Best Crankbaits for Bass Fishing (Top 10 Lifelike Crankbait Fishing Baits)


Bass is one of the sought after game fish in the North America. Crankbaits are the most commonly used in bass fishing due to a wide range of variations that impact significantly on fishing success. Choosing the Best Crankbaits for bass fishing to use on a particular fishing expedition is a delicate affair that calls for critical thought. 

Crankbaits can be useful just about anywhere steep rocky banks, ledges, broad, shallow flats, near grass beds, and around brush and stumps. All it takes is to know the aspects of your favorite crankbaits and select the bait that is most suitable for each situation. Choose the deep diving crankbaits that reaches the bottom if you're fishing deep structure. When fishing in shallow cover, select a shallow running crankbait that can run through the cover and stay up where the the bass is.

Discover the top 10 crankbaits for bass fishing, amazing lures with the ability to deep drive or shallow, bang off the rocks, and move quickly through thick cover. We've covered shallow diving crankbaits, medium diving crankbaits, deep-diving crankbaits, and lipless crankbaits in this roundup. Crankbaits deserve their place to be reliable staples in the sport of bass fishing due to delivering both power and distance.

PLUSINNO Popper Crankbait

It is more convenient and safe for outdoor fishing.

YONGZHI Deep Diving Crankbaits

The fat body design allows them extensive wobbling action

Supertrip Crankbaits 

These lurework great in freshwater and saltwater

Rose Kuli Lifelike Bass Lures

The large tongue design allows it to dive deep

ODDSPRO Crankbait Lures

Designed with seven segmented body sections with ABS plastic material.

Sougayilang Popper Crankbaits

This lure is an excellent diver that goes deeper and faster than other lures

Codaicen Crankbait for Bass Fishing

 This lure also has the advantage of super strong hooks 

Catch Co Bubonic Squarebills

One of the best deep diving bass fishing crankbaits 

RUNCL Deep Diving Crankbaits

The bright reflective finish of these baits enhances their visibility

RAYNAG Crankbaits Set

These baits very well made of ABS plastic material and steel sharp hooks.

1. PLUSINNO Popper Crankbait Fishing Lures for Bass

PLUSINNO Fishing Lures Set included a ten rattle trap lures and a portable bag. It is more convenient and safe for outdoor fishing. They come in 10 different vibrant colors and realistic crankbaits with lifelike baitfish swimming action to attract fishes. These crankbaits work for both saltwater and freshwater.

Also, PLUSINNO crankbaits lures boast of 3D lifelike eyes. Made of durable ABS material and sharp treble hooks, make the vibe lures can catch fish easily when they strike the lure. Besides, these lures have built gravity balls, and they help the bass lure cast further and make noises to attract the fishes. We recommend using these lures for catching walleye and bass fishing.

2. YONGZHI Fishing Lures Shallow Deep Diving Crankbaits

YONGZHI crankbait fishing lures come in a wide variety of color options and realistic design. And the fat body design allows them extensive wobbling, thus gives lifelike baitfish swimming action to attract fishes. These baits also can be used both in freshwater and saltwater. Useful just about anywhere, there is bass and can run through the cover, striking limbs and stumps along the way.

The crankbaits also have built-in gravity balls to help the lure cast further and make noise to attract big bass. This fishing lures hooks made of high quality, and they're super sharp. If there are fish in the area, they will hit these. Just work the area from side to side.

3. Supertrip Crankbaits Bait Bass Lures 

Pretty well made incredible crankbait fishing lures from Superstrip can attract baitfish easily. These lures come in the right sizes, and an excellent action proved to work great in freshwater and saltwater. Super strip hard baits well made of high-quality plastic materials and well balanced, which allow them to swim vividly in the water.

These crankbaits also has two full-size treble hooks for easy hook-up. The fishing lures rattling action provided by steel balls inside the specially tuned function chamber to temp the lethargic bass's attention. The 4pcs fishing lures set come with a plastic box for secure storage.

4. Rose Kuli Fishing Lures Lifelike Bass Lures 

The fantastic lures from Rose Kuli look impressive in the water. The large tongue design allows it to dive when fishers pull the fishing rod. With its realistic looking eyes and pearl powder coating, the body makes them swim like a real fish and throbs in the water. The fishing lures body pieces connected with textile fabrics. It allows the lures to deliver natural swimming action and makes it easy to fool hungry fish. 

They also include bass vibration ball, which allows you to cast further and bass waves continuously emitted when swimming to attract the target fishes quickly. The three-piece fishing lures set can be an excellent gift for anglers.  They work for widely targeting fishes such as bass, pike, largemouth, smallmouth, walleyes, muskie, etc. Meet any fishing environments in saltwater and freshwater. 

5. ODDSPRO Fishing Lures for Bass Multi jointed Crankbaits

Crankbait fishing lures from ODDSPRO are incredibly versatile. The colors are all beautiful and designed with seven segmented body sections with ABS plastic material. Ultra-sharp durable hooks to help you land significant catches. The crankbait lures realistic design attracts most fish, thinking the lure is a real fish, and then you catch big fish quickly.

The baits function well in all water layers, so you don't need to worry about the depth, and is an excellent crankbait lure for both saltwater and sweet water. The bass fishing lures hooks are incredibly sharp. Please take care when open the package.

6. Sougayilang Popper Crankbait Vibe Sinking Lure for Bass

This lure is an excellent diver that goes deeper and faster than other lures. One of the features that I liked about this lure is the frantic ultra light wiggle with which it moves. This wiggle coupled with the sound waves generated by inbuilt rattles creates sound waves that easily lure fish to the bait.

I also can’t forget to mention its terrific and enticing action. The type of hooks that come with this lure set it aside from rivals. It is fitted with sharp, rotating sharp trebble hooks to enhance precision. At only 2.95 inches and 0.59 oz, the Sougayuilang Popper Crankbait is lethal for both small and large mouth bass.

7. Codaicen Bait Fish Crankbait for Bass Fishing

This crankbait comes with numerous great features that make them ideal for bass fishing. The first excellent feature for this lure is that comes with an integrated lip design to allow shallow, medium, and deep diving. This feature makes this lure the most ideal for largemouth bass fishing when compared to other lures.

My three months old Codaicen Crankbaits has already caught several largemouth bass and two rainbow trout this summer. This lure also has the advantage of super strong hooks that again are ideal for fishing of both large and smallmouth bass. I also liked this lure for its side-to-side crayfish action and cadence-style rattle that make it super seductive for bass at different times of the day. The fact that this lure comes in a choice of more than 5 colors also adds to the strengths of this lure. At only 3 inches and 0.4 oz this crankbait can be summed up as smaller but more precise version of the Magnum wart.

8. Catch Co Bubonic BUGZ Shallow Diving Squarebill Crankbait 

One of the best deep diving bass fishing crankbaits I have ever used. I couldn’t believe that bubonic bugz could actually dive as deep as 20 feet until I tried it myself. And incredible squarebill actually made it to 20 feet. These crankbiats designed it to run deeper, cast farther and fish easily.

Catch Co Deep Diving Squarebill comes with an aerodynamic and streamlined design and a weight balancing mechanism for easy casting and retrieving. I could crank in the deep zones all day without getting worn out. The bright custom colors that come with this lure coupled with its small size and sharp Gumakatsu hooks make it ideal for catching any deep sea predator fish. This magnificent fishing lure is only 2.5 inches in size and weighs only 1/2 oz.

9. RUNCL Deep Diving Crankbaits

Manufactured by RUNCL, just like the ODDSPRO and the RUNCL deep diving crankbaits are a great fishing weapon. It is only 2 inches in size, making it ideal for large and smallmouth bass, which is like baits between 2-5 inches long.

I have used this bait severely, and I particularly like for their vast patined color choices. The bright reflective finish of these baits enhances their visibility. Baby bass, blueback herring, sunfish, and baby bass are the most common colors for this crankbait.

I have found the beeling shad color to be the best for daytime fishing. I kept on getting bites from both large and smallmouth bass even in my late evening fishing expeditions. I would say that this excellent visibility is the main selling point for the RUNCL. The substantial premium VMC nickel hook is also a feature you need to consider to consider the RUNCL deep crankbaits.

10. RAYNAG Crankbaits Bass Fishing Lures Set

The last crankbait recommendation from our review round-up is high-quality crankbaits RAYNAG. These baits very well made of ABS plastic material and steel sharp hooks and come in vibrant color paintings, which last for several sessions. 

The fishing lures set with well-designed color baits are a good combo for novice anglers. The crankbaits work great, even in the dirty and stained water, and the great bill keeps crankbait deep diving and provides the right action in the water. This crankbait set is a must-have in your tackle box for catching bass.

So Which one’s the good crankbaits of all time?

Crankbaits are made of either plastic or wood. Since different crankbaits are designed to catch different type of fish, it is wise that you go for the one that can catch the most expansive variety of fish. When shopping for bass fishing crankbaits, your focus should be an affordable lure that is appropriate for both large and smallmouth bass as well as other fish. Colour, shape, size, weight, lip configuration and price are important considerations. The top 10 crankbait lures reviewed above feature as our best crankbaits for bass fishing. Continue to read the blog for more updates or just subscribe to the newsletter to receive latest blog posts. Consider sharing this article, thoughts and Comments are welcome.

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