as well as pockets. Also ensure that both the snaps and zippers are large enough, workable and corrosion-proof. Lastly, it should have a drawstring that is sewn into its bottom to keep all your possessions dry.

4. Adjustable Cuffs

When you're looking for a fishing jacket, simply look at the product images if it is coming with adjustable cuffs or not. You just need to find out the cuffs are not too tight and should be adjustable easily. Look for the jacket that has dual internal and external neoprene wrist cuffs and an adjustable waistband.

5. Seams

Another feature you need to checkout taped and sealed seams on the jacket. Taped seams are commonly used on waterproof fishing jackets. For full waterproof protection, the holes from the pockets need to be covered such that no water can leak through the seams. Remember that he taped seams prevent water leakage when you're fishing in the rain or substantial winds. 

6. Folding Hood

A hood is a vital factor when choosing the best jacket but often overlooked by many anglers. Ensure that the coat you choose has a foldable hood that is large enough to accommodate a hat and most importantly, comfortable. Foldable hoods come in handy on windy days simply because they provide you with extra protection throughout your fishing. If you don’t find a jacket with a hood that folds into the coat’s collar, you can go for the ones that snap shut’s into your neck area.

7. Sizing

Check out the size chart and the body measurements to get the perfect outerwear jacket. If you wanted the option of a few light layers underneath, you might want to size up one size. Some manufacturers mention that run large, men's fishing jackets, and so on.

Final Say on the Best Fishing Jackets 

Every jacket mentioned here is perfect for fishing, but not all will work well when it is raining. If I were looking for an average fishing jacket that is quite affordable, I would go for Frogg Toggs Cascade. However, I wouldn’t go for these if I was targeting rainy seasons. Frogg Toggs Cascades Sportsman’s Jacket might perform best during a rainy season but won’t withstand rainy season, plus it is intended for those with smaller waistlines.

That brings us to, Simms Challenger Fishing Jacket. It might be expensive here, but it is one jacket that won’t disappoint despite the harshness of the weather. Therefore, it is the best fishing jacket on this list. Hope you enjoyed reading this post, feel free to share this post to your friends to help them finding the best fishing jackets.

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