Best Bass Fishing Rods of 2020 (Top 10 Casting Fishing Rods)


Finding the best fishing gear is essential for every bass angler. With the right fishing equipment, anglers will find that they are at a much better advantage for catching more game fish such as bass. Finding the best bass fishing rod will always depend mainly upon the fishing style, species and the area you are intended to cast.

Without a good bass fishing rod, fishers could run the risk of losing efficiency through a variety of ways. A fishing rod that hasn't been well-made can result in losing a ton of fish, whether from a broken fishing line, it could be lower levels of control and the strength or even the breakage of the rod itself.

So you need to find out a perfect bass fishing rod that's the best bang for your buck. Thankfully, by looking at the top-rated rods, anglers can quickly and easily learn about the key factors to search for when thinking about their bass fishing rod.

Finding the perfect bass fishing rod is never easy. To simplify your quest, we have done the hard work and researched the top 10 best bass fishing rods and compiled them into a list along with short summaries of each one. So without further ado, let's find out what these great fishing rods have to offer.

Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting Fishing Rod

Berkley HD Casting rod (Medium- Heavy action Rod) comes with cork handle grip convenience and comfort.

Falcon BuCoo SR Casting Fishing Rod

With this low profile single footer guide, You can still enjoy fun fishing even if you are novice fisher (Medium- Heavy action Rod).

Okuma Scott Martin Tournament Concept Fishing Rod

Okuma Scott Martin fishing rod (Medium- Heavy action Rod) is ideal for both novice and experienced anglers.

Shimano Curado Bass Fishing Rod

Shimano Curado series bass fishing rods (Heavy - Fast Action rod) are all-around rods with top of the line features.

Daiwa Tatula XT Medium to Heavy Action Casting Rod

Perfect for Bass Anglers who're looking for medium to heavy fast action bass fishing rod.

Lews TP1 Speed Stick Casting Fishing Rod

Lews Speed Bass fishing rod is an excellent 1 piece rod for novice anglers.

SHIMANO Expride Series Casting Rods

Incredibly still bass fishing rods gives you immense control.

Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Casting Fishing Rod

Fenwick bass fishing rod is one of the lightweight and most comfortable series of poles ever created.

KastKing Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series Bass Fishing Rod

Incredibly still bass fishing rods gives you immense control.

St Croix Bass Casting Fishing Rod

St Croix Fishing Rods are stronger, lighter and sensitive bass fishing rods.

1. Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting Fishing Rod

Berkley Cherrywood HD casting rod should be the very first product that you need to check out if you are looking for very economical bass fishing rod without spending a ton of money. This product is well made from top grade materials such as SS304 guides which is 20 times tougher and 55% lighter than conventional aluminum dioxide guides. Therefore, the durability of this product is ensured.

Adding to this, the hybrid construction of the bass fishing rod gives unmatched sensitivity and gives nice action. More than this, for the convenience this rod comes with cork handle grip for more convenience and comfort. In short, these rods are a fantastic bargain and pretty darn hard to beat.

2. Falcon BuCoo SR Casting Fishing Rods

The next product in our bass fishing rods is the low profile single footed guide. Falcon pioneered the use of low profile guides to improve casting performance. The New Bucoo SR Bait Casting Rod is the latest invention, and the Genuine Fuji guides are placed for the best possible casting performance. Adding to that, with the superior quality carbon fiber materials used, this durable product is further enhanced by the use of Fuji exposed blank reel seat. 

More incredible than this, since the product adopts the new sophisticated technology which results in a rod that is stronger, lighter and more sensitive and had a lot of backbone to catch big game fish. You can still enjoy fun fishing even if you are novice angler.

3. Okuma Scott Martin Tournament Concept Fishing Rods

Scott Martin has specially designed these bass fishing rods for the tournament concept fishing. If you are looking for the best gift for your boyfriend, husband and more, we bet Okuma Scott Martin TC Casting Rod is the one that you should consider. This casting fishing rod is ideal for both novice and experienced anglers. Please be reminded that this fishing rod is absolutely best for its price. Super balanced, lightweight and has greater sensitive tip and backbone enough for pulling the big bass out of weeds and thick cover.

4. Shimano Curado Bass Fishing Rod

Shimano Curado Casting Fishing Rod is the next product in the list that we wish to recommend to you. This excellent bass fishing rod offers you every single thing you need for fishing. Plus Shimano redesigned the compre series to create an all-around rod with top of the line features.

This fishing pole is the ideal product for most serious anglers get more out of their pursuit for bass, walleye, and other saltwater game fish. I won a couple of these rods, and they meet every challenge I have thrown at them and its a great fishing rod for bass fishing. 

5. Daiwa Tatula XT Bass Casting Fishing Rod

Daiwa is well known for offering high-quality fishing gear at affordable prices, and their Tatula XT bass fishing rod is indeed no exception. The fishing pole is constructed of Bias graphite fiberglass, providing a combination of durability and lighter overall weight. Anglers who are looking for a tough casting rod with the medium to heavy fast action will love this.

The medium to heavy power offers ideal performance when yanking for bass, trout, walleye and other species. Adding to that, with the attachment of durable fiberglass the qualify of the product is guaranteed to be the superb one. Each one of these rods has given the high amount of praise for their overall performance, strength and virtually zero blank twists. These consistently high rankings make them into some of the best bass fishing rods to consider acquiring.

6. Lews TP1 Speed Stick Casting Fishing Rod

As one of the trusted names in fishing equipment, Lews has taken great care to integrate the latest technology into their rods, Lews Speed Stick Casting Fishing Rod certainly shines through in their cranking rods. It is an excellent one-piece bass fishing rod for a novice anglers features premium graphite blanks that are sensitive, strong and lightweight.

This fishing pole is well known for the fact that it can offer the comfort for the anglers; for instance, with the nice Winn grip handle provide the ultimate rod control and grip in all kinds of weather. Adding to that, rod guide system ensures the ultimate line flow efficiency to eliminate wind knots, improves casting accuracy, and increases casting distance. If you wish to give this fishing rod as a gift for your loved one, we believe that this is the best choice.

7. SHIMANO Expride Series Casting Rods

Similar to the Shimano Curado series, The Shimano Expried series casting rod is built for optimum performance and control. The fishing line outfitted with Fuji Alconite guides, split-grip cork, and 30 Ton Carbon. The carbon construction enhances overall durability, ensuring that the rod can maintain its rigidity under even the heaviest of pressure and weight. The rod itself is incredibly stiff, allowing for increased control when yanking a bigger game fish such as bass. More impressive than this, besides the durability and extended use of this product, comfort is ensured for all day fishing.

8. KastKing Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series Bass Fishing Rods

Kastking Speed Demon pro is an incredible Elite Carbon blanks that are constructed with Carbon Nanotube resins to reduce weight, increase strength and sensitivity, promising the professional levels of quality and durability. It has five shielded stainless steel bearings to ensure that the reel operates smoothly in all water conditions. It also has six seals in the drag system and the gearbox with 3 HT-100 drag washers that are well greased to prevent water from entering the system as well as avoid corrosion by the saltwater.

Demon pro is an incredible bass fishing rod which is well produced from the top grade composite blend of S glass and high modulus graphite for being lightweight and well balanced. As a result, the quality and durability of this product are guaranteed to last for a long time. For anglers going after a big species of fish, this cranking rod is the perfect match.

9. Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Casting Fishing Rods

Fenwick bass fishing rods are on the little expensive side, but they are one of the best bass fishing rods based on the action, the power they give and sensitivity. Unlike conventional reel seats, they come with the hidden handle design which provides utmost comfort. The Elite bass fishing rod is one of the lightweight and most comfortable series of poles ever created. The blanks are well made of tremendous quality graphite, and titanium frame guides are incredibly lightweight and bulletproof.

Additionally, this product also gives you the full control over this incredible product as well. Last but not the least, for the convenience of the user, this excellent product comes with cork handle design to provide a solid grip even when the handle becomes wet.

10. St Croix Bass X Casting Fishing Rods

We wish to introduce you to the incredible bass fishing rod that is designed and built just for bass anglers. The St Croix Bass X Casting Fishing Rods are well produced from the excellent quality SC'' graphite blanks and finished with aluminum oxide guides. As a great result, the long lasting use and durability of the product are unbeatable.

Another great feature on the St Croix Bass X rod is the premium grade comfortable cork handle which helps resist slippage from the sprays of water. For those who are looking for the best bass fishing rod, we can guarantee that Bass X rod should be the one that they should consider.

Tips for Choosing Bass Fishing Rods

A fishing rod is a crucial tool that will determine the entire outcomes of your fishing endeavor. It doesn't matter either you are skilled at fishing or just a beginner. The selection of a proper fishing rod needs good care and consideration, especially when different products are being offered in the market. Each one of these has its unique features and characteristics. Fishing rods are being used for centuries, and over the years they have faced considerable evolution. Users usually have to deal with various offers related to the functioning capacity of rods and requirements. Still, only with knowledge of basics, a proper selection can be made.

What type of fishing rods to use for bass?

We all want to get hands-on the best products, but how should this be done? As far as fishing is concerned, various applications are taken inconsideration along with different fishing techniques. For example, a tall person can go with 7 feet, whereas a person with medium height can get satisfactory results from 6.5. Apart from this, the rod needs to be lighter in weight; anything near 10 ounces can correctly do the job. You see, when reel's weight is added along with lure and line, your arms can face added burden, so one needs to be considerate towards this always.

Rod action

The action of a rod determines how fast the rod returns to is the normal position. The action of the rods is categorized into slow, medium, and fast. You need not confuse action for the bending of a rod. The length, material, and tapering of the rod determine the action.


A fishing rod should bend and provide some resistance, which makes it act like a catapult during casting. When fishing, the rod bends to allow you to maintain the line under tension and keep the fish under tension necessary to make the fish exhausted. A bending rod will enable you to use less power to fly the fish to the vessel. In short, the bending puts you the fisherman under control when you catch a fish.

Number of pieces

Many fishers prefer rods with one piece from the butt end. The only disadvantage is that the safety of transporting them decreases with an increase in their length. There are two-piece rods that are equally preferred by fishing people. Other rods have pieces joined by metal bars, and they provide an excellent casting experience.

in Summary

We've introduced you to these incredible products which are from reputed brands that have been around for many years and are available for online purchase today. With each product features and benefits explained you should be able to grasp an idea about your ideal fishing rod should be. Get any of these stronger, lighter and sensitive fishing rods for yourself or your loved one soon.

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