Best Catfish Rods of 2020 (Top 10 Ultimate Catfishing Rods)


Catfish is, by far, the most common and easy to catch fish species in North America. Fishing for catfish can undoubtedly be an enjoyable and dynamic experience, as catfish often hide around the boulders, logs, and weeds. While very common, catfish tends to be relatively monsters and prominent in comparison, so having the right fishing equipment is essential.

When it comes to fishing for catfish, the difference between a good day on the water and a bad day can easily be made by the equipment. With the right fishing rod and reel combo, anglers will find that they are much better at catching catfish. Significantly, this applies to the rod; Finding the best fishing rod will always depend mainly upon the fishing style and species, and this is particularly essential when it comes to catfishing rods.

There are typically two types of catfish rods: bait casting rods and spinning rods. Of the two, the best catfish rods tend to be ultralight or light spinning rod. These rods are quick and versatile, and they also allow for a little finesse with the line. Many of these catfish rods also come as rod and reel combinations, making for perfectly fitted catfishing rods.

It can be challenging to find the catfish rods for you. There are many different models to choose from, with varying weights, lengths, and power levels, and it can be hard to narrow down the best catfish rods. This fishing rods review has done the hard part for you, compiling a list of the top 10 best catfish rods available. These catfish rods have gotten widespread praise from professionals and novice anglers alike over their durability, versatility, and performance.

Discover the Best catfish rods for catfishing, these rods are sturdy enough to battle trophy catfish: a medium fishing or medium-heavy action rods suits for most of the situation. Here're are the top 10 catfish rods that are very worthy of considering depend upon their performance, durability, strength, and versatility. All the catfish rod models mentioned in this article are either fiberglass or graphite rods. Both of the models have their advantages over durability and strength.

Okuma, Record Chaser Catfishing 2 Piece Spinning Rod

okuma record chaser review

Ugly Stik Catfish Spinning Fishing Rods

ugly stik catfish spinning rod

 LurEra Catfish Casting Rod 2 Pieces Portable Catfishing Rod 

lurera catfish rod

Eagle Claw Catclaw Casting Rod

eagle claw cat claw combo

The THUNDER CAT series catfishing rods 

team catfish warrior rods

FIRE STIK The 7'6" Catfish Rod Casting Fishing Striper 

fire stik catfish rod review

BnM Silver Cat Magnum Cast Rod 

silver cat magnum rod

Championship Trophy Class Catfishing Rod

toughest catfish rods

 Daiwa Beef Kitty Medium Heavy Catfish Rod

daiwa catfish rods

 Catfish Pro Tournament Series Catfishing Rod

catfish pro rod

1. Okuma, Record Chaser Catfishing 2 Piece Spinning Rod

The Okuma Record Chaser series of catfish rods manages to be lightweight and sensitive while carrying enough strength to bring monsters. The two-piece carbon blanks allow for the rod to feel even small, subtle bites. This game-specific fishing rod is specially designed for trophy catfish, gar, paddlefish, or sturgeon fishing species. The fishing rods components were hand-picked by John and Kirk Kirkland and harness all of the power and strength you need to tackle catfish. 

The Okuma Record chase comes with full campo tapered EVA foam grips for added comfort. The fishing rod also features stainless steel guides with titanium oxide inserts, which provide additional strength while allowing your braid to move smoothly without any snags. The Fishing rod also boasts the ultimate flex reinforcement rod tip technology to provide enough power and performance to handle various catfish sizes and strengths.

For anglers who don't want to bother searching down the right fishing rod to tackle monster catfish or gar, the Okuma Record Chaser is a perfect choice. When looking for extraordinary power, durable and responsive catfish rods, this model certainly makes no sacrifices where performance is concerned. The Okuma Record Chaser rods contain five models covering various lengths and actions. These are all spinning models built with the two-piece over the butt construction for the ultimate durability when fighting with these monster fish. 

okuma record chaser review

Okuma, Record Chaser Catfishing Rod Highlights

  • The fishing rods are developed by the monster angler and world record holder Kirk Kirkland.
  • The 24-Ton carbon blanks offer strength, responsiveness, and durability for catching monster fish.
  • It features full EVA foam grips for added comfort.
  • It comes with stainless steel smooth tip guides for the braid.
  • A 1-year limited warranty backs all the Record Chaser catfish rods.
Okuma Record Chaser Catfish Rods Models:

7 foot 6 inches medium-heavy (RC-S-762MH): Line Weight (lbs): 12-30;Lure Weight (Ozs): 1-4; Rod Length (inch): 7'6;Power: Medium Heavy; Rod Taper: Medium Fast; Rod Weight: 12.4; No. of pieces: 2; No. of Guides: 7+ Tip.

8 foot medium heavy (RC-S-802MH): Line Weight (lbs): 12-30; Lure Weight (Ozs): 1-4; Spinning Rod Length (inch): 8; Power: Medium Heavy; Rod Taper: Medium Fast; Rod Weight: 13; No. of pieces: 2; No. of Guides: 7+ Tip.

9 foot medium heavy (RC-S-902MH): Line Weight (lbs): 12-30; Lure Weight (Ozs): 1-4; Spinning Rod Length (inch): 9; Power: Medium Heavy; Rod Taper: Medium Fast; Rod Weight: 13.5; No. of pieces: 2; No. of Guides: 7+ Tip.

10 foot heavy (RC-S-1002H): Line Weight (lbs): 20-40; Lure Weight (Ozs): 1-4; Spinning Rod Length (inch): 10; Power: Heavy; Rod Taper: Medium Fast; Rod Weight: 15.6; No. of pieces: 2; No. of Guides: 7+ Tip.

11 foot heavy (RC-S-1102H) : Line Weight (lbs): 20-40; Lure Weight (Ozs): 1-4; Spinning Rod Length (inch): 11; Power: Heavy; Rod Taper: Medium Fast; Rod Weight: 16.9; No. of pieces: 2; No. of Guides: 7+ Tip.

2. Ugly Stik Catfish Spinning Fishing Rods

The compact one-piece rod design and ultralight nature of the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Catfish Spinning rods make it a perfect option for those who are planning on catching monster fish. The graphite rod blank allows for enhanced flexibility while preserving the overall strength. By limiting the stainless-steel components, the line guides, this catfishing rod manages to maintain its lightweight. The fishing rods also come in two-piece models that can be split into two separate parts for easy transportation, making a durable rod to withstand heavy winds. 

The Ugly stick series rods feature Ugly Tech construction, a combination of fiberglass and graphite, thus making a strong and sensitive rod. It also boasts comfortable and durable EVA grips with a rubber gimbal for added support. For cat fisherman looking cast to mid to heavier weight fish species, this catfishing rod is not only portable but offers excellent performance, too. Reviews continuously rave about its ability reel in bluegill to catfish consistently. If you are looking for a catfish combo, you can find "Ugly Stik catfish combo" Here.

ugly stik catfish spinning rod

Ugly Stik Catfish Spinning Rods Highlights:

  • It's a solid fishing rod for catfishing, and it has the power to bring cats.
  • It is very well balanced and has a lot of backbone.
  • These rods are ideal for saltwater shore fishing.
  • A very well built fishing rod is sensitive enough for small fish and solid for strong fighting fish.
  • If you're an avid cat fisherman looking to cast some heavier weights, this fishing rod is for you.
Ugly Stik Catfishing Rod Models:

USSPCAT701MH: Line Weight (lbs): 15-30; Lure Weight (Ozs): 1/2-3; Spinning Rod Length (inch): 11; Power: Medium Heavy; Rod Taper: Moderate Fast; Rod Weight: 16.9; No. of pieces: 1; No. of Guides: 5+ Tip

USSPCAT702MH: Line Weight (lbs): 15-30; Lure Weight (Ozs): 1/2-3; Spinning Rod Length (inch): 11; Power: Medium Heavy; Rod Taper: Moderate Fast; Rod Weight: 16.9; No. of pieces: 2; No. of Guides: 5+ Tip.

USSPCAT802MH: Line Weight (lbs): 15-30; Lure Weight (Ozs): 1/2-3; Spinning Rod Length (inch): 11; Power: Medium Heavy; Rod Taper: Moderate Fast; Rod Weight: 16.9; No. of pieces: 2; No. of Guides: 6+ Tip.

3. LurEra Catfish Casting Rod 2 Pieces Portable 7' Heavy Catfishing Rod 

One of Lurera Catfish Casting Rod's best features is that a 30-ton carbon fiber blank powers that it manages to combine a sensitive rod tip with a solid backbone, enhancing the rod's overall performance. Anglers will be able to feel the nibbles and bites much sooner with the sensitive Tip, while the body of the fishing rod remains sturdy and robust enough to bring the monster catfish in. It features stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts to reduce the friction of the braid.

LurEra catfish rods exquisite workmanship offered at an affordable price yet have a strong backbone to handle giant catfish. These fishing rods boast massive action for casting longer distances. The solid cork design and the camouflage color EVA handle has been specially formatted for ling lasting comfort. 

High-Density rubberwood base offers a smooth and comfortable grip. This potentially decreases hand and wrist strain, making for lengthier and even more enjoyable time spent out there in the water. With a combination of stainless-steel guides and ceramic inserts, carbon fiber blanks, this catfishing rod is just as lightweight as durable. 

toughest catfish rods

LurEra catfish rods highlights:

  • These are great fishing rod for catching catfish or pier.
  • These are also flexible enough even to cast a medium to heavy fish. 
  • The fishing rod is stout and has a good backbone.
  • It comes with an excellent handle, butt, and trigger.
  • It has excellent action and works well for the price.

LurEra Catfish Rod Specification: 

Line Weight (lbs): 50-80; Lure Weight (Ozs): 1-4; Spinning Rod Length (inch): 7; Power: Heavy; Rod Taper: Fast; Rod Weight: 16.9; No. of pieces: 2; No. of Guides: 5+ Tip.

4. Eagle Claw Catclaw Casting Rod

With the Catclaw casting rod, Eagle claw proves that lightweight doesn't have to mean fewer features. The Solid fiberglass blank provides extra protection against wear and tear, ensuring the rod can be used for years to come. The stainless-steel line guides are exceptionally resilient s their large size keeps the guides from snipping the line. Eva foam grip handle makes it more comfortable to hold the rod conveniently. Additionally, it also creates a more ergonomic feel, which all anglers will undoubtedly appreciate.

Eagle Claw models come with varying power specifications from ultra-light to heavy and everything in between. And these casting rods are an excellent way to maximize accuracy, distance, and sensitivity. The Eagle Claw casting rod is notably smaller than other catfishing rods mentioned here but still performs like its more robust competitors. With incredibly smooth casting and strong fiberglass construction, anglers will not be disappointed by this casting rod's performance.

eagle claw rods

Eagle Claw Catclaw Casting Rod highlights:

  • Combined with the right casting reel, it can bring big catches with ease.
  • It is excellent for catching catfish in freshwater.
  • It is made of fiberglass construction, which makes it extremely durable for the price.
  • Well built and sturdy catfishing rod.
Eagle Claw Casting Rod Specifications

Line Weight (lbs): 12-30; Lure Weight (Ozs): 1 1/2-2 1/2; Casting Rod Length (inch): 8; Power: Medium Heavy; Rod Taper: Fast; Rod Weight: 16.9; No. of pieces: 2; No. of Guides: 6+ Tip

5. The THUNDER CAT series of professional-grade catfishing rods 

As a catfishing rod, the THUNDER Cat certainly packs thunder. For professional anglers who are just beginning to gather tackle for the tournaments, the Thundercat catfishing rods offer the best quality components and features you expect from an excellent casting rod. 

Anglers can not only catch big fish with ease, but they can also be prepared to reel monster species if need be. The rods HI-VIS E glass white blanks with yellow under wraps construction itself is built to last through years of catfishing, and they offer the best value for money compared to other models.

The THUNDER CAT spinning rods have comfortable EVA anti-slip power foam handles at the rod's base, making it long days out on the water much more enjoyable. Additionally, the inserts are made of stainless steel, braced and reinforced, thus ensuring long-term durability. These fishing poles are suitable for catfishing in rivers, lakes, and steams. They can also be used for different catfish species based on the lake and river conditions.

team catfish warrior rods

The THUNDER CAT catfishing rods Highlights

  • Its long straight handle with a tapered end cap that won't grasp rod holders. 
  • Its sensitive soft tip is sensitive enough to detect small fish.
  • It is a medium-heavy action one-piece casting rod that is great for lakes and rivers. 
  • Perfect amount of line guides positioned down the E-Glass blank to handle any size of catfish. 
  • It also features heavy-duty stainless-steel bands on the graphite reinforced reel seat. 

The Thunder CAT catfishing rod specifications

Line Weight (lbs): 10-50; Lure Weight (Ozs): 1 1/2-4; Casting Rod Length (inch): 7’6”; Power: Medium Heavy; Rod Taper: Medium; Rod Weight: 16.9; No. of pieces: 2

6. FIRE STIK The 7'6" Catfish Rod Casting Fishing Striper 

This model from FIRE STIK is drop-dead gorgeous looks wrapped around the E-glass and fiberglass composite blank construction and reliable stainless-steel eyes corrosion-resistant compared to the other catfish rod. The 7'6" rod comes with moderate-moderate fast action, making it easy for anglers to sense smaller vibrations and movements throughout the rod. The rods also have the backbone to sling 6 Oz, and it can be easily broken into two pieces, making storage and transportation a breeze.

Another excellent feature that comes with the FIRE STIK catfish rods is the split grip ergonomic handle that won't wear you when using for long hours. The fishing rod is incredibly stiff, allowing for increased control when fighting with the big fish. In fact, these fishing rods are amazingly solid that the reviews are raving about catching giant catfish with ease. You'll have a better chance of snagging bigger, trophy-class catfish with these fishing rods.

fire stik catfish rod review

FIRE STIK Catfish rod highlights:

  • It is a medium-heavy rod with a moderate-moderate fast action.
  • The eyes are stainless, and other components are corrosion resistant.
  • These medium-heavy fishing rods are perfect for casting 15-20-pound catfish
  • They feel comfortable in their hands.
  • The quality and construction of these rods are excellent.

FIRE STIK Rod Specification:

Line Weight (lbs): 25-50; Lure Weight (Ozs): 1-5; Spinning Rod Length (inch): 7'6"; Power: Moderate-Moderate Fast; Rod Taper: Medium Heavy; No. of pieces: 2; No. of Guides: 8+ Tip.

7. BnM Silver Cat Magnum Cast Rod 

The BnM Silver Cat Magnum casting rod features 90% carbon and 10% fiberglass construction, promising a professional level of quality and durability. The stainless-steel guides reduce and prevent friction, thus increasing each cast's distance and fluidity. It is a once piece heavy action casting rod with a 50lb braided line capacity. This rod also features a cork handle that absorbs the hand strain quickly. Not only does the high-density foam keeps the strain off the hands, but it also resists slippage from water.

If you're looking for one piece of heavy action rods with all the features you expect from high-end casting rods, the BnM Silver cat casting fishing rod is a great alternative. The braided line flows nicely through the guides, and the reel seat is strong enough to cast. Its cork grip also makes it very comfortable in your hands when reeling in fish. Not only is it durable, but it is incredibly powerful, too, making it one of the best catfishing rods to spend in.

bnm silver cat magnum review

BnM Silver Cat Magnum Cast Rod Highlights

  • These fishing rods are excellent for securing those monster fish.
  • The fishing rod is made of E-glass composite material for increased strength and long-lasting use. 
  • It has an excellent bow and bend to it.
  • Its High-visibility tip is excellent for night fishing.
  • This fishing rod is ideal for all species of catfish.

BnM Silver Cat Cat Fishing Rod Specification: 

Line Weight (lbs): 10-40; Lure Weight (Ozs): 1-4; Rod Length (inch): 7'6"; Power: Heavy-Fast; Rod Taper: Medium; No. of pieces: 1; No. of Guides: 8+ Tip.

8. Championship Trophy Class Catfishing Rod

The fishing rods from Catfish Sumo Store is an excellent example of how performance and durability can naturally accompany casting reels. The high visibility florescent tip is very pleasant to the eyes, so you can easily see the bites even at night. Its high fiberglass finish is very pleasing, offering a premium look and easy to rinse and wipe. Overall, the rugged construction of the fishing rod is ready for heavy catfish fights. Its low profile double footed steel guides can withstand the abrasion of thick braided lines. 

This casting rod is very sturdy and easy to transport because it's a two-piece rod. You'll be amazed to see how well it fit together. The eight-double fitted stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts keep your line silly smooth while increasing the casting distance.

 It also features a long 13inch fighting handle with an EVA grip for additional comfort. Their exclusive tip is sensitive enough to detect catfish nibbles and handle circle hooks making this one of the most dynamic catfishing rods available. If you're looking for a great big cat rod designed for big fights, the Champions Trophy Class Cat fishing rod won't disappoint you.

catfish pro rod

Championship Catfishing Rod highlights

  • It is very well constructed, has great power and balance. 
  • The tip is sensitive enough not to miss anything if you pay attention. 
  • These rods are also useful for casting, drifting, trolling, suspend fishing. 
  • These fishing rods are great deal with the long fighting handle if you fish from the banks or boats.

Championship Cat Fishing Rod Specification:

 Line Weight (lbs): 10-50; Lure Weight (Ozs): 1-4; Rod; Length (inch): 7'6"; Power: Heavy-Fast; Rod Taper: Moderate Fast Action; No. of pieces: 2; No. of Guides: 8+ Tip.

9. Daiwa Beef Kitty Medium Heavy Catfish Rod 

For anglers looking for a catfish rod to shoot the docks, the Daiwa Beef Kitty is a perfect choice. The longer length offers greater control and precision for long casting. With innovative technology and the materials used throughout the casting rod, the fishing rod is durable and sensitive. Its rugged construction makes catching small fish fun yet can handle the big fish with a breeze.

The Beef Kitty handle is made of high-quality lengthened shrink tube handles for a comfortable grip to hold for extended periods without any hand fatigue, thus giving you comfortable and increased leverage when the big cat is on. The fishing rods feature ultra-tough fiberglass blank that cannot break easily or crush when fighting with the big fish. With the solid backbone and responsive grip, the Daiwa Beef Kitty catfish rod is an excellent option for anglers who want to use catfishing rod for docks and from the kayaks.

daiwa catfish rods

Daiwa Beef Kitty Catfish Rod Highlights:

  • The fishing rods rugged solid fiberglass blanks are sturdy.
  • It is made of durable and quality materials
  • The fishing rod is available in various lengths and sizes.
  • These fishing rods are long, strong, and durable enough to bust big cats.
  • The extra length rods will load nicely on the cast to help you get into the deep waters.

Daiwa Beef Kitty Catfishing Rod Specifications:

Line Weight (lbs): 14-40; Lure Weight (Ozs): 2-6; Rod Length (inch): 12; Power: Medium-Heavy; Rod Taper: Fast; No. of pieces: 2; No. of Guides: 9+ Tip.

10. Catfish Pro Tournament Series Catfishing Rod

This catfish rod from the Catfish pro store is one of the most versatile rods available due to its high durability and strength level. Despite its high strength, the carbon graphite blank, S glass, and E glass composite blank materials keep it lightweight yet offers extreme sensitivity. The super grip premium handle keeps fatigued to the minimum. The rods tip is fluorescent and glows in the dark, which helps see the catch when night fishing.

The 8+1 line guides are equally spaced to optimized for the line flow, and the chrome-plated heavy-duty stainless steel guides decrease the friction to create enhanced casting performance. With a solid backbone and sensitive tip, this tournament series casting rod from Catfish pro series is the best bang for the buck, and it is built to handle any hard fighting monsters.

catfish pro rod

Catfish Pro Catfishing Rods Highlights

  • It features heavy-duty chrome-plated stainless steel guides.
  • The rod comes with one-year manufacturers warranty against defects.
  • This fishing rod is designed to handle big, powerful fish.
  • The fishing rods finish excellent, and the guide size and placements are good.
  • Indeed it can cast further and feels stiff and lightweight.
  • Pretty well made and sturdy catfish rod for the money.

Catfish Pro Catfishing Rod Specifications:

Line Weight (lbs): 10-30; Lure Weight (Ozs): 1-4; Rod Length (inch): 7'6"; Power: Medium-Heavy; Rod Taper: Medium-Heavy;No.of pieces: 1; No. of Guides: 8+ Tip.

So which one is the best Catfish rod?

Channel catfish are one of the most popular and abundant, and readily available fishing species. The catfish is also the most popular sought-after fish across the country after the bass in many areas.  Whether fishing in lakes, rivers, or the kayaks or boats, catfishing offers a unique thrill, keeping in place as the most popular fish species second to the bass for seasoned anglers and novice anglers.

When looking for the best catfishing rods, keep in mind that looking at top-rated catfishing rods often offers valuable insights. The catfishing rods mentioned above have gotten high praise for the versatility, durability, and performance, and these are one of the best catfishing rods to consider in the market. By analyzing the top ten catfishing rods, every angler will be well equipped to find the most efficient catfishing rods from the list. So choose the catfishing rod that fits your needs.

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