Best Fish Hook Removers Of 2021 (Top 10 Fishing Hook Remover Pliers)


Looking into a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth is no place to try to use a pair of pliers to retrieve your valuable fishing lure. It takes common sense to remove a hook from the fish's lip without ripping up the fish. The fishing hook removers are the most useful tools to have in your tackle box, boat, or kayak to get the hooks out of the fish's mouth.

These nifty little tools are very affordable, easy to carry, and lets you have a clean catch and release whenever you fish. They're also pretty simple to operate and works very well once you get the hang of it. Let's take a look at the best fish hook extractors at a great bargain price without further ado.

Discover the best fish hook removers from our selection of the top 10 best overall hook extraction tools on a budget. Fish hook removers are must-have tools for any anglers arsenal, and they come in handy when you're having trouble removing hooks from fish. If you're searching for the latest fish hook removers to do the job, pick from our favorite fishing hook removers list. 

CrazyShark Fish Hook Remover

Cuda Fishing Hook Remover

RUNCL Fishing Hook Remover

ZACX Fishing Hook Remover

Booms R2 Fishing Hook Remover

DICERO Fishing Hook Remover

Meethome Fishing Hook Remover

HAUSHOF Hook Remover

BUBBA Fishing Hook Extractor

SHALAC Fish Hook Remover

1. CrazyShark Hook Remover Aluminum Fish Hook Remover Extractor

Crazyshark hook remover is a must-have fisherman's tool for getting fish off hooks. The fishing hook remover is well constructed with an ergonomic ABS plastic handle, which provides a natural grip and easy to handle. An anodized aluminum tube to resist saltwater conditions and a sturdy stainless steel hook ensures that the hook won't bend when removing the hooks. This hook remover is much easier to use than the older style fishing hook removers.

The Crazyshark hook remover shaft is a straight metal rod with a handle at one end and a u-curve on the other end. With this hook remover, you can get an excellent grip on the hook, and then you can just twist in whatever direction it needs to be for the hook's point to come off the fish's mouth. This fishing hook remover is available in four different colors, and it works flawlessly with gutted fish as well. Its an overall excellent sturdy fishing hook for beginners who don't want their hands near the fish's mouth.

2. Cuda 8.5" Titanium Bonded Dehooker

Make it easy to remove hooks from Cuda Titanium Bonded fishing hook remover. This fishing hook remover works very well and feels heavy duty. The fishing hook shaft is made of aluminum construction for anti-rust and does not fade over extended usage and offers excellent corrosion resistance. The titanium bonded hook will not fade, chip or peel, and it is sturdier than stainless steel. It also features a comfortable pull up handle, which gives enough control needed in any fishing conditions.

The Cuda fishing hook remover is easy to use. The one handle operation makes it very simple to get out of the most resonant set hooks. You need to insert the tool into the fish mouth, wrap the dehoooker around the hook, pull the handle so that the dehooking mechanism will grab the hook. After successfully taking out hooks from the fish mouth, release the handle to open the dehooking mechanism.

3. RUNCL Fishing Hook Remover

RUNCL dehooker is an excellent quality product and works great. This fishing hook remover is well constructed with a spring-loaded handle. The spring-loaded trigger mechanism makes it more convenient to pull off fishing hooks from the fish using just one hand operation even at extreme fishing conditions. It features an aluminum alloy long nose tube, which provides enough distance that you need from fish mouth.

It also features an ergonomic widen and hollow handles with anti-slip rubber slips, which offer an excellent grip even in wet conditions. And lastly, the hook remover is made out of stainless steel, and it is designed to be extra rounded, so it does not harm the fish mouth and the fishing line. With the ABS lightweight plastic handle, aluminum alloy tube, and a stainless steel hook of fishing hook remover, there is no place to rust and perfectly suits saltwater fishing conditions.

4. ZACX Aluminium Fishing Hook Remover

The safe fish hook remover from ZACX is very easy to use and lightweight. This fishing hook remover is an excellent alternative when your pliers are not doing the job. The fishing hook removers tool features an anti-slip T Style PV material handle for easy one-hand operation. The shaft is made of aircraft aluminum alloy for strength and durability.

And the Jaw is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and the rounded design is safe for both fish and your fingers. The plastic handle dehooker is a life-saving machine; saves fish, save your time. You simply grab hold of the hook, squeeze the handle, turn the hook around, and pull it out. That's it, and the fish will be swimming around again.

5. Booms R2 Fishing Hook Remover

If you're looking for a fishing hook remover for medium or large fish hook size, we've Booms R2 Fishing hook remover. It is made of anodized aluminum and won't be rusty. The T shaped ergonomic plastic handle can fit your palm perfectly and gets the hook out of fish out with minimal damage.

It is excellent for twisting wrist and single-hand use. When ordering this item, keep reminding that this fishing hook remover arrives as unassembled. However, it only takes about a few minutes to put together. It is just two pieces of plastic and an aluminum pipe.

6. DICERO 10 inches Fishing Hook Remover

How many times you get so excited whenever you catch a fish and can't get the hook out of the fish mouth, and your fishing pliers are not helping out either. All you need is a fishing hook remover for unhooking the fish. And this fishing hook remover from DICERO can unhook and release fish without touching the teethy fish mouth.

What makes this fishing hook stand out the most is the value of the whole package. It is low -cost, lightweight, and made of solid aluminum materials. The T handle style is perfect to fit the palm and for easy one-hand operation. With the perfect combination of the plastic fish gripper and fishing hook remover, you can hold unhook and release fish without touching it.

7. Meethome Easy Fishing Hook Remover

The fishing hook separator from Meethome is an excellent tool for both novice and experienced anglers. The combo package is a nice to have in your tackle box, kayak, or boat to get the hooks hard to get out of the fish mouth. If you're looking for a fishing hook remover for small to mid-sized fish, this lightweight fishing hook remover suits you perfectly.

The dual package is nice to have to store one in a tackle box and another one in a fishing boat. The materials used for constructing this nifty little hook remover are aluminum (for the tube), a hook made from stainless steel, and made a bit rounded to keep fishing lines safer. 

8. HAUSHOF Fishing Hook Remover

Best Braided Fishing Lines

This fishing hook remover from HAUSHOF is fast and easy to use. It comes with an adjustable coiled lanyard with a carabiner at the end, making it too convenient to lash up with your fishing backpack or your fishing vest for safely carrying around. It removes almost all the hooks, even the deep embedded treble hooks, with much less harm to the fish and allow anglers to release fish to water.

The internal spring mechanism and ergonomic plastic handle grips provide a convenient grip you need in wet fishing conditions. The more elongate shaft is ideal for larger fish species such as bass, pike, and trout fish. It is longer than any other model mentioned in this article, so you don't have to worrying about those fish with sharp teeth, such as trout and snapper, bass, etc.; this HUSHOF fishing hook will keep your fingers away from hooks.

9. BUBBA Fishing Hook Extractor

This versatile BUBBA fishing hook remover comes with a nonslip handle with a reliable marine grade stainless steel hook that can easily cut through fishing lines. The fishing hook remover comes in six and twelve inch overall lengths, and it is very convenient to use. It removes hooks faster and does less harm to both fishing lines, and the fish also protects your fingers from treble hooks and fish teeth.

The BUBBA fishing hook extractors are very well made using anodized aluminum and stainless steel hooks for ultimate strength and durability. This fishing hook extractor is perfect for removing hooks from the fish mouth when it gets a little too deep inside. The long tube provides enough safe distance from the teethy bass, and the firm grip handle provides maximum control.

10. SHALAC Fish Hook Remover

Removing a fishing hook from the fish mouth is not too tough, but most anglers remove fish hooks with their bare hands, which is dangerous and can hurt your fingers. The fishing hook remover from SHALAC lets you keep your fingers away from the hook and sharp fish teeth. The dual fishing hook pack comes with a lanyard coil and a clip at the end to tie to your fishing vest, fishing backpack so it won't get soaked in water during fishing.

The nine-inch lightweight fishing hook extractor is convenient to carry. Its single hand design makes it easy to catch and fast release the hooks. These fishing hook extractors are great for live bait fishing, making it very easy to release the fish unharmed and much more comfortable than using pliers.  

So Which One is the Best Fish Hook Remover?

The fish hook removers from CrazyShark is an excellent fishing hook extractor and works flawlessly with even gutted fish. Its handle is designed excellently, allowing you to grab it from really any angle, so you don't have to bother with it while you have a fish. There is no place to rust as it is made of the aluminum shaft and stainless steel hooks, and ergonomic ABS handles. The stainless steel hook Pullar jaws and aluminum frame provides enough strength and durability yet being lightweight. You can remove expensive lures safely and efficiently; don't fish the ocean without it.

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